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Atomic Heart walkthrough and endings - how to solve puzzles, defeat bosses, find all blueprints and audio recordings


Atomic Heart walkthrough and endings - how to solve puzzles, defeat bosses, find all blueprints and audio recordings

Atomic Heart is a fast-paced shooter set in an alternate Soviet Union. We have prepared a detailed walkthrough of all story missions, tactics of battles with some bosses, as well as a description of the location of audio recordings.

Let's sleep in that world

Watch the introductory video. When control passes to you, you can inspect the surroundings and listen to the game characters. Some you can chat with. Run after the marker to get to the parade.

Go around the crowd and see the exhibition. Here you can also read the chronology of events in the history of the alternative USSR. When you're ready, head to the complex with the "Lab of the Future" sign.

Tereshkov's robot will bring you up to date and teach you how to use the scanner. This is the main gameplay element that you will constantly refer to as you progress through Atomic Heart. The scanner can not only highlight useful items or enemies, it can also be used to detect items for a task or people with whom you can chat. 

Leave the laboratory and head across the bridge to the building where Professor Sechenov's office is located. Enter the elevator and go up to the upper level. Here, take the key, go down, and get into the car. Watch the cut scene during which the system crashes.


After the cutscene, you will receive an axe. Use it to destroy hostile robots. If you are playing on medium or low difficulty, you can ignore the androids, but remember that each enemy killed will bring you a small amount of materials that will be useful for upgrading weapons and gauntlets.

Get to the animal pen and inspect the toilet stall. After the cut scene, you will find yourself in the Vavilov complex.

Viktor Petrov. Find and neutralize

Get out of the elevator and inspect the lockers with resources. Such objects are highlighted in blue by the scanner. As you progress, you will often meet them on your way. Use the closet to get into the ventilation shaft. Here, find the steering wheel and an audio recording next to the corpse of a military man.

Go down and use the steering wheel on the door. After the cutscene, move forward. The first door on the right leads to a safe room. Often you will find a chest with materials here and save your progress.

When you go a little further, you will be attacked by several robots. Each floor of the complex has additional rooms with lockers and terminals. When studying the latter, you can familiarize yourself with various letters and orders. Use the scanner to find them.

In one of these rooms, you will find a twitterer. Run forward and destroy two more robots. There is an audio recording in the restroom.

Approach the objective marker for HRAZ to open the door. At this moment, a long video will begin, after which you will get acquainted with an improved version of the BOV-A6 / 4 "Laboratory" robot.

After the battle, you will have to open the electronic lock. There are several types in the game. We talked more about breaking each of these locks in this guide.

Follow the corridor to the save room and examine Eleanor's repair cabinet. After the cutscene, you can use these automata to craft weapons, ammo, and consumables, and upgrade your glove.

Leave the room and look around the hall. On the cabinet in front of you will be an audio recording.

There are several drawers at the end of the room. Climb the stairs to the top floor and get to the castle. It can only be opened with a special electronic key. There will be few such castles in the game.

Not so fast, major. How to Find the Electronic Key and Shotgun Ammo Blueprint

Return to the corridor and climb even higher. Destroy the camera on the wall and examine the table at the far end of the corridor. Here lies the cookie key, which is needed to open the door.

Do not rush to leave this floor. Search all the rooms to find an audio recording and crafting resources.

Return to the lock and open it with the found key. There is also a small puzzle to be solved here. Such riddles will often be encountered during the passage of story missions and during the study of polygons. We have devoted a separate guide to the latter.

Interact with any of the six discs to make rays of different colors appear. You need to match them as shown in the screenshot below. At the moment, it is not known whether the combination can change for different players.

Run to the hall and take one of the two elevators. Exit the booth and turn right. Go through the door and down the hallway to the left. On the left will be the door to the restroom. Examine the crate to find the Shotgun Ammo Blueprint. In the adjacent rooms, there are wardrobes and a chest.

Follow even further and inspect the administration room, where you need to silently eliminate the robot. There is a chirp on the table next to the corpse.

To get into the locked room on the right, use the ventilation shaft.

When you're ready, return to the hall and inspect the locked door. Use the electric shock on the magnets from above to open it.

