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Best Soulstone Survivors Builds - Optimal Strategies and Secrets


Best Soulstone Survivors Builds - Optimal Strategies and Secrets

In this guide, we will analyze the skill tree, and runes, talk about weapons, and tell you what skills are best to take to successfully complete Soulstone Survivors on any difficulty.

Note: At the time of writing the guide, the game is in Early Access. Each update changes the balance, adding new strategies and links. We will try to follow the updates, but if you suddenly notice an inaccuracy, you can mark it in the comments.

skill tree

This is a small grid with buffs that will help raise the base stats and get extra rune points. Full pumping will not take much time and you will need the following resources:

  • Small soul stones - 325,000;
  • Cursed Soul Gems - 42;
  • Vile soul stones - 16;
  • Vile soul stones - 12;
  • Hateful soul stones - 11;
  • Leper Soul Stones - 21.

Which runes to choose

You can take only 5 runes into battle with you. In addition, there is a limit on the "total cost" of runes. The maximum you can get is 10 points (5 through the skill tree and 5 through achievements). The price of each rune varies depending on the rarity and ranges from 1 to 5. They open after certain conditions are met.

The most powerful and useful are the runes:

  • Executioner, 2 points - You deal 5% additional damage for each type of debuff on the enemy. To open, you need to win a match with all curses up to level IV inclusive, activated on the Dungeon of Despair map ;
  • Generalist, 2 pts - You deal 5% additional damage for each skill type you currently have activated. A total of 400 Nether Lords must be destroyed to unlock ;
  • Multi-cast Mastery, 2 pts - Increases the likelihood of long multicast chains. To open, you need to win matches with all curses up to level IV inclusive on the map The Caves of Dhal Zhog ;
  • Dash Mastery, 1 pt - Increases your dash speed by 50%, resulting in increased distance travelled. The rune is unlocked after winning a match with all curses at level II on The Frozen Wastelands ;
  • Weapon Expert, 1 point - You start the game with a special skill that depends on the weapon you have selected. But first, you need to reach the 100th level of experience in one match;
  • Critical Mastery, 2 points - 100% of your critical chance is added to your critical damage multiplier. Unlocked by winning a match with all curses at level III on The Whispering Grove. Suitable for all heroes who need critical damage;
  • Focus Fire, 2 pts - Increases your damage dealt by 40%, but reduces the area of ​​effect of all your skills by 20%. To open, you need to destroy a total of 2000 elite enemies. Suitable for characters who do not use critical damage and whose skill area is negligible.
Achievements to complete to get extra 5 rune points:

  • Complete any match in less than 8:00 minutes;
  • Complete the third cycle of Overlord mode in 100%;
  • Destroy a total of 600 Nether Lords;
  • Win matches with all curses up to and including level VI activated on The Scorching Valley map ;
  • Destroy a total of 500,000 enemies.

What weapon to choose

As of today, the selection is limited, and only green weapons can be crafted instead of the standard white ones. Most likely, the developers will change this by adding a few more options. They are crafted without much difficulty and let each character start the game with an active skill. The right weapon goes well with the Weapon Expert rune, but it doesn't work for all heroes.

What skills to choose

There are 2 types of skills in the game - active and passive. Active ones (up to 6 pieces) turn on automatically in battle. Passives always work or are activated with a fixed chance. The right combination will help you increase damage per second faster and clear the location easier. Characters have their own skill requirements, each of which we have discussed below.

Best All-Purpose Skills:

  • Multicast is one of the best passives in the game. Multicast is always good on any character and in any situation. At the same time, the skill has good scaling, from ordinary to legendary rarity;
  • Relentless - allows you to use abilities more often, which increases your damage per second;
  • Powerful Strikes - Increase damage by 5%/10%/15% with no downside. There is never a lot of damage;
  • Merciless - Increases your critical damage, which is good for most characters and builds. However, this skill proportionally depends on how much critical damage you have from other sources, while the rest of the skills are good independently of each other;
  • Expansive - Increases the area of ​​effect of your abilities. The skill has a limit - when your abilities hit all the enemies on the screen, then there is no real reason to improve it further unless you want to incinerate the whole world;
  • Swift gives you another dash. Like Expansion, this passive is indispensable, but only at 3 dashes. The cooldown is too low, which means that even with 5 dashes, you won't be able to use them all. Therefore, it makes no sense to improve it many times.

The best assemblies for characters

Today, the game features 14 characters, each with strengths and weaknesses. We will talk about them separately and will update as updates are released.


A balanced starting character that specializes in critical hits and bleeding. Green weapons reduce movement speed but still come in handy at first. At the start, it is best to take the passive skill "Magnet", which will help you increase levels faster and get the necessary boosts. If you are going for critical damage, then you will need the Heroic Strike skill and all the skills for critical chance and damage. Bleeding requires Demolition, Shockwave, or Ax Throw. The combination of the active skill "Subjugation" and the passive skill "Gangrene" works well. With a bit of luck, you can stack in one direction for a massive stat buff, otherwise, you can combine critical hits and bleed.


A magician who specializes in the element of Fire. With the Weapon Expert rune, you'll get the Flamethrower skill, which does consistent and massive damage but only at short range. Of the active skills, it is best to choose "Ray of Light" and "Magic Arrows". Collect passive skills in attack speed and number of shots at a time. "Area of ​​Effect" will expand the attack of all fire skills, which will help you quickly clear the map from weak enemies or constantly maintain stacks of fire on strong bosses. The pyromancer does not need other skills and runes for area of ​​attack and critical damage. The character is well complemented by the passive skills "Increased damage", "Despair","Fire Shield", "Accidental Combustion" and "Heat Stroke".


