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CrossfireX will close its doors in May, including its single player campaigns

 Smilegate Entertainment has announced that CrossfireX will be gone forever on May 18. Neither its campaign mode nor its multiplayer will be accessible on Xbox Series X / S and Xbox One.

CrossfireX will say goodbye forever on May 18, not only in regards to its online servers but also in its single-player mode. This has been announced by Smilegate Entertainment, the company responsible for the project, through its official website. The video game will no longer be available on Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One with immediate effect, and those who have purchased it in the last two weeks will be able to request a refund through this link.

"While our team worked hard to release numerous content updates, including fixes, new maps, modes, and in-game events, ultimately the game was not where it needed to be. As a result, we have made the difficult decision to shut down the game", explains Smilegate Entertainment in an FAQ published on the occasion of this decision.

When will CrossfireX shut down and what will happen when it does?

On that same page, Smilegate Entertainment explains that on May 18 at 1:00 a.m. (Spanish peninsular time) the CrossfireX servers will be shut down, something that will also affect the single-player mode in which Remedy Entertainment collaborated in its development. That is to say, from that date you will no longer be able to play CrossfireX in any way. Until then, users will be able to access almost all of the game's features, excluding the purchase of virtual currency; the store will remain open for those with funds to spend and progress will remain associated with the game account.

When will CrossfireX shut down and what will happen when it does

CrossfireX was released at the beginning of 2022 on Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One after several years of anticipation, becoming a project highly desired by gamers. However, the state in which it was released was so disappointing that those responsible came to publicly apologize , promising updates and content that, although they have been arriving, have not managed to improve the quality of the game. So much so that CrossfireX is one of the lowest-rated games of 2022 on Metacritic .