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How to use cassettes and cassette player in Atomic Heart

 How to install cassettes on weapons, what cassettes are for, and other information

At the very beginning of the game, as soon as you find yourself in the Vavilov complex, after a few minutes you will find the Eleonora vending machine, in which you can create upgrades for weapons. And one of the most important updates is the cassette module.

The game does not explain what cassette players are for or how to use them. Don't get me wrong, there will be a hint to use the cassette gun, but it will be much later than you unlock the module itself and find the first cartridges that can be inserted into the weapon with the cassette gun. But even after you get the tooltip, no one will explain how to equip the cassettes.

How to use cassettes and cassette player in Atomic Heart

In this guide, we explain how to use cassettes, where to find them at the beginning of the game, and why they are so useful. There are three types of modules that you will unlock before you leave the first main area of ​​the game - ice, fire, and electric cassettes. Each type of cartridge can be installed in weapons with a cassette, including melee weapons.

So, the Eleanor submachine gun allows you to upgrade weapons and add a cassette player and other modules to it. The cassette will allow you to imbue weapons with a certain elemental damage, and most enemies in the game are usually vulnerable to a particular type.

What you need to do:

  1. Buy a cassette player at any Eleonora vending machine. The shotgun is the first weapon for which you can install a cassette gun, although it can also be applied to the Swede axe. Select the "Upgrades" tab, then "Shotgun" and find the upgrade you need in the appropriate section.
  2. Almost every weapon can get a cassette module. You don't need a drawing for this.
  3. In the Seed Bank of the Vavilov complex, you can find drawings of all the cassettes. The closest recipe is Fire Cassette. After leaving the break room on the top floor, you will reach a catwalk with a large chest in front of the zip line.

How to use cassette players: after upgrading the weapon and unlocking the cassette module, you can install an existing cassette player on it (find or make according to the recipe in Eleanor).

  1. Equip your weapon. It should be in your hands! Make sure you have any cassette in inventory.
  2. Open the Weapon Wheel [by holding TAB] and select the bottom block. Press [RT / R2 / LMB].
  3. You will open a submenu. From here you can select the type of cassette you wish to mount on your weapon. An alternative option on PC is to hold down the mouse wheel. A cassette selection will appear in the lower right corner if there is one in the inventory.
How to use cassettes and cassette player in Atomic Heart

You can use fire, ice, and electric cassettes:

  • Fire Cassettes set targets on fire and are especially effective against plant-type enemies. Ignited targets take damage over time until the effect wears off.
  • Ice Cassettes slow and freeze targets, leaving them vulnerable while frozen. The effect wears off with time.
  • Electric cassettes stun and damage targets. Shock damage is especially effective against robots.
  • Gradually, the supply of cassettes is exhausted, so you will have to change them for new ones every time. Don't forget to follow this. Ideally, you should install different types of cassettes on three different types of weapons in order to be able to deal damage to the enemy if something happens. And if you are fighting with ordinary enemies, then use, for example, weapons of the fourth type without cassettes, so as not to simply consume their charge.