Clear the location and get to the funicular tunnel. Watch out for moving parts as they can kill the protagonist. Once you reach the rift, jump down and climb into the polymer. You can use this liquid to overcome various obstacles. To jump out of the polymer, you should swim to the edge of the liquid and press the button ( Shift key on PC). A chest can be found in the crack in front of the polymer.

How to find the drawings of the ax "Fox" and "KS-23-Electromagnetic Barrel"

Interact with the new electronic lock, then talk to the military corpse. From this point on, you will often meet the dead with whom you can talk. Don't forget to inspect the chest in the break room to get the Fox Ax Blueprint. Go back and look for another corpse, next to which there is a scheme for opening the lock. Activate the funicular, get into the booth, and watch the cut scene.

After the cabin crash, you will be taught the elements of parkour. Pay attention to the yellow beams and pipes, they can be climbed, climbed higher, or descended.

When the Burav robot appears, hide and wait. Aftershocks will signal its approach. Get to the room with the corpse and climb into the ventilation shaft. Examine the first saferoom and find the drawing of the module "KS-23-Electromagnetic Barrel".

HRAZ will offer to improve the hero's abilities. Get to Eleanor and purchase the Kiss of Eleanor upgrade. Go through the laser beams and watch the cut scene.

In hot pursuit. How to find three flasks with moon soil

Fight off a large group of robots and pick up the twitter on the bench next to the birch. Run to the opposite side of the second floor and go through the open door. Here you need to climb into the ventilation shaft.

Pick up the candle on the table and bring it to the door behind which Petrov disappeared. Use electric shock to stop some cars. Jump on the cabinets and get to the polymer. Dive into it and swim to the opposite side.

In the break room, you can open the drawing of the module "Electro - Emi Generator". When you get to the lunar module, inspect the racks to the left of it. Here is the first flask.

Dive into the polymer in the wall and swim into the next room. As soon as you get to it, get the blueprint for the Electro cannon. Here you will find Eleanor and the second flask.

To the left of the repair cabinet, there is a hole in the wall. Use it and get to the third flask. It lies right in the ventilation shaft.

Insert three flasks into the lunar module and deal with the robot. In the save room, examine the chest to find the blueprint for the PM pistol. In the next location, you can find many chests and resources. There will also be enemies here. Follow the marker all the time and dive into the polymer.

This will take you back to the warehouse. Examine the corpse of Petrov, take away the candle, and break the lock on the door. Return to the hall, and place two candles on the columns. The task will be updated.

In an overgrown park. How to find four flasks

The system will open access to the Hot Shop and the Algo Shop. As soon as you get two flasks and insert them into the right holes, the door to two more workshops will open. Below we have described how to find all the flasks.

Into the hell. How to find a flask in the Hot Shop

In the corridor, inspect the boxes. Here is the audio recording.

Run along the marker to the hot shop and go down to the boiler room. Kill the enemies, then look for the Fahrenheit candles. They need to be inserted into the pipe in the next room and brought to each of the three boilers with a glove. When you do this, you can return to the boiler room and pick up the first flask.

Take the elevator up and take the chirp in the corridor.

In the saveroom in front of the boiler room, inspect the chest and take the blueprint for the Adrenaline capsule. On the platform where the capsule is located, there is also an audio recording.

Race against time. How to find a flask in Algotsekhu

In front of the entrance to the algoshop there is a large room with a red chest. Examine it to get the drawing of the knife "Pate".

Follow the sign to the Algoshop and kill the new monsters. There is a chirp on the table in the first room.

When you get to the workshop, watch the cut scene. Examine the restroom on the right and take the drawing of the module "Pate - Flight of the Blade". Jump into the workshop and follow the marker. There will be no flask in the installation itself, you will have to move to the next platform. Take one flask from the drawer and place it in the setup. The synthesis process will begin.

To speed it up, run after the marker and climb higher with the help of the polymer. Turn on the platform. When she passes by the next pool, use an electric shock.

After reaching the opposite elevator, solve the puzzle on the wall. The correct combination can be seen in the screenshot below.

Race against time. How to find a flask in Algotsekhu

Get back on the platform and complete the synthesis process. Take the flask and return it to the birch.

How to find a flask in the Cold Shop

In the corridor, turn right and inspect the restroom. The chest contains a drawing of an ax "Snowball". Move the metal sheet aside with a glove. Here you will encounter new enemies that will release shoot sprouts. Try to destroy them right away.