A hero that is played through the Brittle effect. In active skills, you need to take Buckshot, Napalm, and Explosive Arrow. Houndmaster has problems with mobility, so if possible, you need to take an additional dash and increase the area of ​​\u200b\u200bdamage. The passive skill "Fire Shield" will kill the enemy who decides to approach you. Rune "Critical skill" will help to get the missing damage.

Battle Mage

An unfairly strong character. Feels good with most active skills, but it's best to use Shadow Orb, Magic Missiles, and Magic Beam. The Weapon Expert rune is not needed, nor is Multi-cast Mastery. The hero deals massive burst damage - no need to duplicate it. The white weapons of the Combat Mage are better than the green ones if you are going to play with the starting ability. In passive skills, you need critical damage, movement speed, and an increase in the area of ​​\u200b\u200bdamage.

Spell Weaver

A fragile character who constantly takes away armor and health. But in return, the Weaver gets a huge boost in speed, making him almost elusive. The green staff adds experience and speed as opposed to armor, so you need to create it as quickly as possible. Beam active skills are well revealed ( "Ray of Light", "Magic Ray" ) if you add a debuff to reduce the enemy's defense. Standardly going to crit, but it is better to increase the main damage.


Despite the name, this is an ordinary archer with his own strengths and weaknesses. Low health is offset by the huge speed of movement and range of the shot, which allows you to kill enemies that are not in sight. White weapons and all skills are taken into battle with the expectation of "Fragility". It is better to take active skills of the “Projectile” type ( “Shot”, “Fragmentation Shot” ) because this hero is played through the scope. The Guardian effectively uses all the elements, but it is better to do a bias towards mass (Type Electricity) or continuous damage (Type Fire, Poison). Passives require movement speed, additional attack speed andrange, as well as area damage.


The most stable character for beginners and the only one that has self-healing. Critical chance also affects healing, allowing you to restore up to 6 health points at a time. The basic active skill Blades of Light feels stable at all levels, giving out high damage. To this, you can take "Magic Missiles", "Heroic Strike" and "Storm of Blades". From passive abilities, modifiers to crit and area of ​​effect are needed.

Chaos Warrior

If you believe in luck, then this character is made for you. The specifics of Chaos abilities are random damage and random debuffs. Mandatory rune "Controlled Chaos" (Controlled Chaos), which at times increase the damage. Everything with the prefix "Chaos" should be in the assembly of this hero. White weapons add an active skill Chaos Projectile, which will become your main source of damage. Chaos Golems reduce incoming damage, allowing you to survive an accidental hit.


This character summons powerful beasts that will help in battle and increase the owner's survivability. The base damage is missing, so you need to play through damage over time or buff summoned monsters. Take a few active summoning skills ( War Tiger, War Moose ) and secure it by adding poison ( Poison Strike, Poison Arrow ). You need to survive as long as possible, so with passive skills we increase the block and health. From the runes, you can take "Recklessness" (Recklessness), which will increase damage as health decreases.


Difficult character to implement. His main strategy is backstab, but the enemies turn faster than you can get around them. Chaos Golems will help distract enemies and fat bosses by opening a backstab window. You will need Shockwave, Demolition, and Subdue active skills to constantly apply new bleed stacks. With a high chance of Multicast, you can land multiple hits of Subjugate at once and deal up to a million damage in less than a second.

elemental mage

Ray skills are currently the strongest in the game. The beam allows you to deal constant damage to all targets in a line. At the same time, if you take "Electric Beam", "Ray of Light" and "Magic Beam", then they will stack into one deadly beam. It is best to take skills like "Electric". Since they all depend on crit, you need this parameter as well. Critical Mastery rune required. The base damage range and health are at the level, so you only need to monitor the speed of movement.


The weakest character so far. It was created to be very tenacious, but there are no adequate skills in the game that would help tanks deal damage. Enemies deal too much damage on high difficulty levels, so health, resistances, and armor fade into the background, you just need to deal damage. The Spear of Jupiter active skill (the Legionnaire's green weapon) works great with crit builds and skills like Electric. It is possible to get skills from other areas in the game, but this will require a rune slot. The Mastery: Mystic and Mastery: Saint runes will help you unlock the corresponding skill trees and consistently complete levels, at least for achievements. Active skills "Magic ball", Spear Storm, and Arcane Overload will deal a lot of damage, but the runs will be long.


The hero is quite weak in his builds, so you have to choose. Or we forget about his lore and download it like an ordinary magician, taking skills of the same type, for example, "Mystical" or "Electric". Everything else, like the magicians listed above, is nothing new. Or we create a creature from the Necromancer without damage, but with a bunch of summoning monsters. To do this, take the rune "Mastery: Nature", add "Beastly Wrath" to the active skills and assemble the team:

  1. Skeleton warriors;
  2. Chaos Golem;
  3. Blight Hounds;
  4. Fighting elk;
  5. Fighting tiger.

To get summoned monsters to attack the boss, get close enough for them to switch. Otherwise, it will be a long fight. The character will not deal damage, so you need to collect skills for movement speed, health, and armor.

Death Knight

A character created without jerks. You will no longer be able to dodge and gain invulnerability, but in return you will get huge base speed and extended area of ​​effect attack. For safety net, you will need to take the Fortress skill, so as not to accidentally die from puddles with poison. Avoid any slowdown because it is almost always the end of the game. Of the active skills, Obliteration, Bladestorm, and Shadowball reveal themselves well. For passive skills, focus on the Doom debuff, which kills the enemy when a certain health bar is reached. The remaining skills need to be taken for movement speed, attack speed, and increase in area of ​​effect. An ideal character to complete the map in less than 8 minutes.