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Hi-Fi Rush could hide clues from The Evil Within 3 in this 'easter egg'

Is there a new The Evil Within in development? Tango Gameworks could have hidden a hint of a possible new installment in a small detail from Hi-Fi Rus.

Although it may not seem like it, Hi-Fi Rush is a game developed by the same studio responsible for The Evil Within saga. At Tango Gameworks they have been focusing on horror for years, not in vain is it Shinji Mikami's studio, which is why it is even more surprising that they have released a title with these characteristics. However, it seems that the company might be interested in continuing to work on the franchise for which it is known, at least that is what many fans have understood after seeing a certain reference hidden in their new game.

Among the many and varied references that Hi-Fi Rush hides, there is one that could give clues to a possible The Evil Within 3. No, we are not talking about the presence of Sebastian Castellanos as a detective robot, but about something more hidden: in a cinematic we see that the screen of an elevator shows that the characters are going to the 776 floor, but if we look just below we will see a selection of headlines that at the time indicates that "the sequel to a popular survival horror has just been announced". Of course, this could be a joke, but it has obviously raised speculation in the The Evil Within fan community.

Hi-Fi Rush could hide clues from The Evil Within 3 in this 'easter egg'

Is it worth the Hi-Fi Rush pen?

Beyond the references, easter eggs, and hints of a possible new game, the truth is that Hi-Fi Rush is completely worth it. As we tell you in our analysis, it is "an adventure with a lot of style that goes to the point to offer us pure and hard fun without complications of any kind. A title that, in the end, only needs us to take the controller to make us have a great time without no external element or the fashions of the moment stand in the way of its main objective: to have fun. Pure video game ".

Hi-Fi Rush is available on Xbox Series X/S and PC , included in the Xbox Game Pass subscription.