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How to stop the incessant wave of enemies in Atomic Heart

 We tell you how to hack the Shuttlecock, disable the Vulture, the Factory, all cameras and repair drones in the region

As soon as you reach the surface after the Vavilov complex, you will encounter an unpleasant surprise in the form of constantly respawning enemies, which are restored by repair modules. Cameras placed all over the place increase the level of alarm, which can lead to the appearance of powerful reinforcements. Exploring this world on the surface is a dangerous occupation: due to inattention, it is easy to be ambushed by wandering monsters. This makes it difficult to break the locks on numerous houses to find valuable loot.

Fortunately, there is a way to turn off the endless wave of opponents. Once on the special towers "Shuttlecocks", you can find and unlock Grif's special relay, hacking which can disable each robot in a wide range of action. Including security cameras. The drones will eventually repair the relay and restore all security systems, but disabling it will give Major Nechaev precious time to spend exploring the area without worrying about any enemies. It took me a long time to understand how the process works, so I decided to gladly share the information with you.

How to stop the incessant wave of enemies in Atomic Heart

After evacuating the Vavilov complex, you will have to explore an incredibly dangerous open world. Enemies are literally everywhere - if the cameras notice you, there will be even more of them. If you are tired of sneaking around and constantly looking around to check if anyone is behind P-3, there is a way to disable all enemies in the region.

Before we dive into that, let's explain how repair drones and security systems in general work:

  • Drones will repair absolutely everything that is in range of Grif. Everything in this area will eventually be repaired by drones.
  • After the destruction of the enemy robot, it will be highlighted in blue. This means that a repair drone will eventually be deployed to fix it.
  • To avoid alarm, just don't get caught by the surveillance cameras. Fighting enemies by itself, without cameras, does not increase the level of anxiety. You can make as much noise as you want.
  • To avoid cameras, use Shock to disable them temporarily. Increasing the effectiveness range of Shock is incredibly useful for avoiding enemies and disabling cameras from a safe distance.

Unlocking locks in the constant presence of a large enemy cluster is very difficult and nervous. To avoid long and costly battles, you can temporarily disable all systems in the Shuttle's area of ​​effect for a few minutes. It won't last forever, but there will be more than enough time.

How to disable all security systems and enemies in the region:

  1. Use the scan function. Scan any camera - a line will appear pointing to the desired tower. The Volan repeater is a structure that monitors the entire area to which it is assigned.
  2. Follow the line and look for the tower. Stand on the round platform at the base of the tower to climb up and get inside.
  3. Hack the terminal to gain access to all security cameras in the region.
  4. Use the camera overlooking Grif's control terminal. TerminalK is a white structure with a locked door. From the camera, you can interact with the relay and unlock the door.
  5. After opening the door, you can go inside and break it open. Hacking the relay disables all security cameras and enemies in the region.
Note. To access and hack the Shuttlecocks, first complete the first task in the open world by meeting with Baba Zina, who will hand over special devices for hacking the Shuttlecocks. After leaving the Vavilov complex, find the first Shuttlecock after examining the locked gate. Baba Zina will contact you. Follow the marker to get the right equipment.