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Walkthrough Persona 3 Portable - game guide

 A detailed guide for each day in the game: how to defeat all bosses, collect Personas and Arcana

April is the least eventful month in the game. You arrive at your new home on April 7th, with little to no work to do. You will be given some freedom of movement around the hostel, but nothing more. You will have full control over what is happening on April 21st.

Walkthrough Persona 3 Portable - game guide

These days your character will meet Junpei, Yukari, Mitsuru, and Akihiko. They are part of SEES, a team that uses the characters to fight the Shadows during the Dark Hour. Then you will awaken your Person (Orpheus) and find the Tower of Tartarus - a place that appears only in the Dark Hour. Finally, Igor and Elizaveta will introduce you to the Velvet Room.

Arcana are the functional equivalent of the demon races. Each arcana in Persona 3 Portable has its own social link. Each person summoner has an arcana with which it is associated. As a rule, the arcana is determined by the first person called.


22 April. After the lesson, a classmate named Kenji Tomochika will approach you and open a new social link. If you decide to chat with him, you will unlock the Mage arcana.


23 April. Recruitment to the sports club opens. By joining one of the clubs, you will unlock the Chariot Arcana and a new social link. To join one of the sports clubs, exit the classroom, go right and down the stairs. You will enter the corridor on the first floor. Go through the double doors on the right side, go forward, and enter the building opposite you.

Here you can join one of three sports clubs. You can be part of a team in kendo (door on the right), swimming (door on the left), or athletics (door in front). Other than small text conversations, clubs don't affect anything else, so join the one you like the most.

25th of April. A bookstore will open on Iwatodai Street. Travel there to unlock the High Priest arcana and establish a new social link. Talk to everyone, return to the school and follow the path you took to the building with the sports clubs. From the path leading to this building, turn left to find a tree. Pick up the sheet and return to the pair.

April 27th. The answer to today's question is 6,000 years ago. Mitsuru will contact you in the morning. Then you will talk again after class. She will offer to become part of the student council. This will open the Emperor arcana and establish a new social connection, so I strongly recommend agreeing. Go to the faculty office, talk to your teacher, then return to the hallway and enter the doors across from your classroom.

April 28th. Junpei will give you the MMORPG Innocent Sin Online. Starting tomorrow, you can play it. Playing the game is such a pun!

29 April. The holiday will come. You can start Innocent Sin Online, where you will meet a new friend. This will unlock the Hermit arcana and establish a new social connection. You can only play the game on Sundays and weekends when you have access to your room at night.

April 30. Elizabeth will call at night and ask to come to the Velvet Room. Head to the mall and go down the dark corridor near the police station. Then she will turn to you with a request. This will unlock Elizabeth's Requests.

Note: if you have not been to Tartar since April 20, you will have to go this evening. However, you can simply turn around and leave without going through the floors. However, do not forget to periodically visit this place and progress through the tower.


The 1 of May. Akihiko is in the hospital for an examination. Today you will visit it and see a curious visitor. This will take all day.

May 2. During the Dark Hour, the Mysterious Boy will reappear and inform you that a big test awaits you in a week. In fact, the first story boss is waiting for you, and you can prepare for it.

Note: If you accepted Elizabeth's request, talk to Yukari this evening and she will give you the item you need.

May 3rd The Tanaka Commodities shopping program is launched. It will take place every Sunday, and sometimes useful items can be sold here. Don't lose sight!

May 4-5. Holidays! You don't have to go to school. You will be able to level up the Hermit arcana. Also, on May 6th, there will be an opportunity to use the social link, so be sure to buy Mad Bull from the vending machine on the dorm floor. The boss fight is coming.

the 6th of May. The correct answer is soft water. You will hear the students talking about the baby at the Naganaki Shrine - go there after school. After establishing a social connection with her, you will receive the Hanged Man Arcana. Go to Iwatodai Station and from there walk to the Strip Mall. Find the Octopia booth and buy a Takoyaki. Make sure you also have the Mad Bull drink you bought from the vending machine on the dorm floor.

With both items in hand, go to the temple. Talk to the girl named Maiko. Keep talking to her until she says she's hungry and thirsty. Once you give her both items, return the next day and you can make a social connection.

May 7th Today is the deadline for Elizabeth's first inquiries. If you fail them, they will not be available in New Game+. Kenji will call you at night and ask if you want to hang out next Sunday. If you want, agree.

