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How to expand inventory in Atomic Heart - where to find neuropolymer, how to use cassettes and open the "Character" branch


How to expand inventory in Atomic Heart - where to find neuropolymer, how to use cassettes and open the "Character" branch

Pretty quickly in Atomic Heart, you will run out of inventory space. A couple of types of weapons, cartridges for them, "healers", stimulants and that's it - the place is over. In this guide, we will tell you how to increase the capacity of your inventory and how to work with it more efficiently without losing the necessary items.

In the game, the hero cannot carry ten types of weapons, twenty first-aid kits, and several thousand rounds of ammunition. The inventory is divided into cells, the number of which is limited, and each weapon or consumable takes up a certain number of cells. If the inventory is full, the collected items are sent to the warehouse, which is available in Eleanor on the tab "Warehouse-dismantling".

The only concession made by the developers is that the various materials needed for crafting do not take up space and are shown in a separate crafting and inventory menu window. Ammunition occupies slots, but on the left when opening the inventory, you can see their exact amount, along with the amount of neuropolymer.

How to expand inventory in Atomic Heart

A skill called "Neurocompression Paratrooper Backpack" is responsible for increasing the inventory in the game. In total, you can take two such upgrades, each of which gives 10 additional cells. The required skill is located on the "Character" tab, which opens at the moment when the player needs to go through the laser field.

After purchasing the Kiss of Eleanor skill, access to the remaining skills of the branch will also be unlocked. Before the skill you need, you need to purchase only one - “Volumetric Cassette Players”, which costs 27 neuropolymer units.

Each upgrade costs 75 neuropolymer units. This material drops from defeated enemies, and its amount depends on the danger of the robot. For simple models, the player will receive one or two units of neuropolymer, while defeating the black Vovchik model will give as many as ten units.

To fully upgrade the inventory, not counting the first skill that will have to be unlocked in the story, we will need 177 neuropolymer units.

What to keep in inventory

Since the inventory in Atomic Heart is quite limited, we advise you not to fill it up with various items. For a comfortable game, one melee weapon, PM, Kalash, and KS-23 is enough.

One cell of cartridges for the Kalash and two cells for the KS-23 should be enough to deal with most opponents and reach the next storage location and, accordingly, the warehouse. The number of “healers” depends on your skill level and the chosen difficulty, 6-8 pieces of different sizes should be enough in most cases.

This is the "average set" of Major Nechaev, because in different situations we will face different enemies who have their own weaknesses. Therefore, we did not mention cassettes, which can give your weapons various elemental damage - fire, electricity, or cold. Although, perhaps, having a couple of cassettes of different types "in reserve" does not hurt.

We advise you to leave the rest of the space empty so that potentially useful items are not sent to the warehouse during collection, and you can “clean out” the inventory on your own every twenty to thirty minutes, teleporting everything unnecessary to Eleanor.

Otherwise, there is a high risk that the cartridges will run out ahead of time, and all the cells will be occupied by capsules with indispensable. In this case, the cartridges will not appear in the inventory, but will immediately move to the warehouse.

Warehouse and its functions

We can get access to the warehouse through Eleanor, on the tab "Warehouse-dismantling". Here, between sorties, we will sort what we have collected, count the required number of cartridges and capsules with an indispensable item for crafting, and sort out unnecessary consumables for resources.

For auto sorting, we can use the R key (Y on the gamepad) both in the warehouse and in the inventory. With its help, you can carefully arrange the contents of the cells so that it takes up the smallest space. If you do not want to drag items with the mouse, you can hover over the desired item and press Y (X).

The warehouse itself has two modes - "Warehouse" and "Parse". You can switch between them using the A (LT) and D (RT) keys or by clicking on the corresponding button in the upper left corner.

When choosing the "Dismantling" mode, the inventory window will replace the window with a description of the item being dismantled and a list of resources that we will receive in case of disassembly. Don't worry about some resources disappearing - in Atomic Heart, the developers encourage experimentation and encourage the player to try different styles of gameplay.

Therefore, in the case of parsing consumables, whether it be capsules with indispensable items or cartridges, the player receives as many resources as he would have spent on their creation. Weapons can also be disassembled without fear - not only the resources spent on crafting the weapon itself will return, but also all the materials spent on upgrades.

The only thing you should pay attention to is the resources for which you do not have a recipe. For example, we get the Kalash drawing a little earlier than the drawing of cartridges for it. Therefore, at first, chests will become the only source of ammunition for weapons, and you should not disassemble them.

Otherwise, you can safely disassemble the extra capsules with the indispensable, which will gather dust in the warehouse, cartridges from unused weapons, and various amplifiers that you did not like.

If you didn’t have enough resources to create an item or install an upgrade even after parsing all the unnecessary resources, pointing at the desired material, and clicking on it, you can open a menu with a description of what kind of resource it is and from which enemies it falls.

How to use cassettes and capsules with essential

Capsules with indispensable are "first aid kits" that allow you to restore the health of the main character. Depending on their size, they restore from 50 to 150 health points. These capsules can be found in the open world, knocked out of enemies, or crafted in a repair cabinet.

For quick healing, press the X key (Down on the D-Pad). The selected capsule will be visible at the bottom left of the screen. To change the capsule size, for example, to use small instead of medium, use the Z and C keys.

To insert a cassette player into a weapon, you must first put the appropriate upgrade on the weapon. Above the amount of energy, in the lower right corner, a diamond will appear. Clicking on the middle mouse button (MBM) will open the cassette player selection menu. After selecting the type of damage you need with the wheel, press the right mouse button (RMB) to set it.

Cassette players and their recipes can be found in the open world and knocked out from enemies. Each cassette player has a capacity - the number of hits or shots before the elemental damage effect wears off. This capacity is increased by leveling the Volumetric Cassette Players talent, which costs 27 Neuropolymer units.