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Where to find all the upgrades for the hazmat suit in Dead Space


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You can improve armor in Dead Space if you find the necessary schemes (drawings) in the game world, and then pay for their installation in any of the stores. Each Hazmat suit upgrade unlocks a new inventory slot, increases stats, and opens up further paths for installing nodes. In this guide, you will find information on where to find all the blueprints for leveling the suit.

How to upgrade a suit

In total, there are six levels of a protective suit in Dead Space, each of which improves armor, and inventory, and unlocks new nodes.

  • Level 1 Outfit - Standard Outfit;
  • Level 2 suit - improved standard suit;
  • Level 3 Suit - Engineer's Utility Suit;
  • Level 4 outfit - standard miner outfit;
  • Level 5 Outfit - Advanced Engineer Outfit;
  • Level 6 suit is an advanced combat suit.
How to upgrade a suit

You need to find the schematic somewhere on Ishimura, bring it to the shop, and pay the credits for installing the upgrade. The cost increases incrementally. Below, we'll cover the different costumes, how to get them, and list their stats.

Keep in mind that most of these upgrades can be found as you progress through the story. You won't need special passes or any side quests. Often they can be found in neighboring rooms, so it is better to carefully inspect all the nooks and crannies of Ishimura.

Where to find a level 1 hazmat suit

  • Inventory: 12 cells;
  • Armor: no;
  • Location: available from the start of the game;
  • Cost: free.
Isaac's Starter Suit is the simplest outfit in the game. It will be on you from the very beginning of the game until it becomes possible to upgrade it in about an hour or two.

Where to find a level 2 hazmat suit

  • Inventory: 18 cells;
  • Armor: 5%;
  • Location: can be bought at any store;
  • Cost: 10,000 credits.
As soon as you find any store, the first gear upgrade will go on sale. However, this is the only improvement for which you don't have to look for a schematic.

Where to find level 3 hazmat suit

  • Inventory: 22 cells;
  • Armor: 10%;
  • Location: EVA preparation room (Chapter 3);
  • Cost: 20,000 credits.
Follow the main story until you complete the Reroute Power from Water Purification quest. Immediately after interacting with the circuit breaker, turn left, and you will see a corridor marked "Exterior Access".

Halfway to the right is a room marked EVA Prep Room. The costume blueprint for the Intermediate Engineer Rig is on the bench directly across from you - grab it and bring it to any shop to unlock this upgrade.

Where to find a level 4 hazmat suit

  • Inventory: 26 cells;
  • Armor: 15%;
  • Location: Equipment Workshop / Mining Floor 2 (Chapter 7);
  • Cost: 35,000 credits.
By visiting Ishimura's Mining section in Chapter 7 in the SOS Beacon Chase, you'll see Nicole across the chasm and can even protect her from the Necromorphs. Right after that, you'll head to the Equipment Workshop, where the workbench shown on the map above has a blueprint for the Standard Miner Rig.

Where to find the level 5 hazmat suit

  • Inventory: 30 cells;
  • Armor: 20%;
  • Location: Locker room and showers for Zero-G Gym/crew quarters, floor 4 (chapter 10);
  • Cost: 60,000 credits.
The last upgrade you can get on your first playthrough. Running through the Crew Quarters looking for the Crew Deck Key, you will come across a strange Z-Ball arena. In the room directly opposite this one, on one of the benches, there is an upgrade.

Where to find the level 6 hazmat suit

  • Inventory: 30 cells;
  • Armor: 30%;
  • Location: Purchase from any store on NG+;
  • Cost: 99,000 credits.
The Soldier Suit, worn by Valor soldiers, is the best suit in the game. However, you can only get it in the New Game Plus mode and for a lot of money.

After beating the game and launching the NG+ mode, the armor will be available in the store from the very beginning, but it may take some time before you can afford this purchase.