May 8 Nothing serious! Pump up some social connections. Oh yes, advice: if there is a sports club today and if Yuuko has not yet been invited to hang out after training, now is the right time. You will receive the Arcana "Strength".

9th May. Full moon! It's time to face the first story boss. Get ready!

You will face the Priestess. It is recommended to equip a Persona that can withstand ice attacks. You probably have Aspras, so the choice is clear. It would be great to have something that can heal Pulinpa, so before you go to battle, go to the pharmacy in the mall and buy special stones.

The boss itself isn't too difficult, but make sure you and your allies are healthy before starting the fight, as losing someone in the middle of a fight can make things a lot more difficult. Using the Tactics section and ordering someone to stay as Healer/Support is a good idea. Don't be afraid to use Candesa's skill as well. Don't waste time because the mission must be completed within the set time frame. Once you're done with the boss, get your reward.

May 10. The heroes are tired after an exhausting battle. In the morning, Elisabeth will call, who will inform you that the path to the 16th floor of Tartarus is now open, so continue to explore the tower. She won't say it, but Persona has been opened. Go to the Velvet Room to find out more. If you have planned a meeting with Kenji, then go to it in the afternoon.

May 11th. Exams are coming up, so you won't have access to social connections involving classmates until the 23rd. Take this opportunity to level up other social connections! Visit the girl in the temple to level up the Hanged Man arcana, or visit the couple in the bookstore to level up the High Priest.

There will be a lecture in the morning, and in the evening Mitsuru will say that the equipment in the command room is out of order. Climb to the 4th floor and check the main computer to watch a funny video. This will repeat throughout the game, and sometimes without warning, so check back here from time to time.

12 May. Be careful if you decide to visit Tartar this evening. Yukari is unavailable. Instead, go to the Velvet Room and accept request #93 from Elizabeth. You will understand why they did it on May 14th.

May 13. Today at school you will be asked a question. The correct answer is about 1700 km/h.

May 14. Talk to Junpei at the dorm this evening. He will provide the handheld game needed to complete Elizabeth #93's request. Head to the Velvet Room and talk to her to receive your reward.

May 15. The correct answer is bread. Make sure you keep practicing at night throughout the week. Improvement in academic performance to above average will give a better place in the class. Of course, provided that you do well in your exams next week.

May 16-17. Nothing serious! There's a lecture and Tanaka selling a versatile katana and 2 diet meals for 5980 yen.

May 18-23. Exam week! Remember that having a good GPA will help you get a foothold in the class. During the test week after school, you will not have free time. If you want to test your knowledge, answer the questions yourself. If not, here are the answers:

  • Bread
  • faster than sound
  • hard water
  • Nara

May, 23rd. Akihiko will finally be cured and become a member of the squad. Items specific to this character (gloves) will be sold at the police station. You will also learn about the new Persona user.

May 24th. Nothing serious! Tanaka sells things on TV.

May 25th. Here comes the fateful day. Exam results will be published today. If you get a high score, your Charm will increase. In addition to +4 to Charisma, you will receive a gift from Mitsuru. Look for her near the faculty on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. Gift - a set of cards (incense cards that can increase certain characteristics of the Person).

Take your time, go to the Velvet Room today and accept Elizabeth's request #93. The next day, you will be able to get the item she asked for. Mitsuru is not at home, so Tartarus cannot be visited this evening.

26 of May. Speak to Mitsuru at the door this evening. She will give you a triangular sword. Inform Elizabeth to comply with her request. If you choose to explore Tartarus this evening, Junpei will not be able to join you.


June 1st. From now until the end of summer, the characters wear summer clothes. There is a week left until the next battle with the story boss. You will receive another warning from the mysterious guy during the Dark Hour.

Mitsuru will talk to you this morning. She seems to be a little worried. At night there will be a funny cut scene with the team and a ghost story. You will be prompted to chat with people at the school and find out more details about this story, but this is not required. If you go to Tartarus today, Yukari won't be able to help.

June 2-4. Nothing serious! A few lectures and that's it.

June 5th It's been a while since a ghost story rocked the dorm. Yukari and Junpei will get together at night and try to make plans for tomorrow.

June 6th Tonight, you'll head to the Port Island Station lane with Yukari and Junpei. Here you'll run into punks, but learn more about the truth behind the "ghost story" and about Fuka, a new Persona user. Today is the deadline for some of Elizabeth's requests, so keep that in mind.

