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Where to find team costumes in Dead Space, complete the "You are not Authorized" quest, and make the Master Override Master Key


Where to find team costumes in Dead Space, complete the "You are not Authorized" quest, and make the Master Override Master Key

The key (Master Override), which opens all the doors, in Dead Space can be obtained by finding the costumes of the crew - Volker, White, Holt, Dallas, Rousseau, Bailey, and Benson. This can be done during the quest "You are not authorized" (You are not Authorized).

This is the highest level of clearance in Dead Space, although it is designed so that you will not be able to access it until you reach level 3 of access. Many suits are locked behind different security levels or story missions. So you will need to complete most of the game in order to get everything you need to complete the task. However, once you have the Master Override key, you will be able to access weapon upgrades and some useful resources.

Where to find team costumes in Dead Space

You will be able to access the mission "You are not Authorized" when you complete the "Meet Hammond in the Captain's Nest" quest. In the same room, you will find a red bridge security console. Interacting with her will start a side quest and give you a list of costumes to get.

Find them all and return to this console to create the Master Override key. There are seven of them in total, and many of them you can only access when you open new areas. It's not so much "where" they can be found, but "when". Keep in mind that you can't wear any of these costumes.

List of costumes

To unlock Master Override, you need to find seven crew suits:

  1. Voelker's Rig;
  2. First Officer White's Rig;
  3. Lt Commander Holt's Rig;
  4. Mining Supervisor Dallas' Rig;
  5. Chief Engineer Rousseau's Rig;
  6. Comms Officer Bailey's Rig
  7. Tram Supervisor Benson's Rig.

Where to find Voelker's Rig

The first suit you can find in Dead Space, maybe even before you get to the console that activates the side mission. During the Reach the Engineering Deck quest, shortly before you find the Fuel Station keycard, you will be able to fly through the hangar in zero gravity and then through the force field and exit to space. If you crouch on the right side of this area, you will eventually see a purple light, pick up an item near the O2 source.

Where to find First Officer White's Rig

You will not be able to access the second suit until you have calibrated the ADS cannons to fight asteroids. This will give you access to the outer area of ​​the trench. After you interact with all three guns and synchronize them, you will complete the task. However, before returning to the ship, fly to the end of the trench and pick up the item on the left.

Where to find Lt Commander Holt's Rig

The third item can be found during the cleaning of the toxic gas. When you kill Wheezer 4, you will end up in a room with one door blocked by a tentacle. Shoot the glowing knot to destroy it and then go through the door.

You'll end up in the top area, blocked by more tentacles on the left side - destroy them all and you'll find Holt's armor at the bottom. You'll need to find the Deck Systems keycard: from the switch, turn to face the opposite direction, and you'll see a door to the East Seedling Room B. The key card is on the table on the right. Grab her and get out.

Where to find Mining Supervisor Dallas' Rig

You will find the item during the Find the Admin Rig mission. He is in a small room next to the mining area, where you need to remove anomalies by throwing glowing stones at the energy beam. Your security clearance will also be upgraded to 3, which is another major plot twist that you can't miss.

Where to find Chief Engineer Rousseau's Rig

You will be able to get the item once you find the previous costume and unlock Level 3 clearance. This will be during the mission in which you need to get the SOS beacon (SOS beacon). Head to the engineering area, where the walls and floors are covered in growths. The item is inside a small locked vault that you probably noticed before but couldn't open due to the lower access level.

Where to find Comms Officer Bailey's Rig

You will be able to access the item when you complete the mission "Fix the Comms Array". The communication door will open, allowing you to enter a part of the ship that you could not access before. Get to this area and you will find Bailey and his suit in his office.

Where to find Tram Supervisor Benson's Rig

The last item will be available after you leave the Valor shuttle. You will receive a message that someone opened the door near the bridge atrium (bridge atrium). This will once again open access to an area that you could not reach before.

This is the road to the tracks where you will find Benson and the suit on the floor. You will also be attacked by a couple of Necromorphs, so be prepared. Shortly after, you will come across something strange called the Z-Ball arena.

How to make a Master Override key

Once you have all the suits, return to the Captain's Nest where you met Hammond and activated the console to start the mission. The console will now give you the option to create a Master Override. With it, you will be able to open all the doors with Master Override access level that you met earlier on Ishimura. Check the cards for locked doors that Master Override can open.

However, more importantly, you will be able to open yellow boxes. This is especially useful in the late game for additional resources and final weapon upgrades. There will come a point in the game when you can no longer go back and collect all the costumes. So you will lose access to everything with a master level lock.