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Fortnite FPS, how to play in first person?

 Fortnite is playable in the third-person view, but can it also be playable in the first-person view? We give you the answer.

Fortnite FPS, how to play in first person?

Fortnite has been available for many years now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and Nintendo Switch.

Within the title, the games are done in the third-person view, but some players wonder if it is possible to enjoy the game in the first-person view. If this is your case, this possibility exists, but only in the creative mode and on a very specific card. We will explain everything to you.

Is it possible to play in 1st person view in Fortnite?

If, like most players, you're looking to find out if it's possible to play in first-person view in Fortnite, well, you should know that it's normally impossible in the classic way. Epic Games hasn't planned this feature for its Battle Royale, but that doesn't mean it always will. In the meantime, there is a glitch on a very specific creative map that enables first-person view as explained by Mist Jawa on Twitter.

To activate this glitch, you will have to launch a Save the World game . Then open your settings and find the first person view. Activate it , then connect to the creative card with the following code: 6650-9855-3010 .