June 7th. You might want to watch today's sales show. Medicines will be on sale.

June 8. Full moon! Today Wo, Mitsuru, Junpei and Yukari will meet with the teacher about Fuki. You will learn more about the behavior of the Shadows and their purposes. Come at night. You will head to the school to find Fuku with the gang. You and Yukari will separate from the others and look for the key to the gym. Go to the faculty office.

After that, the group will split up again. You, Junpei and Akihiko will head to Tartarus to find Fuku. Once inside, the three characters will get lost and far apart. You need to fight some Shadows (one at a time) and go up the stairs. Nothing complicated! Anyway, there are medicine chests around you. After two floors, you will meet other guys and Fuku. Watch cut-scenes about Shadows, Fook and Full Moon. It's time to fight the boss.

the 9th of June. In the evening, Yukari will announce the opening of an antique shop in the mall. You can go there to buy new items, forge/scrap weapons, and so on. Defeating the golden Shadows inside Tartarus will give you Nikhil, which can be exchanged for a free weapon in this shop. Keep in mind that this usually takes 1-2 days.

June 10th. Lecture and new requests by Elizabeth are available. Accept requests No. 95, No. 96 and No. 97.

June 11th. You will receive a text message from Akihiko saying that Fuka is heading home. You talk to her tonight and she will join the team, replacing Mitsuru as support. Mitsuru can now join you in combat.

12 June. This night a mysterious guy will come to you. You will recognize his name - Pharos. The "Death" arcana will open. Don't worry about it, as her level will automatically increase as you progress through the story.

June 13th. Elizabeth will call and say that the barrier inside Tartarus has opened, so go to the tower!

June 14th. Nothing special. For 5980 yen, you can buy a branded wallet and perfume from Tanaka.

June 15th. Today's question is very simple, but if you need help - "And ...".

June 16th. Speak with Akihiko this evening to receive the item needed to complete Elizabeth's request #95.

June 17. Today's answer is "Shamanism". You can join the cultural club! As with the sports club, the characters you meet are the same no matter which club you choose. Clubs can be found in the corridor of the first floor. To get there, go to the main lobby and, once you are facing the entrance, turn left. You can join an art club, a music club, or a photography club.

A word of advice: the art club is in the art room, the music club is in the music room. But the club of photographers is located in the scientific auditorium.

June 18-19. Nothing special.

June 20th. Mitsuru will announce that Chairman Ikutsuki will be at the dorm this evening. She wants you to look into the command room. After school, the game will automatically take you to the dorm, where you will see Yukari and Fuka playing with the dog. The dog's name is Koromaru, and you'll find out where he came from. After that, you will go to the meeting. If you accepted Elizabeth #96's request, talk to the chairman after the meeting to get the item needed to complete this side quest.

21st of June. Nothing serious. You cannot visit Tartarus.

22nd of June. The correct answer is jellyfish. Junpei will mention that the equipment in the command room is malfunctioning, so go there to watch a funny video. Speaking of cutscenes, Dark Hour will feature a few suspicious characters and hopefully get you thinking about what's to come.

June 23rd. In the morning you will hear the girls talking, which will shed light on the events of yesterday evening. In addition, in the evening you will see a video about Shinji and Akihiko.

June 24. Nothing special.

June 25th. The answer is Dowing.

June 26th. Nothing special.

27th of June. If you accepted Elizabeth's request #97, be sure to talk to Fuka this evening to get the item needed to complete it.

June 28th. Another ordinary day.

June 29. During the lesson, answer “it will pass anyway.” In addition, there will be a video about Fuka and Yukari tonight.

30 June. Devote another day to your daily activities.


July 1-3. No major events, although you will be asked a question at school on July 3rd. The answer is the World Heritage Pavilion.

4th of July. Nothing special, but keep in mind that the Full Moon is approaching.

5'th of July. Today is the deadline for Elizabeth's final requests.

July 6th Tomorrow you will not have access to afternoon classes due to the Full Moon. So make sure you buy all the items you think you need today. Especially useful are Dis-Charms, which can resist enchantment.

July 7th Boss Full Moon. After school, you will automatically go home. During the meeting, you will come to the conclusion that you need to go with Yukari. As for the other two members of the group, decide for yourself. At night you will go to a motel. Go to the third floor, to the right, and go through the door ahead. You have to fight with the High Priest.

