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House Party: cheats, codes and console commands

 In house party cheats can greatly simplify the passage of many quest chains in the game since with the help of them you can add the necessary items to your inventory, open locked doors, improve relations with characters and perform many other useful actions. This guide contains all the most important codes and console commands, as well as instructions on how to use them.

Note: This game is intended for players over 18 years of age, therefore, the article may contain information intended only for adults. If you are under 18, please close this page.

How to turn on the console in House Party

First of all, you will need to activate the console in the game. To do this, simply press the "~" (tilde, "Ё" or "`") key located in its upper left part. After that, a new window should pop up on the monitor screen at the top, where you need to enter the codes.

How to turn on the console in House Party

You can then type "help" (without quotes) to see a complete list of all possible commands in the game. If you type "help + any command" you'll find out exactly what it's for.

If you type "example + any command", you will see a specific example with explanations of the corresponding effect. However, below we will go over each command in detail, so you don't have to waste time studying them on your own in the game.

Character names

Many of the commands that affect party members require their names to be entered in English and in lowercase (maybe capitalized as well). Therefore, we decided to place the corresponding list so that it is always in front of your eyes:

  • Leah
  • Lety (Fly)
  • Vicki (Vicki)
  • Madison (Madison)
  • Derek (Derek)
  • Ashley (Ashley)
  • Patrick (Patrick)
  • Rachael (Rachel)
  • Katherine (Katherine)
  • Frank (Frank)
  • Amy (Emmy)
  • Stephanie
  • Brittney (Britney)
  • Dan (Dan)
  • Arin (Arin)
  • Player (player, main character)
  • Doja Cat is a new character to be added in September 2022
House Party: cheats, codes and console commands

Useful cheat codes

Doors (close, open)

If you need to open or close a specific door, you can use the following commands:

  • lock door "door name" - closes the specified door (without quotes)
  • unlock door "door name" - opens the specified door (without quotes)
Example:lock door masterbedroom - Locks the door to the master bedroom.

To find out the name of the door, click on it with the console open. You need to enter without the word "door", so that it does not repeat in the command.

Note: A useful code that allows you to lock unwanted characters in rooms for which you do not have keys.

Moving characters

If you need a command that prevents certain party members from leaving their current location, then use the following codes:

  • "character name" roaming true allow - allows the character to leave the current location (without quotes)
  • "character name" roaming false allow - prohibits the character from leaving the current location (without quotes)
Example:ashley roaming false allow - Ashley will no longer be able to leave her current location.

Note: Some characters have movement restrictions. To view these locations, enter the command roaming "character name" list (II). If you want to make this person roam around, then enter roaming "character name" clearlist (III). You can also prevent NPCs from going to specific locations or approaching certain people.

Make the character go to the right place

If you need a certain character to go to the location you need on their own, then use the command:

  • "character name" walkto "location name"
Example:Brittney walkto house - Makes Amy get out of bed.

Possible locations: outside, bed = master bedroom bed, hottubseat1, and so on.

Teleport character

If you need to instantly move a certain character to you, then use the following command:

  • "character name" warpto player
Example:ashley warpto player - Ashley will instantly appear in front of your hero.

put up a fight

If you want certain characters to start fighting each other, then use the command:

  • combat "character names" fight
Example:combat Frank Derek fight - Frank and Derek will fight each other.

If you want one of the fighting characters to immediately lose consciousness or, conversely, come to their senses, then enter:

  • combat "character name" passout - passed out
  • combat "character name" wakeup - came to his senses

Note that if you knock Frank down, you can then pick up the drink from the cupboard without any problems.


If you don't feel like completing quests and you want to immediately experience intimacy with a certain character, then enter:

  • intimacy player "other character's name" "pose" sexualact

Example:intimacy player brittney 10030 sexualact - missionary with Brittney.