In the back room, there is a hole in the wall. Use it to get into the workshop. Here, kill the monsters and take the chirp on the table. Find another hole in the wall and move to the next room.

In the room with glass flasks, use all the valves to close them. The door to the main hall will open. First, we advise you to destroy all the shoot queens, as they will interfere with the start of the fans. Track enemies with a scanner.

Once you've done that, go up to the control room and start the fans. We'll have to return to the hall and use the electric shock to activate them.

In the same room, next to the corpse, you can find an audio recording.

While filling the flask with polymer, some of the shoots will fly up, causing the fans to become inactive again. Shoot them in time. Take the flask and leave the workshop through the opened door in the control room. In the nearest saveroom there is a drawing of "Kalash".

How to find a flask in the Pesticide Shop

Follow the marker to the pesticide shop and watch the cutscene with the scientist. He will ask you to deliver pesticide polymer to Hogweed. The cistern is in the next room. To do this, you have to solve a small puzzle.

To get started, go to the workshop and pick up the chirp next to the corpse.

At the end of the hall you will find a composition with a pesticide. Climb up to the platform above and find the control panel. Move the platform forward.

Use the glove to move the adjacent platform so that you can climb on it. Here is the second panel. Turn the platform with the tractor and move it forward.

Continue moving the platform in the same way until you bring it to the plant. At the last control panel next to the corpse is an audio recording. Take the flask and watch the cut scene.

Upon your return, a group of strong mutants will attack you. Kill them to open the passage. Install the last flask next to the birch and leave the Vavilov complex. This will take you to the open world.

Breath of fresh air. How to get out of the village

In this location, you can search about a dozen houses for resources. There are no other secrets and hiding places here. Follow the marker to inspect the locked gate. At this point, the task will be updated. Run to the Volan device, which is located on the nearest tower. With the help of such devices, you can control cameras and open locked passages.

The major will not have access codes, so he will first have to meet with Baba Zina. She can be found on the hill. To do this, interact with the washbasin. Return to the tower again and open the gate.

Perfect. How to find a train ticket

Go for the marker. Along the way, you can inspect the houses for resources. When you get to the station, talk to the robot. He will ask you to find a ticket. Go down and talk to the first corpse on the right (it lies next to the polymer pool).

The ticket will be expired. To find a travel card, inspect the post office nearby. You need to go around it and climb into the polymer that leads to the window on the second floor. There is a corpse here, from which you can pick up a ticket.

Sit in a chair and watch the cut-scene.

What does the coming day have in store for us? How to enter the arena

First, we recommend inspecting the location and clearing the polygons. They are optional for passing but can bring you good modules. 

Follow the marker and examine the locked cabin with the Vulture terminal. To open it, you will need to find the Shuttlecock control module. Such modules can be located in towers (the same as in the location with the village), or on small towers with a spiral staircase. Get to the nearest one and open the cabin door.

Now return to the Vulture and request module maintenance. A device that floats above a body of water will descend for 10 seconds. During this time, you will be able to climb onto the pipe in the center and rise with him into the air. Use the rope to get down to the arena. It is worth noting that after that the gates of the arena will automatically open.

How to defeat the boss EZHH-7 "Hedgehog"

The tactics of fighting this boss are quite simple. You will need any firearm. There is no point in shooting at the robot when it is in combat mode. Dodge attacks, and when the boss exposes vulnerable parts, shoot them. Below we have described the main attacks of the enemy.

Basic attack - the boss spins up and heads toward the protagonist. Use a double dash just before the collision with the robot.

Ground Slam - The robot jumps up and then performs a powerful ground slam accompanied by an energy ring. It is enough to jump in time to avoid damage.

Rocket launcher - the enemy fires several volleys of rockets in a row. Use a dash to the sides or hide behind the columns. The latter, by the way, can be called with an electric shock, as the boss will regularly destroy them.

The most dangerous attack - the boss begins to attract the main character to him. Turn around and run in the opposite direction using a dash. At the same moment, the robot will make three hits on the ground. As soon as you hear the sound of impact, count down a few seconds and jump up.