It is immune to light and darkness and reflects electricity. If you brought Akihiko, be sure to set the save mode to SP. I also recommend setting up Yukari as a support.

The prophecy of destruction can scare you and other party members, so having gems or Me Patra skills is a must. Other than that, the boss fight isn't all that difficult. We recommend using the skill of the personas of Orpheus and Asparas called Candeza. It increases the chance of a successful dodge, and the boss will spend turns using Sukunda to lower it. Thus, you will protect yourself from attack. In addition, you can use a person who is well-protected from physical attacks. I chose Gulya.

After defeating the boss, check the large mirror inside the room. A cut scene will play and you will wake up with a foggy head. You will hear the voice of the tempter. Choose any option that will help you resist temptation. Then there will be a funny moment with Yukari.

Fuka will contact you and explain some things. Head upstairs immediately to find the rest of the group. You need to return to the Shadows room and fight a new enemy. You can enter it after two specific mirrors in certain rooms are broken. Do not break the mirrors that reflect your character, otherwise, you will have to start this section from the very beginning. The first correct mirror is in the southeast corner of the second floor, and the second is in the northeast corner of the third tier.

Once you're done with them, head to the Shadows room and fight the Lovers boss. It doesn't have resistance to any kind of attacks, but the enemy can charm you and party members, which is why I previously recommended buying Dis-Charms items.

Maragion and Heartbreaker can cause trouble, but they only appear before the boss dies, and if you're fast enough, it will only happen once. Characters of level 20+ will not experience any special problems. Once you're done with the battle, the team will gather outside.

The connection level of the Jester arcana will be increased! the team will have a new tactic "Full Assault". Watch the final cut scene.

July 8. Exams are coming up. School social connections are unavailable until July 24th. You will want to increase the level of Mind. If the value of this characteristic is not lower than "Smart", you will become number one in the class. You need to be number one at least once in order to date Mitsuru. Tartar is not available until tomorrow night. Elizabeth has new requests. The correct answer is I FAILED, IT'S OVER NOW.

July 9th The correct answer of the day is THE KONDEN EINEN SHIZAIHOU. In addition, Elizabeth will call you to inform you that the next barrier inside Tartarus has opened.

10 July. The correct answer is KABBALAH.

July 11th. Answer IMPERIAL PRINCE in class. In the evening there will be a big video that tells about the accident, Tartarus and the Shadows. You will not be able to visit Tartar this evening, although other activities are available.

July, 12. There will be quite a few videos today. Also, Pharos will visit you during the Dark Hour, and the level of the Death arcana will increase to 3.

July 13. There will be a morning lecture. Instead of sleeping, you can increase the "Mind" characteristic. In the evening there will be a couple of videos about the trip that the group will take after the exams. Speaking of exams.

July 14-17. Time for exams. Here are the answers you need:

  • Octopus
  • Minamoto no Yoritomo
18 July. Exams are over! Remember that you will only get a perfect score if your Intelligence score is at least Level 4 (Smart). Night cut-scene about the trip and a possible new member. On the remote control on the 4th floor, there is a new funny entry. The trip will start shortly and will last four days. Perhaps this evening it is worth going to Tartarus.

July 19. Nothing special.

July 20. It's time to travel! You and your squad will go to Yakushima, where you will spend 4 days and 3 nights. To avoid spoilers, I won't go into details of everything that happens there, but you will learn more about Mitsuru and her family. There will be some fun moments on the beach. You will even get the freedom of movement. Talk to Akihiko to save your game or return to the beach house. At night, you will learn more about the accident that happened 10 years ago, and you will have a good chance to get closer to Yukari.

21 July. Watch the video with Fuka, Mitsuru, and Yukari. After that, you and the guys will end up on the beach trying to help Junpei. Go around the beach to find the girls and try to hit on them. After three meetings, the group will notice a girl in a dress. After a short game, you decide that Junpei will speak to her first, then Akihiko, then you. When you approach her, the girl will run away into the forest. The adviser will join you and tell you about the girl. Her name is Aigis and she is now a member of SEES.

22 July. Today, the game will automatically increase the level of the Jester Arcana to 5. You will see a few more videos. Time will rewind to the evening of July 23.

23 July. You can't get to Tartarus this evening.

July 24th. You will return to school. All social connections will become available again. Summer holidays are just around the corner and today you will receive your exam results. If your Intelligence is at least level 4 (Smart), you will become the best in the class and receive a gift from Mitsuru (talk to her outside the faculty). Aigis is a member of your squad. In the police, you can buy weapons, armor, and special costumes for her.

