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How much RAM do you need for games in 2023

 What amount of RAM for gaming today should be considered optimal

A large amount of RAM by itself does not make a computer faster. Rather, it removes restrictions on data transfer. When you start a game, all the important data that your PC may need while working with it is loaded into RAM. If the game does not have enough RAM, then additional megabytes are taken from the swap file on the drive, which is much slower. This often results in freezes, especially if the pagefile and game are on a slow hard drive rather than a modern SSD.

For the above reasons, it is better to have at least a small amount of RAM available. Next, let's figure out how much RAM you need for comfortable gaming in 2023.

8 GB is the absolute minimum

Most modern games will run on a system with 8 gigabytes of RAM, but not all will work optimally. In system requirements, developers are increasingly specifying a volume of 16 gigabytes, even in the minimum recommendations. This is especially true for games with a large open world, like Forspoken or Warzone 2.0.

The test below clearly shows that with 16 gigabytes of RAM, many games run more smoothly. This can be tracked by the “1% Low” indicator:

16 GB is a comfortable minimum

For most new, even high-budget games with advanced graphics and large-scale locations, 16 gigabytes of RAM is still enough. But only at resolutions up to 1440p (2560x1440). If you are going to play in 4K, then sometimes this volume may still not be enough:

In addition, 16 gigabytes of RAM may not be enough for streamers. During broadcasts, Discord, OBS, and other necessary programs are always running in the background, and many also record the gameplay and microphone with the camera in two different files in parallel.

32 GB - a reserve for the future

Today, 32 gigabytes of RAM is more than enough for most new products, even in 4K resolution and with a stream running in parallel. And given that the latest generation of consoles has 16 gigabytes of RAM, for most tasks a gamer will have enough 32 gigabytes for a long time (game consoles have always been a priority platform for most developers).

Is it worth installing 64 GB?

This is more for enthusiasts or professionals than casual gamers. Many objects in Adobe After Effects or dozens of tracks in Adobe Premier will require much more RAM than the standard 16 or 32 gigabytes. Although already at 32 there will be noticeably less lags during work, and the project will start to be displayed faster.

Tips for Choosing RAM

When you have decided on the amount of RAM, there are still a few questions about the correct choice of modules. Below we provide answers to the most important ones.

Is dual channel required? Does it have an FPS boost?

For many years now, games have been sharpened to work in dual-channel RAM, and in single-channel, the processor is noticeably more loaded and the FPS is reduced by 20-30% (and if the processor is weak, then even more). The difference in undemanding online titles may be smaller, but most modern open-world games perform better the higher memory bandwidth. The most striking example is the latest releases of Assassin's Creed and Battlefield.

In the days of DDR2, the dual-channel mode "started up" only on the most similar memory strips. But already in the 3rd generation of DDR, the compatibility of modules has improved. Today, even if you put together sticks with different frequencies and from different manufacturers, the dual-channel mode will still be activated, and the throughput will increase noticeably. It's just that they will work at the lowest of the two frequencies (but you can try to overclock the "younger" module).

Do you need fast memory? What is the best RAM frequency?

For many games, the standard “factory” DDR4 values ​​\ u200b\u200b may be enough, but there are also those who love fast “RAM”. But it is not necessary to overclock manually - at least enable one of the XMP profiles in the BIOS.


In 2023, the standard frequency of DDR4 RAM is around 3200 MHz, but some high-end modules can reach 4800 MHz and higher.

We also note that AMD processors are noticeably more dependent on the speed of RAM. However, this applies more to budget models and the middle class. Top-end solutions from Intel like Core i7/i9 often also lack standard DDR4-2400 bandwidth:

Which manufacturer of RAM to choose? Is it worth buying expensive memory?

There are only three manufacturers of memory chips: Samsung, Micron, and Hynix. All other brands use their products to create their bars.

It may seem that a lot also depends on the quality of printed circuit boards, but the circuitry is far from the category of production in which there are opportunities for hack work. Modern electronics are created using nanotechnology and either work for many years and decades, or fail immediately if the copy is defective.

Which manufacturer of RAM to choose

In addition, according to some manufacturers, premium lines like the TridentZ Royal use selected memory chips, which guarantees a higher overclocking potential. However, the difference in price for such modules is usually much higher than the difference in maximum frequency with "regular" modules.

The amount of RAM you need depends a lot on what games you play the most and how many other apps you have open in the background. Although 8 gigabytes today may be enough for online games or some kind of Skyrim, but if you want to run modern blockbusters, you will need at least 16. And if you use your computer not only for games or want to prepare it for future releases, then it's time already think about 32 gigabytes.