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How to find all Twitterers in Atomic Heart

 Location of all chirpers in the game and getting the Hot Ears achievement

Twitterers in Atomic Heart are small devices that are voice recorders that store records of people who worked at Enterprise 3826. If you find all the Twitterers, you can unlock the "Hot Ears" achievement. We tell you where to look for each device.

All twitterers in the complex "Vavilov"

  • Immediately after the elevator crash at the beginning of the game, after meeting with Belyash and Baba Zina, inspect the door, turn around, and climb the boxes into the technical tunnel. In addition to the red valve needed to unlock the doors, here you will find a chirp called "Hot Ears".
  • As soon as you meet the first laboratory assistant and learn about powerful blows that should be dodged with Shift, be sure to look into the room where the robot came from. On one of the tables, look for a chirp called "Difficult Granny."
  • Return to the corridor and open the second door on the right side (the first one leads to the restroom). Sneak up from behind and take out the enemy stealthily. On the table in front of which there was a laboratory assistant, find a chirp called "I drank some tea, friend ...".
All twitterers in the complex "Vavilov"

  • In the huge first corridor with several lab assistants on the right side, there is a door that opens with Shock. At first, you will not have the skill, but you will soon find it. Before opening or after unlocking the doors, find in the middle of the corridor, on the furniture, the chirp "There are no atheists in the war."
  • In the same corridor, opposite the door that you will later open with the Shocker, there is a toilet. In the far toilet cubicle, near the toilet, there is a chirp.
  • After you find the first Eleanor terminal, go through the door on the right side and pick up the Arrogant Vovchiki chirp from the box. After that, you will find yourself in a hall with broken elevators.
  • As soon as you pick up the cookie key for the lock, behind which is the elevator control mechanism, return to the corridor with the first Camomile surveillance cameras. Take your time to return to the elevator, but instead go to the second Daisy. On the left side is a door, behind which, on one of the tables in the center of the room, you should look for the "Monday starts on Saturday" chirp.
  • When you watch the video with Petrov, who will run deep into the complex, the task "In Hot Pursuit" will begin. Go down to the center to the large glass dome with the Birch and pick up the Prison Psychologist's Record twitter located nearby.
  • Another twitterer lies on the same table where you pick up a candle to chase after Petrov.
How to find all Twitterers in Atomic Heart

  • As soon as you get to a small booth with a puzzle "Moon", where you need to install flasks with lunar soil, on the left side of the locked door and the "Daisy" chamber there is a rack on which lies the chirp "Soon we will not need to work at all!". Now no one works here…”
  • When you find the corpse of Petrov and the second "Candle", look for another chirp on the boxes on the left side.
  • Go to the Hot Shop. On the way to it, you will find yourself in a boiler room, where you will have to cool three boilers. In the room with the boilers there are cooling "Candles", which must be taken to the next room and placed in the inlet bell. In this room with a bell, look for the chirp "Temporary difficulties 02/02".
  • When you cool three boilers, look in the corner for an exit to the landing. Climb up the stairs, at the fork of the upper floor there will be an elevator on the right, and in the corner on the left there are boxes on which lies the “Temporary difficulties 01/02” chirp.
  • Having picked up a flask with a heat-resistant polymer from the Hot Shop, note that on the same platform, on the side of the device where the flask was, there is a twitter.
  • After picking up a flask with a heat-resistant polymer from the Hot Shop, go back to the hall with Birch. At the penultimate turn in front of the hall, in the gray corridor, there are boxes, and on one of them lies the chirp "Solving the problem with smokers."
How to find all Twitterers in Atomic Heart

  • Go to Algotseh and in the room where you destroy the first shoots infected with shoots, on one of the tables, look for the chirp "That's it."
How to find all Twitterers in Atomic Heart

  • Once in the huge Algoseh, where the Hedgehog was, go down into it and climb to the upper platforms. On one of them you will find an empty flask. After jumping to the next platform with the terminal, look on the box on the left for the Twitter "This is not Vova - this is Mario."
How to find all Twitterers in Atomic Heart

