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Where to find the white crow in Apex Legends

 How to find all positions of the white crow and complete the Bloodhound quest chain from Apex Chronicles

Despite the fact that Apex Legends is a competitive first-person shooter in the battle royal genre, the game has its own lore dedicated to the characters and the fictional world. In the past, Respawn Entertainment has experimented with various ways to incorporate lore into the game, including comics and single-player missions.

Relatively recently, the studio introduced a new form of knowledge, which comes in parts in Apex Chronicles. The first part of Apex Chronicles is dedicated to Bloodhound. In order to progress through the Old Ways, New Dawn storyline, you need to complete certain tasks right during the Battle Royal matches.

Where to find the white crow in chapter 1

In the first chapter, you need to find a white crow at World's End, so you need to choose an unranked CB. You need to make sure there is an Unranked Trio or Duo card in the queue for the next game. If it's not, you'll have to wait - the map changes every few hours, so come back to the modes later.

I recommend taking the mode for duets: if you encounter an enemy squad during this task, there will be two enemies instead of three. Also, turn off the squad mate fill option to ensure you can pick a Bloodhound.

Where to find the white crow in chapter 1

The white raven you need to interact with is next to the Lava Siphon. However, there are several spawn points around the Lava Siphon in the southern part of World's Edge, which was one of the new features of the tenth season. A small gold circle with a crow icon in the center indicates the search area.

Where to find the white crow in Apex Legends

The area to look for is different for each Bloodhound in the lobby, so the chances of 20 Bloodhounds landing in the same spot is pretty low. When you get close to the White Raven, a special tracking marker will appear, indicating that the bird is close.

After interacting with the white raven, it will fly away, giving you the task of tracking down the wounded bloodhound. Tracker tracks are marked in gold and you need to follow them. After each handful of markers, a "Progress saved" notification will appear on the screen, indicating that even if you die, your progress in the quest will be fixed.

Apparently, there are several ways to track the bloodhound, since during the mission I did not cross paths with any other Bloodhound. After following the markers a couple of hundred meters, you will again find a white crow. This time, before flying away, he will make his speech. Once this happens, the quest will end and at the end of the match, you will receive a couple of Battle Pass Stars. Depending on when the task is completed, you can access the next chapter (or not). For completing all the chapters, you will receive three sets for the Bloodhound.

Where to find the white crow in Apex Legends

Where to find the white crow in Chapter 2

To complete Chapter 2 of the Apex Chronicle as Bloodhound, players need to play an unranked CB match at World's End. I recommend queuing in the duet lobby and deselecting the player-fill options; this way any enemy units will be smaller and you won't become a bad companion that can get kicked out. This time the white raven will be in the northern part of World's End. He will spawn between Skyhook and Landslide. As in the first quest, the white raven will have several different spawn points, and a golden circle on the map will indicate where to land.

Where to find the white crow in Chapter 2

In my case, a white raven appeared in the northern part of Skyhook, just behind one of the buildings. When searching for a white raven, a golden marker will appear, making it easier to track (as you get closer to the bird). After finding the raven, interact with it to start tracking the wounded bloodhound.

After that, you need to move along the golden markers on the map. The wounded bloodhound in my game was a little further than 500 meters from the starting point. I had to go over the top, through the railway tunnel, and southeast to Ground Zero, but this path may differ depending on your starting location. At the end of all the markers, you will again find a white crow. During the tracking process, the message “Progress Saved” will be displayed several times on the screen. If you die during the quest, you can continue it from the last checkpoint in the next match.

You need to interact with the raven again, and after a short conversation between the Bloodhound and the bird, a notice will appear on the screen that the chase is over. At the end of the match, you'll be awarded five Battle Pass Stars and unlock the Chapter 3 quest.

Where to find the white crow in Chapter 3

The third chapter of Apex Chronicles for Bloodhound will offer to find the white crow again and continue tracking down the wounded bloodhound. This time, a white raven will appear in the area at the epicenter of the World's End. You need to play Bloodhound in the unranked CB lobby. This is the only way to track the bird and interact with it. As always, the correct landing spot will be marked with a golden circle on the mini-map.

Where to find the white crow in Chapter 3

After you find the white crow, you will have to follow in the footsteps of the bloodhound. In my case, the bloodhound was about 200 meters north of the starting point. After passing this distance, you will meet the raven again. After a short conversation, you will be assigned to hunt down a wounded bloodhound, and I went even further north about 200 meters. Here you will meet the raven for the third time. Chat with him and follow the tracks of the bloodhound until Bloodhound says that he went up the mountain to die alone. This completes the tracking, and at the end of the match, you will receive five Battle Pass Stars. The ending is unlocked immediately.

How to pass the final of the Bloodhound quest

The final part of the Apex Chronicles Bloodhound story takes place on the training ground, which you need to boot into as Bloodhound after completing the three chapters listed above. Once there, access the ship's platform on the left side of the map. Don't worry about finding weapons or armor; you don't have to fight anyone.

The ship will take Bloodhound back to World's End - this time to a cave that is not part of the regular map. You need to follow the Bloodhound's trail through the cave while the hero communicates with the white raven. There will be no gold markers as the path through the cave is linear. In the end, you will find a dying bloodhound.

By approaching the bloodhound to be transported to a fantasy location and face other versions of the Bloodhound. They will report that they have failed and you need to click on the button shown on the screen. After a short cutscene, Bloodhound will return to the real world and be left with the dying bloodhound. At the end of the cutscene, you will return to the main menu, and for completing the entire quest chain, you will receive three Bloodhound Apex Packs.