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Warzone 2: How to disable crossplay in your games?

 Crossplay has become commonplace on many games including Warzone 2. Except that some players are not really a fan of what it entails and want to deactivate it. In this article, we show you the possibilities depending on the platforms on which you play.

How to disable Crossplay on PlayStation 4/5?

Let's start by seeing together the platform where it is easiest to deactivate crossplay, that is to say, the PlayStation. Indeed, on the Sony console, Activision has left the possibility of doing it directly from the game settings!

You will only have to go to the main menu of Call of Duty Warzone 2 and press the "Option" button. Then go to the "Adjustment" category. Once it's done, go to the "Account and network" category. This is where the option to enable crossplay will be.

You will thus be able to choose whether or not to check this option. This option is certainly a little hidden in the settings, but at least it is available. You will quickly see that this is clearly not the case for the other platforms where the game is available.

How to disable Crossplay on PlayStation 4/5?

Disabling Crossplay on Xbox is more complex

Typically, if you are a Warzone 2 player on Xbox, you can always look for this option in the settings, but you won't find it! Indeed, it is impossible to deactivate crossplay directly from the game on this platform.

However, be aware that it is possible to disable crossplay. But by doing this you deactivate this option for all games on the console and not just Warzone 2. But it is quite easy to do the reverse operation if you ever want to reactivate it. To deactivate it:

  • Go to the home page of your Xbox and then to the settings
  • Look for the “Online safety and family” tab and then click on “privacy and online safety”
  • Then go to "Xbox Privacy" then "View details and customize"
  • Go to "Communication and multiplayer"
  • You will have access to the option "Participate in multi-network games" and click on "Block"

It is impossible to disable crossplay on PC!

If on Xbox the manipulation to deactivate Warzone 2 crossplay is quite complicated, it is at least possible to do it! As you can imagine, if you are a PC player of the game, you will not be able to deactivate it directly from the game options.

The problem is that there won't be any techniques to ensure that this crossplay is globally deactivated either. You will therefore have to be patient while waiting for this possibility to be available today, even if nothing guarantees it.