July 25th. If Charisma is leveled up, then today will be the first day when you can establish a social connection with Yukari. Talk to her in class to get the Lovers Arcana. Also, it's the last day of school until September 1st. You will not have access to school social connections, and the coach from the sports club will invite you to participate in the tournament, which will take place on August 2. From July 27 to August 1, you will train daily, and at night you are free to do whatever you want.

26 July. Typical day.

July 27-31. From this day, preparations for sports competitions begin. You won't have access to afternoon classes until August 1st, with the competition taking place on the second. Note: nothing major happens these days, except for the night of the 29th. Fuka will call you, wanting to talk about a particular Shadow. Akihiko will say that the Shadow has already been defeated.


August 1. During the day you will train for tomorrow's tournament, and at night do whatever you want.

August 2. Time for a tournament! Unfortunately, there isn't much you can do, so sit back and enjoy the competition. Also, at the end, you will meet a new friend.

August 3rd. The Momuro you met yesterday can be found outside the Wild Duck Burger in Iwatodai. If your Courage is rated Tough or higher, you can talk to him to start a new Star Arcana Social Link.

August 4th. A number of Elizabeth's requests expire today.

5th of August. Nothing special, but tomorrow is a full moon and a new boss.

August 6th The Full Moon has come, which means it's time to fight the next story boss! Tonight's Shadow is located in an abandoned underground military facility. Upon arrival, you will meet familiar characters, find yourself locked up. After the cut-scene ends, you can select the squad members and fight the boss.

I took Aigis, Akihiko and Mitsuru. But if you feel more comfortable with someone else, the choice is yours! The boss itself has no specific weaknesses or strengths. When the battle starts, Fuka will mention that he can feel two Shadows. Soon you will understand everything. The boss can inflict poisoning, so special potions from this negative effect will be more than ever useful.

As soon as the boss's health drops by half, he will split into two creatures! You will face Chariot and Justice. If you defeat one Shadow, you will need to finish off the second as soon as possible, otherwise it will revive the fallen one. Therefore, carefully calculate the attacks. After some time, the Shadows will unite, and if the health bar is reset, the enemy will split up again, and this time each Shadow will have a minimum of HP. After the victory, you will receive a new tactic.

August 7. You can't go to Tartarus this evening, but Elisabeth has new requests. Also, Pharos will visit you at night, the social connection of "Death" will automatically increase to level 5.

8 August. Elizabeth will call to report the disappearance of another barrier in Tartarus. At night, Koromaru will join in the fight against the Shadows. The police will start selling armor and weapons for him. Mitsuru will inform you that you will go to summer classes.

August 9th. From this evening you can walk with Koromaru. From time to time you will be accompanied by one of the squad members, and on other nights you will encounter one of your social connections.

August 10-15. Summer classes. They take a full day and night, but give more "Mind". Edogawa will say that with the start of the next semester, he will conduct additional classes in the nurse's office. It doesn't take time, so visit it whenever you want.

On August 15, you will return access to the evening slot. You can spend Koromaru with Aigis this evening and a fun new entry will appear on the fourth floor.

August 16th. From now until the end of the summer holidays, there will be various activities with your social connections. Today there is a summer festival in the temple. Classmates (with active social connections) will call you and offer to go with them. This does not affect social ranks. You can go alone, or you can go nowhere at all. However, if you visit the temple at night, there will be a funny dialogue with Mitsuru and Aigis.

August 17th. The Summer Film Festival starts today. Every day, one of your active social connections will call and ask to go along. Today Kenji will call, and going with him will increase courage.

18 August. If you have a social connection with the Kid, he will call and offer to go to the movies. You can raise your mind.

August 19. Keisuke will invite you to the cinema, and if you agree, you will increase your charm.

August 20th. No cinema today, so you can devote the whole day to yourself. But there is a cutscene featuring Junpei and a familiar character.

August 21st. Today's film is with Yuuko, and agreement will increase courage.

22 August. Today's film is with Kazuki, and agreement will increase courage. If you choose to walk with Koromaru this evening, Akihiko will join you.

August 23. Today's film with Chihiro, agreement will increase the charm. If you decide to go to Koromaru in the evening, you will meet Bunkiki.

