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Fire Emblem Engage Goldmary: What are her best classes and favorite gifts?

 As in every Fire Emblem, you will have your companions with whom you will experience adventures. Some of them are unanimous, this is the case of Goldmary.

Fire Emblem Engage Goldmary: What are her best classes and favorite gifts?

Fire Emblem Engage, released exclusively on Nintendo Switch on January 20, is a real success for the series. Many players were eagerly awaiting this new opus, four years after the release of Fire Emblem "Three Houses". 

Fire Emblem Engage remains in line with the games of the saga with mechanics well known to players such as the “Permadeath” mode or even the romance to maintain with your companions. You can equip them so that they can help you in your quest with special classes. Once again, there are many characters in addition to yours in this opus, some are strong, and others will bring you emotion. Goldmary is one of the favorite characters in Fire Emblem Engage. That's why we're going to give you his best classes in combat and his favorite gifts to give him. 

What are the best classes for Goldmary in Fire Emblem Engage?

You will be able to recruit her during Chapter 16 of the campaign where she will join your character to fight at the start of the battle.

We offer you three classes which for us are builds corresponding to Goldmary's abilities: 




Sword: Rank A

Spear: Rank A (variant)

Inversion : Allows you to switch places with an adjacent ally
Griffin Knight

Ax and Staff: Rank A and C

Spear and Staff: Rank A and C (variant)

Sword and Staff: Rank A and C (variant)

Clear path : The allies spend only 1 movement point on the unit's space, as well as the adjacent one. 

Sword and Spear: Rank A and C

Valiant Assistance : If the unit's HP is at max when it participates in a chain attack, then the unit attacks 2 times
Don't worry, if you haven't chosen one of these classes or you don't like one, it's possible to change classes in the game.

What are the favorite gifts to give Goldmary in Fire Emblem Engage?

Of course, as with all Fire Emblem, the gifts and romance are always present. So to please your companions you will have to offer them gifts but be careful not just any gifts since each character has their preferences.

Here is Goldmary's list of favorite gifts to give her: 

  • tea leaves
  • Strong fragrance
  • Quality scarf
  • wooden earrings
  • bear sculpture 
  • Crown of flowers
  • white clover 
  • beautiful candle
  • Spirit Jewel
  • large plate
  • cute apron