  • Go to the next shop. As soon as you get to the laboratory with the first shoot that generates sprouts and a few infected, defeat everyone on one of the tables between the shelves, look for the chirp "Medicine - non penic canis est".
  • In the large room with plants where you accumulate the polymer in a flask, next to the stairs leading to the control room, look for a corpse. A chirp is lying around him.
  • After the cutscene with the scientist and the huge plant, go ahead and go into the workshops with the rails. Upstairs there is the first console, and next to the chest and the corpse nearby (still in the same place, upstairs) there is a chirp “Record of observations 01/04. "Buzzing! You're interfering!"
  • Enter the next room, where there will be an escape on the wall on the left side. In the far right corner there is a metal platform with a remote control, and there is a corpse with a chirp “Record of observations 02/04. "What are you eating there again?"
  • Go to the far room and on the right side, next to the rotating car, look for a corpse with a chirp “Record of observations 03/04. "Where is that dog?"

All twitterers in the village above the Vavilova complex

Having got out to the surface, go to the left side to the neighboring house. Near the house, there is an open annex in the form of a garage, and in the same place, you will find a corpse, a Makarov pistol, and a Feast of Death chirp.

  • In addition, in one of the fields you need to find a scarecrow. Hit him to drop a chirp out of him.
  • Get to the gate, which you must unlock. Looking towards this gate, near the building on the right side, look for a round table on which lies the chirp "True Beauty of Science".
  • When you climb to the top of the Volan and contact Baba Zina, do not rush to leave here. On the floor on the side is a chirp "Remote Communication".

All twitterers at VDNKh (exhibition)

  • When you defeat the Hedgehog and get to the entrance to the VDNKh, go down to the left mirror control room. Get to the very end after 4-5 puzzle rooms. In the chest is a blueprint for "Sturdy", on the floor, there is a puzzle with rays, and on the table nearby is a chirp "Concern for the health of employees."
  • As soon as you receive the task "Hands off!", You will be asked to find Tereshkova's hand. Once in the room with this hand, where Rafik is also located, on one of the tables look for the chirp "And bad things are learned not without a teacher."
  • Soon you will be asked to find the body of Clara's robot on the first floor of the atrium. Get down there. Not far from Clara's body, look for the "Generation Change" chirp.
  • After examining Clara's body, you will need to find four parts of her body. These parts are located in four separate departments of VDNKh. You get access to each of them from different floors. Exhibition halls are located on the first floor. Go past the marker pointing to the door with the lock and clear the far room. It looks like a child's room. In the far part, in front of the TV, there will be a chest and a “Soul” chirp.
  • On the second floor of the atrium there is a locked door, and to the left of it is a device that opens with three flasks of lunar soil. Pervach is hidden in a flower bed opposite the device. For the second, enter the room on the left side and find it in the far part, near the talking corpse. Chat with the corpse, and he will open the door to another room with the third flask of moon soil. Install all the flasks and enter the room to find a chirp.
  • When you go on assignment to the third floor, in a room with a large hanging whale, go around the circle of the second tier and find the chirp lying on the table.
  • In the arena where the first Ivy was fought, find the corpse next to which the chirp is lying.
  • On the fourth floor, completing the task "How restless is that brow that is crowned with a crown" you will have to start the system in a hall with a large hanging figure. To do this, you will take the elevator to the place with the reservoir and start climbing even higher. After reaching the room with a puzzle with rays, go around it and go outside. In the wooden house on the left side, look for the "Black publicist of Comrade Stockhausen" chirp. Don't forget about the robots that are waiting for you outside.

All twitterers in the theater

  • After defeating Belyash, go downstairs and before using the elevator, pick up the twitter "Pure stream of energy in the eyes" from the table.
  • Once in a long corridor with infected, stalks and shoots, you will have to open the far right room and break open another door to bypass the blockage. On the left side, behind the screen, look for a room with a refrigerator, on which lies the "Echoes of the Past" chirp.
  • When you destroy Ivy, break open the hatch with two locks. This vent will take you to a basement with a puzzle on the wall made up of beams. To her right, on the table, lies the chirp “The insidiousness of Comrade Stockhausen. Friendship - money on time.
  • After restoring the elevator, go to the fourth floor. First go right and drop down through the hole in the floor to the third floor, into the dressing room. Kill the enemies, collect resources and on one of the tables look for the twitter "Recalibrate the ballerina!". To get out of here, pick the lock.
  • Again, return to the fourth floor and go right. Go around the hole and find a chirp on a stand (do not jump into the dressing room as you did above).
  • After restoring the elevator, go to the fourth floor and follow to the left. Jump over the hole and turn right to get into the ruined dressing room. A robot sits in front of the mirror, and a chirp lies on the table.
  • After restoring the elevator, go to the fourth floor and follow to the left. Jump over the hole, go around another elevator and jump down. Deal with all the robots. Find the passage behind the screen and in the room with the bar, look for the chirp “Riot on the ship. The world against Stefan Lastochkin.
  • Go further through the door opposite the screen to find the corpse. There will be a chirp on the corpse. In addition, there is a note nearby indicating which password you need to enter on the door with a pattern key (according to the story).
  • After completing the performance and killing the last enemies, take the ballerina ball. In the same place where the ballerina is standing, there is a chirp "The Formation of the Psychopath Lastochkin".
  • Do not rush to leave the room with the stage. Climb to the second floor, where the control room is located to start the performance, and in the corner on the right side, look for a table with a chirp.
How to find all Twitterers in Atomic Heart