Possible poses:

  • 9000 - kiss
  • 10000 - blowjob
  • 10011 - hands
  • 10030 - missionary
  • 10050 - knee-elbow
  • 10051 - masturbation
  • 10052 - rider
  • 10053 - licking
  • 10054 - pose "69"
  • 10055/56/57 - near the wall

Some poses characters can perform alone. In this case, you can enter the command:

  • 0 intimacy "character name" 10051
You can also choose not to use the main character by selecting two other characters and using the following command:

  • "character name (active) 0 "pose name" "character name (passive) intimacy
Example: Frank 0 10052 Amy intimacy - sexual intercourse between Frank and Amy in a cowgirl position.

Note: You will need to first remove the clothing of the characters involved (discussed below). All poses except for 9000 don't work with Dan and Arin.

Removing clothes

If you want to remove or put on clothes for a certain character, you can use the following commands:

  • clothing "character name" "item type" change on - put on the specified clothes
  • clothing "character name" "item type" change off - remove the specified clothing
Example: clothing ashley 0 change off - remove the top from Ashley

Possible types of things:

  • 0 - top 
  • 1 - bottom 
  • 2 - trousers
  • 3 - bra
  • 4 - shoes
  • 5 - accessories 
  • 6 - strapon (only female characters)

Note: Some Sims don't have a bra, so removing the top of their clothing will immediately expose their breasts. You can use the value "all" instead of specifying the name of the character and the name of the thing to immediately expose all people.

Protagonist's sensitivity

If you want the intimacy with the characters to last longer or, conversely, faster, then you need to change the sensitivity of the main character using the command:

  • values ​​player OrgasmSensitivity equals (value from 0 to 9)
Example: values ​​player OrgasmSensitivity equals 0 - low sensitivity, so intimacy with the NPC will last almost indefinitely. You can also specify a value of 0.1 or 3.3.

Adding Items to Inventory

If you need a specific item and you can't find it, then simply add it automatically to your inventory using the command:

  • player inventory add "item name"
Example: player inventory add merlot - Get a bottle of Merlot, which is removed from Patrick's inventory.

Note: You can use abbreviated item names, such as just mer instead of merlot, or natty instead of nattylite.

A list of all items is presented below (must be entered without spaces and capital letters):

  • A Dildo
  • A Phone or Madison's Phone - Phone or Madison's Phone
  • Bathroom Skeleton Key - Skeleton key to the bathroom
  • Blue Hair Dye - Blue hair dye
  • Broom - Broom
  • Cabernet – Cabernet
  • Camera
  • Cell Phone Jammer - Cell Phone Jammer
  • Chardonnay - Chardonnay
  • Chicken - Chicken
  • Chicken Nuggets - Chicken nuggets
  • Chocolate Bar - Chocolate bar
  • Chocolate Syrup - Chocolate Syrup
  • Closed Briefcase or Open Briefcase - Closed Briefcase or Open Briefcase
  • Coffee or Empty Cup or Hot Coffee - Coffee or an empty cup or hot coffee
  • Collar - Collar
  • Credit Card - Credit Card
  • Eggs - Eggs
  • Empty Vodka Bottle or Bottle of Water - An empty bottle of vodka or a bottle of water
  • Fast Food Bag or Paper Bag or Paper Bag Crunched - Fast food bag or paper bag or crunched paper bag
  • Flask - Flask
  • Flower or Blue Flower - Flower or Blue Flower
  • Foam Finger - Finger in foam
  • Gut Grip - Laxative
  • Laxatives - Laxatives
  • Madison's Diary - Madison's Diary
  • Mayonnaise - Mayonnaise
  • Merlot - Merlot
  • Money Makers Monthly - Money Makers Monthly
  • MP3 Player
  • Mug - Mug
  • Water in Mug - Water in a mug
  • Chocolate in Mug - Chocolate in a mug
  • Hot Chocolate - Hot chocolate
  • Mysterious Key - Mysterious Key
  • Natty Lite - beer "Natty Light"
  • Painkillers - Painkillers
  • paper
  • pencil
  • popcorn
  • Potatoes – Potatoes
  • Ripped Whale Poster
  • Rum - Rum
  • salami - salami
  • salmon - salmon
  • SD Card - SD Card
  • soda - soda
  • Speaker - Microphone
  • Spoon - Spoon
  • Tablet
  • Thermos - Thermos
  • Tiny Key - Tiny Key
  • Towel - Towel
  • TV Remote - TV remote control
  • USB Stick
  • Vibratron 3000
  • Whack Spankiel's
  • Whipped Cream
  • Ashley's Clothes - Ashley's Clothes
  • Ashley's Panties
  • Cock Keyring
  • condom - condom
  • Derek's Shirt - Derek's Shirt
  • Dusty Penguin - Dusty Penguin
  • El Escorpion Mezcal
  • Fifty Dollars - Fifty dollars
  • Goodbye Kitty Underwear - underwear "Kitty"
  • Joint - Hinge
  • Katana - Katana
  • Mama Chupacabra's
  • marijuana - marijuana
  • Patrick's Phone - Patrick's Phone
  • Petition - Petition
  • Sleazy Sancho - Sleazy Sancho
  • Spray Paint
  • Starbomb Box - A box with a star bomb
  • Sweeties - Sweets
  • Vape
  • Vickie's Panties
  • Voice Recorder - Voice Recorder
  • Wizbanger Poppers