24 August. From now on, you can invite other SEES members to the movies. Yukari will enhance the mind.

25-th of August. You can invite Akihiko to the movies to boost your courage.

August, 26th. Talk to Aigis in the living room and she will mention that Koromaru wants to go somewhere. It's about cinema. You can take it and increase your courage.

August 27th. Today's film with Junpei. If you go together, pump the charm. You can walk with Koromaru and Junpei at night. If you don't go to the cinema, you can still go for a walk with Koromaru, but only the two of you.

August 28. You can invite Aigis to go to the movies to boost her mind. There will be a SEES meeting that night and a new member will join the team.

August 29th. You can offer to go to Fuku's cinema, which will increase the charm. If you take her, she will join the walk with Koromaru in the evening. If you don't go to the movies, you'll be walking with Koromaru on your own.

August 30th. The day we've been waiting for. You can suggest going to the cinema to Mitsuru to boost his mind. If you take her with you, she will join the walk with Koromaru.

August 31. Last day of summer vacation. you can invite Ken to the movies to pump up the courage.


September 1. Today you will be asked a question. The answer is You slide like crazy.

September 3rd. Shinjiro will become a member of the team.

September 5th. Full moon time. After a few scenes, you will be able to form the composition of the squad. It is undesirable to take Yukari and Aigis, who will only become a burden. Instead, the team will need an Akihiko capable of countering Zio's skills. Use Mitsuru as a healer. The last member of the team can be anyone else, although I chose Koromaru. Talk to Fuka.

Boss. As I said above, this boss mainly uses skills based on Zio. His powerful attack, Huge Spark, charges in about 3-4 rounds, so you can use that time to activate skills like Rakukaja/Rakunda, Tarukaja/Tarunda, and so on. Once he is ready to release a spark, make Mitsuru a healer (support) so that she can restore health immediately after the boss uses a powerful attack. If there is a Persona with resistance to skills based on Zio, such as Take-Mikazuchi, select it. As long as you heal in time after applying the Giant Spark, everything will be under control.

10 September. Answer the next question at school - Come Here. In addition, new floors of Tartarus will become available.

11 September. Give the answer to the next question - TheHermetica.

September 14th. And one more question - It's indeterminate.

September 18-20. The typhoon you heard about earlier (perhaps overheard the conversation) from the students has finally hit its mark. You'll be stuck in a dorm and sleep for the next few days.

September 21. As Igor mentioned on the 18th, you will be able to create Personas using the Cross and Pentagon. This is much easier than the cross and triangle as you don't have to experiment to get the persona you want. Just take out the persons indicated in the list and you can get the desired result.


The 4th of October. This evening you will fight another boss. Shinjiro and Ken will not be available in this fight (you'll see why shortly), but you can choose among the others. The bosses do not have any particularly unpleasant attacks or actions, so as usual, take Yukari / Mitsuru with you as a healer, and choose the other two heroes at your discretion. Aigis and Junpei were also in my squad. Once you have selected all the characters, tell Fouka that you are ready to go.

Boss. It will be an interesting battle because depending on how well you use Fortune Roulette, it will be easier or harder. As soon as the battle begins, the Force will surround Fortuna with a barrier, blocking access, so you will have to focus on the Force. The Force is a dangerous opponent with several powerful physical attacks. Can charm, and if the main character succumbs to this effect, the situation can get out of control.

While the Force is attacking you, Fortune will use the Wheel of Fortune. The principle of operation is quite simple. Red or blue values ​​will drop, and debuffs and other fun things like healing or damaging tiles can come across. If you land on a red tile, the effect located on that tile will affect your squad, while blue tiles affect opponents. Let's say the wheel stops on a red attack tile with a down arrow. In this case, for some time you will deal less damage. Try to count the time for the blue tile to fall out.

October 5th. Akihiko's character evolves into Caesar.

October 6th. Ken's persona evolves into Cala Nemi.

October 7th. Give the correct answer to the question - To bring in business. When you return to the hostel, Elizabeth will call you and inform you about the opening of new floors in Tartar.

October 13th. Give the correct answer - "2"

October 14. Another question and the correct answer is Moses.

October 15th. The answer to the question of the day is Summer Vacation.

16 October. Choose the correct answer - Fifteen.

17 October. Final day of the middle of the semester. By now, you should have your Mind maxed out. If so, you will pass the exams by answering the rest of the questions correctly.