Blurred mirror. How to open the gate at VDNKh and solve the puzzle with mirrors

Go down the stairs and examine the two devices. With a glove, you first need to pull the device forward so that the sound builds up. When it starts to fade, pull the device back.

When you activate the first one, a mirror will appear. The second will not work - you have to go down to the basement and activate it manually.

You will enter a small underground complex. If you have already gone through polygons before, then you know that you need to use shock on electromagnetic coils. Apply it and climb higher.

There will be a similar puzzle in the next room. We change the polarity and climb onto the platform in front of the hero.

We stand on the platform in the center and by the same principle we get to the door. If you wish, you can inspect the chest on the right side of the room. At the bottom, there is a corpse of an engineer with whom you can talk.

In the corridor on the floor, turn the disks in the same sequence as in the screenshot below.

Blurred mirror. How to open the gate at VDNKh and solve the puzzle with mirrors

Climb down and inspect the chest. Change polarity here and jump to the door. After moving to the opposite side, kill the robot below and chat with the dead. Jump to the platform with the red tiles, reverse the polarity, get off, and reverse the polarity again.

Make the right combination.

In the next room, the electromagnetic coils will be divided into two parts. Some regulate the platforms on the right side of the hall, others on the left.

On the wall in front of the door, solve another puzzle.

Again a hall with blocks and electromagnetic coils.

There is another puzzle on the floor. Examine the chest here.

Blurred mirror. How to open the gate at VDNKh and solve the puzzle with mirrors

Hands off! How to find Tereshkova's multi-key

Talk to the robot and go back a little. A door will open in the hallway on the right. Talk to the dead man and climb into the ventilation shaft. There will be another robot in the next room. As soon as you take your hand, he will attack the hero.

Take the chirp in the hands of the dead scientist.

Made in USSR. How to find the "voice", "symbol" and "sprout" of the Motherland

There are two more small rooms in this room. You need to find a hammer, a flower, and a radio. The hammer and flower are in these rooms, and the receiver is behind Tereshkova. There is also a corpse in the room with the flower.

Follow the robot until the task is updated. Go down to the bottom floor and inspect Clara's body. Four markers will appear, on which her limbs are located. Examine the chairs to find an audio recording.

In addition to the main task, you can also look for moon flasks. They are needed to open the locked door on the fourth floor. In this guide, we told you how to find them all.

Major, witch, and old warehouse. How to find Clara's foot on the first floor

Follow the nearest marker and pick the lock on the door. Turn the wheel several times to pass.

In the next room, rotate the steering wheels so that the passage to the stairs opens.

In the last room, a group of laboratory assistants will attack the hero. Kill them and solve the puzzle. Jump down and turn the steering wheel so that you can climb higher.

Now turn the steering wheel from above once and get over to the exit through the pipe.

Clara's leg is in the trunk of the car.

Red arrow. How to find Clara's right hand on the second floor

Follow the marker, break open the door, and deal with a large group of enemies. Interact with the button in the center of the room and play Snake. When finished, the hero will receive the desired part of Clara's body.

Before you leave the room, you will have to deal with another wave of robots.

Trembling of the earth. How to kill Ivy and find Clara's left hand

Head to the marked point and prepare for the boss fight. Before you go down to the makeshift arena, inspect the balcony and find the audio recording.

Boss Resilience:

  • To firearms;
  • To energy weapons;
  • To the cold
We recommend pumping melee weapons, as well as installing a fiery cassette player on it. This will allow you to quickly deal with the polymer enemy. Also, before the start of the battle, use adrenaline and condensed milk.

There is no point in hiding from the enemy. Since you injected adrenaline, you will have a very fast recovery dash. Run around the ivy, use jump and dash, and attack with melee weapons. Change the fire cassette player to a new one in a timely manner.

Next to the flask where the ivy was located, you can pick up an audio recording.

How restless is that brow that is crowned with a crown. How to find Clara's head

Enter the hall and deal with the queens. Beluga's hall is locked - you have to go around the ventilation shaft. Destroy all the cameras first so they don't raise the alarm. Open the only door here and take the elevator to the surface. With the help of the polymer, you need to get into the control room and start the neural network. If you wish, you can also get out of the complex here.

Talk to the corpse and solve the puzzle.

Return to the Beluga Hall the same way you came. Activate the Beluga and climb up the roof of the car to the balcony.