  • Another chirp is on the control panels in the room from where you launched the performance on stage according to the plot of the game
  • In the main corridor with ballerinas, go to the restrooms on the left side. Go down into the hole and pick up another "What the hell is this?" chirp.
  • In the main corridor with ballerinas, on the long red sofa in the middle, look for the Fantastic Women of the Robot Theater twitter.
  • After the destruction of Natasha's robot on the main stage of the theater near her, look for a corpse with a chirp "Petrov and Lastochkin. Obvious and unbelievable.
  • After listening to the recording, pick up another Twitter account “Recording of a prison psychologist. Petrov. 01/??” lying on chairs nearby.

All tweeters in the hospital and complex "Pavlov"

  • When you get to the hospital, go inside to get the "Dispensary" achievement. Enter the room ahead and on the reception desk on the right, look for the chirp "Man to man...wolf?!".
  • Go to the back room, where there is a descent in the basement. Take your time and on the gurney look for the "Thorny Path of Science" chirp.
  • Climb to the second floor of the hospital and look for the third chirp in one of the rooms on an empty gurney.
  • On the first floor, where you will get after the elevator ride to the Pavlova complex, in the far left corner on the table near the door, look for the twitter "Bykov's Diary: Young Energy".
  • Be sure to search the toilet stalls and find a chirp on one of the toilets.
  • Go down one floor below and clear all the rooms. In one of the chambers, a corpse is lying on the floor under the wall, and next to it lies the chirp "The Tragedy of the Nelovs".
  • Go down even lower and kill a few enemies to find a chirp in the toilet stall "There is NOT a "Collective"? Who?".
  • When you use the cookie to open the door after defeating Ivy, you'll find a break room, an elevator, and a "Science on the Verge of Morality" chirp on a table on the right.
  • Use the elevator, immediately upon arrival on the pedestal on the right side, look for the twitter "Bykov's Diary: Does the dog have a positive password?".
  • Once on the floor with the kitchen and dining room, look into the long dining room with repair drones. On the table on the left side in the main hall of the dining room lies the chirp "Gastronomic joys".
  • Hack another lock and clear the room with a statue of a man with a staff. There are two side stairs. One of them will lead to the "Criminal Routine" twitter.
  • Once in the large polymer testing room (before the story cut-scene at the end of the chapter), in front of the laboratory "3", on the left side, look for a corpse with a chirp.

All twitterers at the lighthouse

After defeating Rosa and getting to the lighthouse, go inside by climbing the yellow pipe and in the main living room of the keeper, look for the "Lighthouse Keeper's Diary" chirp.

All Twitterers in the open world

  • Sector 3. On one of the tables behind the monorail station.
  • Sector 3. On the right side of one of the entrances to the arena where you fought with the Hedgehog.
  • Sector 3. In the arena itself, where you fought with the Hedgehog.
  • Sector 6. Just below polygon 6 is control room 02 with a save station and an upgrade device. The chirp lies on the side, outside, on the lower ledge of the building.
  • Sector 6. You could pick up this chirp during your visit to VDNKh, we indicated above, in a wooden building - a small hut in the southwest of the sector.
  • Sector 4. Near a tree in the village of this sector. To the left of polygon marker 9 is a circle on the map. Go south from it and look for a tree near the walking path, behind the fence.
  • Sector 1. On rails for an ordinary train, to the left and above polygon 11.