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Cloudflare Warp WoW: a viable solution against server lag?

 Recently, some World of Warcraft players have encountered major problems, causing very large lags. A solution to this problem?

Cloudflare Warp WoW: a viable solution against server lag?

World of Warcraft is an MMORPG, which means it is massively multiplayer, requiring a stable internet connection. Unfortunately, recently, a very large number of users (especially free) have had server lags that can go up to 3000 ms.

Because of this incident, Blizzard scheduled an overnight hotfix to fix these ping issues, but in the meantime, players were looking for a solution to play and on a forum, a software came out Cloudflare Warp.

Cloudflare Warp, a reliable solution?

If there is a problem preventing them from playing, players can come up with all sorts of pretty ingenious solutions. On a forum, "Robou" talks about the use of the software, Cloudflare Warp.

Cloudflare Warp, in association with APNIC, aims to secure the connection and lower user latency by acting as a VPN. Currently more efficient technically than its competitors, while being free, it may be interesting to use it if you have major problems related to the connection.

On the other hand, the software obviously has flaws, it can access many of your network settings and consumes a fairly impressive amount of energy.

If it worked for this player, this solution is not really reliable, in the best case, since it is a lag caused by the servers, it is better to wait for a hotfix from Blizzard.