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Hi-Fi Rush beginner's guide: how to get the maximum rank, how to get through fire barriers and open locked doors


Hi-Fi Rush beginner's guide: how to get the maximum rank, how to get through fire barriers and open locked doors

Microsoft acted very boldly by announcing and releasing the Hi-Fi Rush rhythm-action on the same day. The game received rave reviews from critics, and the number of players is growing every day due to free access to Xbox Game Pass. Hack and slash is not the easiest genre to master, and in Hi-Fi Rush, in addition to keeping the timings and memorizing combinations, you have to keep the rhythm and fight to the tempo of the melody. For beginners, this combination can seem very complicated, so in this guide, we will give some useful tips on how to get used to unusual game conventions.

How to learn to get into the rhythm, get more points, and achieve the maximum rank

Absolutely everything in the game is synchronized with the music, including the movements of the protagonist. The more often you get into the rhythm of the melody with your actions, the stronger the true power of the protagonist will be revealed. You will deal maximum damage, and receive a variety of bonuses and more points for the final rating.

  • Not every player is given the opportunity to feel the rhythm of the melody, so the developers have added a lot of useful features that help you get used to the combat system faster.
  • Follow the movements of the main character. He always strikes the right rhythm with snaps of his fingers and stamping his foot.
  • A robo-cat Eight always flies next to the hero, which emits impulses to the beat of the melody. If you find it difficult to follow her metronome, then open "Settings" and go to the "Special Settings" tab. In the Rhythm Visualization (808) option, select the appropriate companion pulse visualization.
  • If you can't keep up with the 8 pulses, then press the Select button (small left button) on your Xbox controller or Tab on your keyboard to open the metronome. With it, it will be easier for you to keep the rhythm.
  • Talk to Mint and go to the training level. Turn on the metronome and mint combinations to perfection. Each correct hit to the beat will be accompanied by voice commands and a note next to the main character.
  • Select an opponent at the training level and make him immortal in the training settings. In the same place, display any available combination on the screen and try to execute it. When you succeed, a checkmark will appear in the field with the combination. Hone each of the combinations to complete automatism.
  • Feel free to shake your head or stomp your foot to the beat. Sometimes it helps a lot to concentrate on the rhythm of the melody and the keystroke frequency.
  • The world around the player moves to the beat of the melody. Watch your surroundings and press the keys to the rhythm of their actions.
  • Enemies attack the player to the rhythm of the melody. This helps to effectively parry incoming damage and counterattack. Ranged enemies warn of an attack with a sound effect and a distinctive visual.
  • Don't be afraid to break the combo to dodge or parry an attack. Try to kill the ranged and flying opponents first, and then the rest. Use the grappling hook to get to the opponent you need faster.
  • Use teammates more often in combinations. They help to actively knock down enemy shields and give a large bonus to overall damage.

What to do if they constantly kill in battles?

If you can’t fight and you have never played slashers, but you want to see the plot, then open the “Settings” and go to the “Special Settings” tab. Scroll down to the "Auto" option and turn it on. Now the hero will perform all movements by pressing one key.

How to accumulate parts for upgrading and pumping a hero?

There are a lot of secret places and nooks and crannies in Hi-Fi Rush where there are big bundles of details. Try to carefully search each location. Look up more often and don't be afraid to turn off the main path. The game is quite linear and you are unlikely to get lost. Do not worry that you will not have time to pump the hero to the final. Hi-Fi Rush is easy to pass without shopping at a local store. Combinations available from the very beginning and items scattered throughout the level are enough to complete the game on medium and high difficulty levels.

How to get through fire barriers in Hi-Fi Rush?

From the very first levels, you will often encounter fiery barriers behind which useful items will lie. The hero will not be able to pass through them until Corsica appears in his squad. This will happen at the end of the first half of the game. Don't worry, you can return to the old locations and collect useful items after completing the main storyline.

How to open iron doors with numbers?

Throughout the game, you will encounter mysterious doors with numbers. During the first playthrough, you will not be able to open them. After the end credits, a story endgame will be available to you, in which the iron doors will be unlocked. Do not be lazy to go through the game again, as serious plot garters for the epilogue are hidden behind the doors.

How to simplify the platform part of the gameplay?

In exploration mode, the main character's movement speed is quite slow. Because of this, you are not always able to accurately determine whether the protagonist will fly to the ledge or platform. So feel free to use dash (Shift key on PC) all the time. By pressing the jerk button to the beat of the music, you will gain good speed when moving. Also, use the dash while jumping to get to hard-to-reach places.

Dodge to keep your ranking

If you want to keep your combat rating high, but there are no enemies nearby to attack: perform a series of dashes to the beat. This will help save time and maintain your combat rating.