19 October. Give the correct answer - Friday.

The 20th of October. Fuka's persona will turn into Juno, who will have the most useful Escape Route skill.

22 of October. Answer the question correctly - Mansion.

October 23. Another question is Madam Blavatsky.

October 26th. And again you will be asked a question - It's Arabic.

29th of October. Last test this month and the answer is Tofu.


the 3rd of November. The time has come to face the 12th, the last Shadow, but first, there is an obstacle to overcome. In the upcoming battle, it is best to take Koromaru, who is able to block attacks based on Agi and Mudo. Another character in the team is Junpei. And Yukari can be taken as a healer. When you're ready, tell Fouquet that you're ready to start the operation.

Boss. This battle isn't as hard as it looks, but if you drag it out, Jin can create serious problems. He uses Mudo and Agi based attacks so Koromaru and Junpei are the best choice for this fight. Avoid using Aga's spells as he will deflect them easily. Focus on Jin first, as he is the most dangerous opponent on the battlefield, and then switch to taking out Takay.

Boss #2. As soon as the next battle begins, you will notice three statues and the Hanged Man above them. To knock it down, you need to destroy all the statues. Each statue uses a certain elemental element. Magarula is the best to use in this fight, because none of the statues nullify Garou-based skills, and you will either destroy them with one shot or significantly weaken them, and Yukari and other squad members will already finish them off. Once all three statues are destroyed, the Hanged Man will fall to the ground. It will be marked as "Suppressed", allowing you to use an all-out attack. Spend it and continue to beat the enemy. He will summon the Insidious Maya, who deal a lot of physical damage.

After a couple of moves, the Hanged Man will rise up, and the statues will reappear. Repeat the steps until you win.

November 5. Yukari's persona will turn into Ishida.

November 6th. Elizabeth will inform you that new floors are available in Tartarus.

November 12th. Answer another question - The Upanishads.

November 17th. Today you will go to Kyoto. Nothing special will happen on this day as you will not be able to leave the hotel. Save the game and return to your room.

November 18th. Mitsuru's persona will turn into Artemisia.

November 19th. You must avoid the local girls, otherwise, you will be executed. Hide while the girls explore the hot springs, looking for someone. First, hide on the right side of the rock you are standing next to. When the search is over, wait for the girls to leave and slowly make your way to the left side of the cliff. Be careful: if you climb too high, Mitsuru will notice you. After the girls have not found anyone, they will repeat the search for the last time. Wait for them to leave and go to the center of the room where there is a small waterfall. Examine it and hide in the waterfall. Soon the girls will give up.

November 22. On this day, the Dark Hour will come. Junpei won't be able to fight this time. Make Yukari a healer (do not take Mitsuru, she will only interfere). Also add Koromaru to the squad, which is strong against Aga's skills. Choose the last partner of your choice.

Boss. Chidori isn't all that dangerous, as she mostly uses Agi-based skills. In addition, after each turn, Chidori triggers the Spring of Life passive skill, which allows her to heal. Luckily, she doesn't have that many health points, so if you use any -La/-Dyne spell (that doesn't have the word Agi in it), you'll defeat her pretty quickly. After the fight and cutscenes, Junpei's Persona will turn into Trismegistus.

November 30th. Answer the question - So they stood out.


December 2nd. It's time for the next Full Moon, but unlike the others, you won't have to fight anyone.

December 3-9. These days you will not be able to explore Tartarus until the 10th (not included).

December 11th. Answer the question - Nice.

December 14th. Final exams have begun. Answer question - 1156.

December 15th. Second day of final exams. Answer the question - Magnesium Chloride.

December 16th. Third day of final exams. Answer the question - Mansion.

December 17th. Fourth day of final exams. Answer the question - So they stood out.

December 18th. Fifth day of final exams. Answer the question - Latte.

December 19th. Final day of final exams. At this point, the mind should be pumped to the maximum.

21 December. Answer the question - Kido.

December 24th. Christmas Eve. One of the female social connections will offer to go shopping together. Usually this is the girl with the highest connection of all available. If there are two or more of them, the game will choose one randomly.

December 25th. Christmas. Nothing special.

December 30th. Aigis returns to the group. Her Persona evolves into Athena.

31st of December. New year's night. It's time for an important decision. If you decide to kill him, the game will end right now. If you leave him alive, then continue. Note that you will be asked this question twice.


