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How to beat Dead Space Remake on Impossible difficulty

 How to unlock a unique gun and suit, a guide to using weapons and destroying opponents

Impossible is the maximum difficulty level in Dead Space (2023), which is a mixture of settings from the original and the hardcore mode of Dead Space 2. On this difficulty, the lack of ammunition and the damage of enemies (both dealt and received) remain the same ", but the player is limited to just one save. This means that Isaac is in a state of permanent death. After the death of the main character, the save file changes to Hard difficulty, and further passage in Impossible mode becomes impossible. You will have to restart the game and start over. Thus, any mistake is punished extremely severely.

Key points

  1. Impossible mode is unlocked after beating the game on hard difficulty.
  2. The lack of ammo and the damage of the enemy are the same as on the hard difficulty, but in case of death, you will have to start over.
  3. Upon completion of the mode, the player is rewarded with a unique gun and suit.

How to unlock Impossible difficulty

To unlock this difficulty, first beat the game on Hard mode, which is a feat in itself. However, there are several gameplay modifiers on Impossible difficulty. Let's talk about them!

How to beat Dead Space Remake on Impossible difficulty

Impossible Mode Rewards

Once the player completes Dead Space Remake on the Impossible level, they will be given a new gun and suit. The weapon completely destroys the entire balance and deals huge damage, killing almost all enemies in the game with one blow. However, after completing the Impossible mode, players more than deserve such a reward.

The weapon is intended mainly for fun and is somewhat reminiscent of the same gun from Dead Space 2 (opens after beating the Hard mode) and Devil's Horns from Dead Space 3 (opens after beating the classic mode). When firing a weapon, Isaac says "bang-bang" or "pew-pew", which further emphasizes the fact that these weapons are designed for entertainment.

As for the costume, it is similar to the regular one, but with a brighter color scheme. Instead of copper-colored armor and a blue visor, the suit has dark gray armor and a blood-red visor, making Isaac look like something otherworldly. In any case, this is the most original costume in the game and a cool reward for overcoming the maximum difficulty in Dead Space (2023).

General strategy for passing Dead Space (2023) on Impossible

You still have to go back to the basics of the combat system, but this time the game will test you to the max. When moving around USG Ishimura in this mode, it is important to remember the following…

Kinesis and stasis are Isaac's best friends

In the Dead Space remake, the player gets several tools at their disposal, each of which offers invaluable benefits in different circumstances. Kinesis and stasis are two important tools that almost always help you get out of the most seemingly hopeless situations, and more than once save Isaac's life.

Stasis allows Isaac to fire a freezing projectile that greatly slows down enemies. Thanks to this, the player can get much-needed respite in difficult situations. It will also make boss fights easier. What's more, if you complete the side quests on Normal or Hard before starting this mode, you'll get a Stasis upgrade. Firstly, now the enemies will literally stop in place. Secondly, anyone affected by stasis will receive electrical shock and damage over time.

Kinesis is the perfect way to save ammo. The player can throw items to stun Necromorphs and deal minor damage to them. With it, you can create impromptu obstacles. Kinesis also allows you to throw explosive cylinders and bags from dead Necromorphs (it is important to shoot the bag first, and not blow it up). Another great strategy is to use the claws of dead Slashers and Leapers to throw them at the rest of the enemies, dealing a lot of damage.

Don't Underestimate Close Combat

Since the Dead Space remake is a horror game, hand-to-hand combat is deliberately made a risky and dangerous "undertaking". However, in extreme situations, close combat can even save lives, and most importantly, save precious ammunition. When an enemy approaches Isaac, he can shrug him off with his weapon to do some damage and push the mob away, then calmly attack with his firearm.

Another great use case is to try to trample an enemy. Knock down an enemy with objects thrown with kinesis or regular fire from the Force Gun, then quickly run up and stomp while the mob is on the ground. Good method to deal with common Necromorphs!

If you're low on ammo and facing a single target, the ideal strategy is to use stasis and melee the enemy to death. In most cases, the mob will die long before the end of the stasis.