Here you have to play a mini-game. You need to move the ball on the platform into the hole. Nothing complicated.

When you're done, take Clara's head and bring it to the torso. Watch the extended cut scene.


You will fall into a dream. Apples are scattered around the location - you can collect them. Follow the water, then climb onto the submarine and go forward. You need to calculate the time to run past the rockets and not fall off. When you get to the lighthouse, the major will come to his senses.

Bug in the system. How to open the door to the Sechenov Research Center

Before proceeding further in the story, we recommend clearing polygons "6", "9" and "8". When you're ready, go to the Sechenov Science Center. Here you will come across a locked door that requires a keycard. Exit the building, go up to the roof, and take it. Watch the cut scene.

Show must go on. How to defeat the boss MA-9 "Belyash"

Boss Resilience:
  • To the fire;
  • To the cold;
  • To firearms;
  • For energy weapons.
We advise you to use explosive weapons, as well as a pumped ax or "Asterisk". Also, before the battle, be sure to use adrenaline and condensed milk.

The robot is very fast but deals little damage. At first, he will just throw stones at the hero and try to beat him with mechanical arms. Toward the end of the battle, the enemy's arsenal will expand - he will begin to spew fire and attack quickly.

Petrov opera. How to find the entrance to the theater

Behind the makeshift arena, there is a descent into the basement. Follow the marker and take the elevator down to the theater. Examine the corridor and kill all enemies. At the end of the room, there is an audio recording on the refrigerator.

Remove the lock from the gate and again fight off the crowd of opponents, among which there will also be ivy. Unblock the ventilation shaft and climb inside.

Higher and higher. How to get to the third floor

After getting out of the ventilation, listen to Sechenov's assistant and inspect the table next to the poster. Here lies the chirp.

Also, solve the puzzle on the wall.

Use the elevator to go up first to the second and then to the third floor. Examine the corridor for resources. From the third floor, you can get into the locked rooms on this and the lower floors. To do this, use the gap in the floor.

On the third floor, there is a corpse in a room. Take the audio recording in the locked room on the second floor.

There is a dressing room on the third floor in the opposite wing. Take the chirp on the table.

It's not a password at all. Where to find an electrician

Climb down and get rid of the enemies. On the left, you will see the entrance to the dressing room. You can examine it, but in any case, you will return here according to the plot. Follow the marker and talk to the dead barmaid. Search the kitchen and all open spaces. On the second floor, inspect the castle, which needs a cipher. To the right of the door lies a corpse, which will tell you that the electrician has the cipher. Don't forget to pick up the audio recording on the table on the second floor.

The electrician is in the dressing room. Go back and look for him in the corner of the room. The correct combination to the lock is shown next to it on a piece of paper.

For seven seals. How to get the ball

Open the door, solve the puzzle, and start the show. Here, select Twitter.

For seven seals. How to get the ball

At this point, enemies will start to appear. Fight them off until the music ends. When this happens, take the ball from the hands of the ballerina, as well as the audio recording next to her. Insert the ball into the device on the gate.

The path to the (scaffold) main stage. How to solve the riddle with ballerinas

First, get rid of the robots and inspect the restroom. Take the audio recording in the mannequin's hands.

The next chirp is on the bench to the right.

Now you need to solve the ballerina puzzle. We will indicate the correct positions from left to right:

  • Krause in 5th position with hands in 3rd position ;
  • Relevé in 5th position in the efface position. High free hands in alenge ;
  • Attitude ;
  • Alazgon with free hands.

How to defeat the boss NA-T256 "Natasha"

The boss has invulnerability to almost all types of weapons, except for explosive ones. In the battle with him, we mainly used firearms and the "Asterisk". Before the battle, do not forget to use adrenaline to quickly dodge attacks, and also use stimulants in a timely manner.


Follow the marker on the map across the bridge. We advise you to use a car, as two ivies will be waiting for you on the way. If you want to avoid fighting them, it's best to drive through this section of the map in a vehicle.

When you get here, inspect the desk in the reception area and find the audio recording.

On the first floor, there are two corpses for conversation. Another twitterer in the operating room.

The entrance to the Pavlov Complex is located in the basement with the inscription “Morgue. Storage".

