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Where to find all the weapons in Dead Space - the best guns in the game


Where to find all the weapons in Dead Space - the best guns in the game

Weapons in Dead Space are mostly mining tools that the protagonist uses to destroy Necromorphs in both the remake and the original. However, unlike the original, you need to find a weapon in Dead Space before you can use it, instead of just buying it from Ishimura's shop. Each gun is best suited for fighting a certain type of Necromorph, we have detailed which guns are best to choose for the game.

List of weapons

There are seven weapons to be found in Dead Space Remake:

  • Plasma Cutter;
  • Pulse Rifle;
  • Ripper;
  • Flamethrower;
  • Contact Beam;
  • Line Gun;
  • Force Gun.

You can get each weapon in the same order as listed above, but some of the guns are easy to miss, such as the Line Gun.

Unlike the original, you can only get new guns by finding them in different locations on Ishimura, and not by buying them in the shop. However, you can purchase ammo and weapon upgrades from the store if you first found their blueprints somewhere on the ship.

List of weapons

Weapons are upgraded by unlocking slots in the corresponding skill tree, which consumes nodes. You can improve attributes such as damage (damage), magazine capacity (capacity), reload speed (reload speed) and other special features unique to each weapon.

Each gun has a primary and alternate fire mode. On gamepads, you use the primary fire mode by pressing R2 / RT, and the secondary one by pressing R1 / RB. Usually, more ammunition is required for the alternate fire mode.

It's important to note that you only pick up ammo for weapons that are in Isaac's inventory. So if you don't like the weapon you have in your inventory, be sure to store it in Ishimura's shop. On the other hand, if you run out of ammo for one of your favorite guns, it's best to keep it with you.

Remember, unless you're using a weapon like a flamethrower, your main target is the Necromorph's limbs, not its head and body. This way you kill enemies much faster. However, some bosses have their own unique weak points.

The best weapons in Dead Space

There are situations where one weapon is more useful than another since no single gun can perfectly deal with all types of Necromorphs. It is better to focus on personal preferences. But there are some types of equipment that we recommend upgrading first of all, as they are either universal or have cheap ammo. These are Plasma Cutter, Pulse Rifle, and Force Gun.

When upgraded, the Pulse Rifle has one of the highest damage stats in the entire game, but it's not the most comfortable at shooting enemy limbs. However, the alternate fire that sets up a mine that explodes on impact with a Necromorph is very handy. You can then switch to another weapon to finish off the enemy.

The Pulse Rifle also offers a huge magazine size when upgraded, which means you'll be able to use it more often than other weapons if your inventory is limited.

Although the Line Pistol is an upgraded version of the Plasma Cutter, its ammo is much more expensive and it has a smaller magazine size. You need to shoot more accurately with the plasma cutter, but to save resources, it's better to choose it.

The Power Pistol is one of the best weapons in the game due to its incredible crowd-control abilities. If you run into a group of enemies then use it to buy yourself more time and rip off some limbs.

Where to find Plasma Cutter

The Plasma Cutter is an unmissable cannon in Dead Space. You will pick it up at the very beginning of the game in Chapter 1 after you separate from your team and run away from the Necromorph.

This is a precision weapon that you will use throughout most of the game to cut off the limbs of your enemies. You can use its alternate fire mode to change the reticle to a horizontal or vertical line, making it easier to shoot certain limbs.

A set of six rounds costs 1200 credits in the shop.

Where to find Pulse Rifle

The pulse rifle in Dead Space is located at the Medical Tram Station next to the dead body, you will find yourself there for the first time in Chapter 2 on the way to the captain's Rig and the first clearance level.

The pulse rifle has a high rate of fire. Any Necromorph with a glowing pouch or exploding body part is best fought with this weapon. However, she is not very good at tearing off limbs, in this situation, it is recommended to use alternate fire to make a contactless mine.

If you want to pick up a mine and return the ammo, aim at it and then press R1 / RB.

A pack of 25 pulse rifle ammo costs 1250 credits in the store.

Where to find Ripper

The Ripper in Dead Space is found in the Machine Shop in Engineering in Chapter 3 under a decapitated corpse. You first enter this area during the quest Refuel the Engines (South).

Basic fire turns the weapon into a melee saw that you can use to cut limbs off enemies. However, they will still attack, so it's best to do it from behind or when they are in stasis.

Alt fire fires a single blade that can ricochet off surfaces, damaging multiple enemies in the room or even hurting the same enemy again. It is best used in small rooms or corridors.

Where to find Flamethrower

The Flamethrower in Dead Space can be found right in front of the huge tunnel leading to the Fuel Storage in the Engineering Department during Chapter 3. You will be here for the first time after activating the Centrifuge on your way to manually igniting the engines.

The Flamethrower is great for dealing with the small crawling enemies that spawn after certain types of Necromorphs explode, or when you need to damage a group of legless enemies. His alternate fire fires a projectile that creates a wall of flames on impact.

A pack of 25 flamethrower ammo costs 1750 credits in the store.

Where to find Contact Beam

The Contact Beam in Dead Space can be found in the Administration Records Office during Chapter 4. You need to use your Security Clearance Level 2 to open the door to the office. You will be here for the first time after leaving the vacuum, when you go to redirect energy from the Mining Administration.

The contact beam fires a continuous line of energy that is great for cutting off limbs. It's faster than using the Plasma Cutter or Linear Pistol, but it uses a lot of ammo.

The alternate fire mode fires one powerful laser shot. It is great for shooting bosses like Leviathan.

Where to find Line Gun

The Line Pistol in Dead Space is found in the Emergency Equipment Storage on the Medical level in Chapter 5. You need to use your Level 2 Security Clearance to open the door. You will be here for the first time running from the Hunter, but you might want to come back later and get it, as the Hunter is an unkillable enemy at this point.

The Line Pistol is essentially an upgraded version of the Plasma Cutter. It has a large shot width, which means you can shoot both Necromorph legs at once. Its alternate fire mode fires a laser mine that, when placed correctly, is good for tearing off enemies' limbs. As with the Pulse Rifle, these mines can be brought back to replenish the ammo by aiming at it and pressing R1/RB.

A set of three rounds costs 2100 credits in the store.

Where to find Force Gun

The Power Pistol in Dead Space is found in West Seedling Room A in the Hydroponics section during Chapter 6. You will find yourself here for the first time after fighting the horde in a large room with an elevator in the middle.

It has a very short range, but this makes it a great tool for knocking enemies away from you if they get too close. The alternate fire mode creates a gravity well that pulls enemies towards it.

A set of three ammo costs 2400 credits in the store.