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Call of Duty zombie mode in Fortnite, how to join the map in first person?

 Fortnite's creative mode allows many players to create maps inspired by famous games. Among these cards, we find one of COD's zombie modes.

For a few years now, Epic Games has allowed players to create maps for its famous Battle Royale, Fortnite, thanks to the creative mode.

Among all the maps, we find some that are inspired by Call of Duty in its basic multiplayer mode, but also a project made by a creator who is inspired by Call of Duty's zombie mode. Some people are also wondering if we can play on this map in zombie mode that was shown on Twitter. If this is your case, it is not published yet because Granto needs 1000 subscribers due to Epic Games' publishing policy.

How to play map in zombie mode on Fortnite?

If you want to play the map inspired by the zombie mode of COD and more precisely the Town of the map Tranzit, well, you should know that Granto needs 1000 subscribers to be recognized as a Creator by Epic Games. This is due to the rules put in place by Epic Games which requires this number for a card to be added to the creative mode as he explained on his Twitter account. While waiting to be able to play one day on this map in zombie mode in the first person, you can find an extract of what it gives on Twitter.