Blood courier. How to find the Cookie Key

In the corridor, examine the table next to the stairs and pick up the audio recording. The fifth chamber can be accessed through the ventilation shaft, the entrance to which is located in the archive opposite.

Go down to the lowest level and get to the restroom. There is a dead doctor here, and a chirp on the toilet.

Another audio recording lies in the ward next to the corpse on the middle floor.

Follow the marker and kill meat enemies. In the boiler room, interact with the valve to fill the adjacent room with water. Climb down and swim to the exit.

The exit from the laboratory is locked. Examine the left far side of the room to find the key on the shelf. Apply it on the door.

There is an audio recording on a gurney in the next room.

As soon as you exit the elevator, inspect the cabinet on the right. Here is Twitter.

Ivy will be waiting below. It is best to lure him to the upper level and deal with the boss in a small space. Once you've dealt with it, follow the marker. On the second level of the balcony lies the corpse of a girl, with whom you can talk. When you open the next gate, you will find yourself in a location with robots.

Kill all the bees first, then clear the area. In the lobby, also deal with several waves of enemies and run after the marker. In the laboratory with a neuropolymer, inspect the corpse of a military man. There is an audio recording nearby.

After reaching the last marker, watch the cut scene, after which the hero will fall into Limbo.

Run forward and go through the Torture door. If the game takes you back to choosing a door, go through the Pain door. On the top floor, use parkour to get higher.

And everything lit up. How to defeat the "Rosa" boss

This boss is the easiest of all that you could meet in Atomic Heart. Before the battle, it is enough to use adrenaline and stock up on cartridges for firearms.

The tactic is simple: fire your gun and hide behind the whale carcass. In a few minutes, the enemy will be defeated and open the passage to the lighthouse.

How to find Larisa at the lighthouse

Climb up to the lighthouse and climb the pipe inside. Examine the rooms - there will be a chirp on the table. There is a chest on the top level of the lighthouse. Go down below and interact with the chair. Watch the cut scene, after which you can chat with Filatova.

A little later, you will need to find three videos in the large hall. To do this, use a scanner. The first one lies near the player, the other two are on the top floor.

The final. How to beat Left and Right

During a conversation with Baba Zina, you will learn part of the truth. At this point, the player will have to choose: kill Sechenov or spare him. You only have 10 seconds to choose from. If you choose the first option, then you have two more battles with the twins.

The final part of the game is divided into two battles. First, you have to defeat the Left, after which access to the battle with both twins will open. Robotesses are able to accumulate energy to enhance their attacks. To remove the accumulated gain, it is enough to constantly deal damage to enemies.

After fighting Left and watching the cutscene, get ready to perform a QTE. If you do not have time to press the indicated keys on the screen in time, the hero will die. In this case, you will have to start the battle again.

Atomic Heart endings. Kill Sechenov or spare

The following guide contains spoilers. Make sure you want to know the ending of the Atomic Heart game.

What will happen if you kill Sechenov

If you go to talk with Sechenov, he will order the robotesses to kill Major Nechaev. After the battle, the hero will shoot the academician, but suddenly Khariton Zakharov, or rather what is left of him, will suddenly appear on the stage. The neuropolymer clot HRAZ will join the array of information and take possession of it, after which it will kill Sechenov.

At the end, you will hear the following:

“At the moment the soldiers of the Argentum detachment arrived at the office of Academician Sechenov, no traces of the latter were found there. According to the fragmentarily reconstructed video information, a black humanoid neuropolymer object approached the body of Academician Sechenov, after which it swallowed the body in its entirety.

After the events indicated in the report, an unknown humanoid black polymer object left the office of Academician Sechenov and disappeared in an unknown direction.

What will happen if you spare Sechenov

If you refuse to deal with Sechenov, Major Nechaev will begin to guess about the involvement of the HRAZ glove in his hallucinations and what has been happening with the neural network lately. He will rip the neuropolymer clot out of his hand and crush it.

At the end, you will hear the following:

“According to the video surveillance cameras, Major P-3 left the territory of the enterprise number 3826 and departed in an unknown direction. Major P-3 did not provide information about the place of vacation. Academician Sechenov assessed this violation as insignificant.

In the area of ​​​​the indicated exit, one of the cameras recorded an unknown object made of a black polymer of an unstable configuration. Due to its small size, it was not possible to identify the specified black polymer.