Learn to use the right weapon

Dead Space (2023) features a variety of weapons, each with unique properties and benefits. Like the original, each weapon has a primary and secondary fire mode. Thanks to the ability to hold up to 4 types of weapons at the same time, the player gets the opportunity to carry out at least 8 different attacks at any given time.

Plasma cutter

The Plasma Cutter is the first weapon you'll find on the ship, but due to its accuracy and area of ​​effect, it remains useful throughout the playthrough (there's even an achievement awarded for beating the game with the Plasma Cutter alone). The Plasma Cutter fires three beams of ionized plasma in either a horizontal or vertical line. The alternate fire mode essentially only changes the orientation of these beams (vertical or horizontal).

The Plasma Cutter is a great tool no matter what situation the player is in, as it has the cheapest ammo, superior damage, and accuracy. In general, this is the most versatile weapon in the game.

Pulse Rifle

The pulse rifle is unique in that compared to all other weapons in the Dead Space remake, it is a real combat weapon, while others are, in fact, converted mining equipment. However, do not even think to underestimate him; in the right hands and under the right circumstances, a pulse rifle can overwhelm a group of enemies with ease.

The main fire of a pulse rifle is automatic fire. Bullets fly in a straight line towards the enemy. The Pulse Rifle's alternate fire is a grenade launcher shot that deals massive area damage but consumes a large amount of ammo at a time.

The Pulse Rifle does an excellent job of dealing with crowds of Necromorphs, but its damage against single targets is small. Moreover, the grenade launcher literally devours ammunition, so it is important to learn how to use it correctly in order to be effective. For example, with a rifle it is much easier to shoot small creatures that crawl out of a bag of a huge necromorph.


The Ripper is the best defense tool the player has. The main fire mode launches a spinning buzz saw blade in front of the weapon, which ends up a few feet away from the player. And the player can control this blade to cut enemies. The alternate fire mode is a saw blade shot that ricochets off walls and damages everything it hits in its path.

The Ripper is a great weapon if the player is attacked by a group of Necromorphs that are about to get close to Isaac. This weapon will stun them and prevent them from getting close to the player. With just one saw, you can kill several targets at once!


The flamethrower among Dead Space fans has always been considered a rather weak weapon. The flames deal low damage and very rarely stun enemies. However, the situation seems to have changed in the remake: the flamethrower deals much more damage, and also stuns enemies much more often.

The flamethrower's alternate fire mode has been reworked and is now much more useful. Now it can be used to create barriers. The player can build a wall of flame anywhere in the arena that deals damage to all enemies that pass thoughtlessly through it.

Power Cutter

The Power Cutter is the single most powerful weapon at Isaac's disposal, allowing him to kill normal enemies with a single shot. Primary fire unleashes a continuous beam of energy at enemies that deals gentle damage, while secondary fire completely destroys enemies.

The alternate fire mode allows the player to fire a charged shot and deal massive damage to the target. The downside to this mode is that it takes a few seconds to charge up, during which the Necromorphs can get close and attack the player.

The Power Cutter is a slow, expensive, and most of the time awkward-to-use weapon, but this is more than made up for by the sheer amount of damage the player can deal.

laser pistol

The Line Gun is essentially a larger and more powerful version of the Plasma Cutter. Its primary fire fires energy beams horizontally through enemies until it hits a wall. This means that if you manage to line up the enemies, the main fire will deal damage to each of the targets. Thus, it is an excellent mass attack weapon.

Alt fire is another good option for crowd control. The weapon fires a proximity mine that explodes, dealing heavy damage to everything in its radius. In general, having excellent damage both on single targets and on enemy groups, Line Gun more than compensates for its main drawback - expensive ammunition.

Power Pistol

The Power Pistol is considered by many gamers to be the best weapon in the game, and for good reason. Force Gun's primary fire mode is a shockwave-like shotgun blast that deals good damage in a wide radius at close range. However, the main value of this projectile lies in the fact that the generated shock wave can knock down most enemies. Thus, this weapon is the best option to get out of the environment of opponents.

The knockback effect is also very important when fighting the Hunter (an indestructible, regenerating necromorph), as the player can knock him down, apply stasis, and run past him. The alternate fireworks well with the primary fire, creating a gravity well that pulls in enemies and deals massive damage to them.

