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Dead Space Remake: How to fix the communications antenna (Solution)

 We show you what are the steps you must follow in order to overcome the communications antenna puzzle in Chapter 8 of Dead Space Remake. So you can fix it!

During Chapter 8: USM Valor of Dead Space Remake, the players have to solve one of the most complex puzzles in the game, which consists of fixing the Ishimura's communications antenna. In this entry of our guide, we are going to explain the steps to follow to complete this puzzle and what is its solution, so you can continue if you have been stuck in this part.

How to repair the communications antenna?

How to repair the communications antenna

Once you access the Ishimura communications room, you will find that several of the communications antenna anchors are disconnected or damaged. If you look at the big screen in this room, you'll see that the power doesn't reach the central node of the antenna (the one on the roof, in the center).

The initial situation of the puzzle on this screen is as follows:

As you can see, one of the current anchors does have power and is sending it "up" to the central node (you know this because it's blue). You don't have to touch this. Actually, what you should do is introduce more anchors that return the energy in their respective holes and that connect with each other to bring the energy to the central node. How do we do this?

Look around the room and you will see that there are two types of anchors in the tubes on the walls:

  • On the one hand, are the anchors illuminated in white: these have energy and can move it in different directions (up or to the sides).
  • On the other hand, there are red anchors: these are of no use to us and only block the space for the white anchors.
Start by removing the three red anchors next to the big screen with your kinetic module. You must remove them from their holes because there you are going to place white anchors that can move the energy towards the central node. In addition, you must also remove the white anchor that is above, because that will not work for you.

Dead Space Remake: How to fix the communications antenna

The idea is that you look for another 6 white anchors that can redirect the energy in the correct direction to the node, and for this, you must place them in certain positions.

Final solution to fix the antenna

As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words, so here below we show you a picture of how all the white anchors should be placed to direct the energy towards the central node of the communications antenna:

Final solution to fix the antenna

This solution is seen as follows on the large screen of the communication control:

You simply have to place the anchors in the same position that we have shown you in the image above. By doing this the power will be redirected correctly. Keep in mind that you don't have to use all the white anchors that are in the room, just the 6 necessary (there are some that are left over and you are not interested in the solution).

Actually completing the puzzle is easier than it seems at first, right? We hope the guide has been helpful to you!