January 1st. First day of the New Year. Have you noticed how the music has changed in the hostel and the city? In any case, as soon as you return to the dorm, Elizabeth will say that new floors of Tartarus are available, and you can get into the last block.

January 8. Answer the question - They're both correct.

January 18th. Answer the question - Circe.

The 25th of January. Answer the last question in the game - Arigatou Gozaimashita!

January 31st. Kind of like doomsday. Once you enter Tartarus, you can't leave it again, so try to prepare the best equipment you can find. If you need to level up, stick to the first floor of the Monad block. Keep in mind that the group you choose when you climb the last set of floors can be changed later when you reach certain levels. Go to the 258th floor.

Boss. This time, Jin will be much more dangerous. This time, you definitely need to take Koromaru. Yukari/Mitsuru will be the healer and support, while the last member of the team is up to you. Unlike last time, Jin will have a lot more different attacks. Mudo attacks, Hama, -Dyne skills, here he can use almost any elemental skill from the game. Can cause debuffs. Koromaru will protect you from Aga's attacks and block Mudo's moves. Jin seems to be more likely to use Mudo-based attacks (than Hama), so Koromaru will be well protected. Give Yukari/Mitsuru a healing/support tactic. Use the best non-dexterity based attacks.

After the battle, heal and edit the group as desired. When you're ready, get to the 262nd floor.

Boss #2. This one pretty much works the same as last time, so take any three companions with you, and choose either Gabriel or Raphael as the Persona to avoid his Dyne attacks. The boss deals slightly more damage than last time, so as long as you keep healing you should be able to kill him fairly quickly (no casualties). All in all, a fairly easy fight.

Finally, you will be able to climb to the top. Make sure you have at least Raphael.

Boss. You will encounter 14 different forms of Nyx. Set a Persona that has resistance or the ability to drain skills based on agility. In this form, avoid using Agi-based attacks from your side. Obviously, Koromaru and Junpei will be the best in the fight.

Next form. Set up a Persona that has resistance or can drain Bufu's skills. Avoid using Bufu skills on your part. Be sure to take Mitsuru.

Next form. As with other forms, set a Persona that matches the type of skills Nyx uses in this form. It's about Garu. Thus, Atropos will do. For your part, eliminate Garou-based attacks. Obviously, Yukari should be taken.

Next form. The last of the four elemental forms. Avoid using Zio-based skills. The squad should include Akihiko and Ken.

Next form. Further, everything will become much more interesting. Nyx will use Rebellion on the first turn to increase his and your chances of landing a critical hit. After that, powerful physical attacks will appear (Fatal End). Avoid using punch attacks.

Next - one of the most annoying forms (if not the most annoying). Nyx will develop a very nasty habit of using Marin Karin, Holy Arrow, and a dance that can charm you. Be sure to choose Raphael and use the best non-Garu-based skills.

The next form involves even more physical attacks, but Nyx will also use Power Charge to try and finish you off with one shot, so be sure to have a healer ready. Avoid using Slash/Strike/Pirce skills and use better magic skills like Ragnarok and Niflheim.

For the next form, equip a Persona that can nullify/repel Hama's attacks. Gabriel and Gore will come up. Avoid using skills based on Agi and Bufu. Take Ken into battle.

The new form is pretty much the opposite of the previous one as Nyx will use Madoon and Mamoudoon. Take either Gabriel or Horua as the Persona. Also suitable Koromaru. Avoid using Garou-based skills during your own attacks.

Next, Nyx will use all four types of elements, so install a Persona without weaknesses and avoid using elemental skills and physical attacks on your part.

Next form. Nyx will be spamming with physical attacks this time, so use your best elemental moves. For example, "Ragnarok" and "Niflheim".

In the next form, the boss uses almost everything in the game, so prepare a healer to counter this onslaught.

Initially, in the final form, Nyx will not be so dangerous. She will use four elemental skills. After dealing enough damage, the enemy casts Moonless Gown, reflecting all attacks against you and your group. This technique is used almost every second move. Once this happens, put any offensive actions on hold until the effect wears off. After the boss disables the buff, attack with everything you have. When the enemy has at least health points, Nyx will use the "Queen of the Night", which deals damage and imposes a random status on the main character and the entire group. Keep an eye on your health until you finish off the enemy.

After the victory, you will have a couple more days at school, but they do not affect anything. Watch the end credits. You can save to start a new cycle. This completes the passage of Persona 3 Portable.