Shoot limbs!

Perhaps this is the main difference between Dead Space and many other zombie games since instead of shooting in the head to effectively kill enemies, a different mechanic of destroying soft bodies is used to destroy necromorphs. This is true for all Necromorphs that the player will encounter during the passage of the remake (as well as any game in the series). Targeting limbs allows the player to literally separate them from the body. And it's not just external changes: the destruction of limbs can fundamentally change the gameplay, making life easier or harder for the player, depending on which limb was torn off.

Let's deal with all the enemies that you find on the Ishimura. For obvious reasons, neither the Leviathan nor the Hunter will be indicated here, since these are unique opponents, and ... a completely different story.

Dismantler (Slasher)

The Flesh Tearer is the main and most common enemy in the game and should never be underestimated. He can quickly run up to the player to deal a devastating blow with razor-sharp claws, and in just 2-3 hits he can kill Isaac even at full health. Moreover, he moves unevenly, stumbling, staggering from foot to foot, which makes it much more difficult to accurately hit the limbs.

There are two dominant strategies with the Flesh Tearer, it all depends on the circumstances. If it's a lone enemy, shoot both of his arms. The Flesh Tearer will instantly die once both arms are cut off, so this is the most efficient strategy in terms of saving ammo.

If the Flesh Tearer is among other enemies, it's a good idea to headshot him. Once the Flesh Tearer's head is destroyed, it will swing its claws wildly, stunning and dealing light damage to all enemies nearby, and this will give you some breathing space. Additionally, a kick to the legs will cause the enemy to fall to the ground, which will significantly slow down his movement and allow Isaac to focus on other, more dangerous opponents.

Lurking (Lurker)

Lurking is best described as "a demon spawn sent straight out of hell." While not much of a threat on its own, it is one of only two enemies in the game that can attack from a distance. Lurking resembles a child, from whose intestines 3 tentacles have formed, from a distance shooting at the player with three spikes.

Lurking, due to its small size and attacks from a distance, can be a real irritant, especially if it appears along with other Necromorphs. Since his spikes stun Isaac, this can cause other opponents to approach the hero.

The best way to kill the Lurking One is to cut off all 3 of its appendages, which will result in instant death. A laser pistol is good for solving such a problem, since with one well-aimed shot you can cut off 3 processes at once.


Grotesque in appearance and deadly in attack, the Leaper can easily kill an unprepared player. The Jumper has two attacks: a jump attack (hence the name of the monster), in which he flies across the room towards the player. This jump has a huge range, allowing the monster to travel long distances and deal massive damage if it hits Isaac. Leaper uses a second melee attack, attacking it with its barbed tail, dealing significant damage.

Stasis is your best friend when fighting Leaper, as it slows the creature in flight to a deathly slow pace, making it easier to target limbs. In addition, the Power Pistol's primary fire mode can stop Jumper even when it has already jumped at the player. After that, Isaac can finish off the enemy by trampling them or roasting them with the alternative fire of the power pistol.


The Infestor itself is the weakest enemy in the remake. It deals little damage even on max difficulty, but its ability to turn corpses into Flesh Tearers makes it your priority in any fight no matter how many other enemies are in the room. If the Corruptor is ignored, it will create a horde of Flesh Tearers in seconds that will overwhelm even the most experienced gamers.

If the Corruptor isn't trying to turn the corpse into a Flesh Tearer, use stasis and your most powerful weapon on it to get rid of it as soon as possible. While the Power Cutter is low on ammo and an expensive weapon, its ability to take out the Corruptor on the first hit, even without upgrades, makes it the perfect choice.

If the Corruptor converts a dead person, the priority goes to the corpse. Be sure to destroy both arms of the corpse to instantly kill the future Flesh Tearer. Another strategy is to shoot a mine from a laser pistol (alternative fire mode) directly into a corpse. So you instantly destroy both the corpse and the Infector.


The Beast is a large, enraged opponent that can be thought of as a mini-boss. First of all, he pounces on the player, knocking him down and causing huge damage.