Completing quests

If you want to automatically start and complete tasks, you can use the following commands:

  • quest start "quest name" - starts the specified mission
  • quest complete "quest name" - completes the specified mission
Example: quest complete “scavenger hunt”

If you want to know the name of the quests that are available for a particular character, then enter:

  • quest list "character name"
Note: You can only complete missions that you are currently completing.

Improved friendships and romantic relationships

If you want to instantly befriend or romance a certain character, then type:

  • social "character name" player "value" friendship add - change friendship to the specified value
  • social "character name" player "value" romance add - change romance to the specified value
Example: social Ashley player 30 romance add - increase romance with Ashley by 30. Friendship and romance value can be changed from -30 (negative) to +30 (positive).

How to clear command history

To do this, simply type "clear" (without quotes).

Other cheat codes

Resizing body parts

If you want to change the size of a particular part of the character's body, then enter:

  • bodypart "body part" "character name" "value"
Example:  bodypart tits Brittney 0.75 - Reduces Brittney's breasts by 25%. You can change the value from 0.1 to 10.

Name of body parts:

  • tits - chest
  • head - head
  • penis - member
  • hands - hands
  • butt - buttocks
  • feet - legs

How to get the characters drunk

If you want to get the main character or a specific character drunk, then use the following commands:

  • social player drunk add "value" - get yourself drunk
  • social "character name" player "value" drunk add - get the specified NPC drunk
Example: social Brittney player 6 drunk add - Brittney gets mildly drunk. The value can vary between 0 and 10 or 100.

How to put glasses on a character

To do this, you need to use the command:

  • "character name" mount item glasses head true
Note that you can also give the heroes various items in their hands. To do this, you need to know the name of the thing and enter instead of "head" - "lefthand" or "righthand".

Characters no longer hide their nudity

If you want people to stop hiding their private parts when they lose their clothes, then use:

  • "character name" personality exhibitionism equals 100
However, this command does not fundamentally change the behavior of affected people.

Set character on fire

To set fire to a specific person, you must enter the following command:

  • state 51 add "character name"
After a while, the character set on fire will fall to the ground unconscious. If you want to remove the fire, then just enter the same command, replacing "add" with "remove".


You can make a specific character pose for you using the command:

  • "character name" pose "pose name" true - NPC will start posing
  • "character name" pose "pose name" false - NPC will stop posing
Example: Stephanie pose 2 true - Stephanie will lean over. The poses are numbered from 0 to 42. You can see them all and choose the most interesting ones.

Other commands

  • ChangeSize - change the size of people or objects.
  • Crosshair - You can change the design of your cursor.
  • Dance - make the characters dance.
  • Dialogue - invokes certain dialogs.
  • GameMsg - Shows any text in the game.
  • Emote - allows you to change the facial expressions of the characters.
  • Events - allows you to trigger specific events.
These are almost all House Party codes and cheats that will help you get through the most difficult quests and make romantic relationships with your desired characters.