The Beast has a lot of health, but with the right weapons and strategy, dealing with it is very easy. Keep your distance from him. When the Beast starts to attack, shoot him with stasis and move to the side (ideally stand behind him). Once behind the Beast, shoot at its limbs. It will not work to damage the Beast from the front, because its protective armor interferes, and the weak spots of its limbs are marked with yellow-orange growths. You won't confuse them with anything!

Once behind the Beast, tear off at least one of his arms as soon as possible (for now, focus on only one arm). The power cutter and the line pistol are excellent weapons for the task at hand. Both are capable of chopping off an arm in just a few shots. Once the Beast loses one of its arms, it will slow down considerably, making it much easier to destroy the other arm. The beast will die after losing both arms.

Another strategy is to cut off the legs of the Beast first, but I advise against this for two reasons. First, after his legs are cut off, he will start spitting explosive spheres that stun Isaac and deal significant damage. Secondly, getting behind the Beast without stasis will become much more difficult, as it will constantly lunge at the player.

Demoman (Exploder)

Demomen are extremely dangerous on the hardest difficulty, as one hit in close proximity to Isaac will instantly kill the player, nullifying all your efforts. Isaac must keep his distance from the Demoman, preventing him from getting close. If he closes the distance and gets as close as possible, immediately apply stasis and retreat before the enemy has time to explode.

The Demoman, with the right tactics, can be a useful tool. Shooting at his explosive sack will instantly destroy the enemy and those nearby, saving precious ammo. The bag will explode no matter what weapon is used, so it's best to use weapons with cheap ammo. For example, a plasma cutter or a pulse rifle.

If the player manages to cut off the exploding sack, they can throw it at opponents using kinesis. A great option for destroying enemy clusters!

Larvae (Swarmers)

Maggots are small critters that are annoying at best and not hard to get rid of. They attack in one way, jumping on the player and dealing minor damage. To shake off (and instantly kill) this mob, you need to press the E key. The most effective way to destroy a cluster of larvae is with weapons with AoE damage, such as a power cannon (primary fire mode) and a laser gun (alternative). However, I managed to kill them with a rifle.


Pregnant is best described as a combination of the Flesh Tearer and Maggots. This is a clumsy animal with a massive stomach, when damaged, a group of larvae fly out. Therefore, extreme care must be taken in trying to dismember the Pregnant without damaging the torso, since the appearance of larvae in intense combat will further complicate the task.

As with the Flesh Tearer, chopping off both of the Pregnant's arms will instantly finish off the Necromorph, and he will not be able to release a swarm of larvae on you. However, this is not easy to do, because at the moment the Pregnant runs at the player, he swings his arms in front of him. High accuracy is required to get into the hands and not hurt the belly. However, the problem is easy to solve - use stasis!


The Guardian is an enemy that will instantly and without hesitation cause an unsuspecting player to stop. It is an immobile necromorph, glued to a wall, with six tentacles around its torso. His main attack is to shoot clots at mobs that have one tentacle. Like the Lurkers, they attack players from a distance, but are immobile.

You need to be extremely careful when fighting the Guardian - if you get too close, he will instantly decapitate and kill the player. The best strategy is to attack from a distance, targeting each tentacle individually. If Isaac manages to alternately fire his laser pistol and power cannon into the chest, the explosion will explode all the tentacles at once, and the monster will instantly die. A precise shot with a power cutter at the point where all the tentacles come from also instantly kills the Guardian.

Shaker (Twitcher)

The Shaker is the Flesh Tearer on steroids. A stasis module was installed in his chest, and when he merged with the flesh of the Flesh Tearer, the effect was reversed, and instead of slowing down, the enemy began to move much faster. As such, Shakers are extremely fast. They are by far the fastest Necromorphs in the game, and can cross a room even faster than Leapers. Their erratic movements also make Necromorphs difficult targets.

When the Shaker approaches, it is difficult to hit him. Therefore, the best strategy is to let him get close, and immediately before the attack, strike with stasis. So you slow down the enemy and you can attack him with any weapon. You can also hit the stasis module in the Shaker's chest to temporarily immobilize him and achieve the same effect as when applying stasis.