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How to use ChatGPT: Why the neural network does not complete the text and other answers to frequently asked questions


How to use ChatGPT: Why the neural network does not complete the text and other answers to frequently asked questions

Neural networks can not only create a visual but also help with text inserts. ChatGPT just specializes in this. In this guide, we will tell you what requests the neural network can process, and whether you can make money on it.

What is ChatGPT

The ChatGPT neural network was developed by the research company OpenAI, which aims to make artificial intelligence beneficial to all mankind. In simple terms, this is a neural network that can replace search engines and combine many services in one chat. For example, machine translation, maintaining a coherent dialogue, and checking and decoding code in different programming languages. Instead of you, ChatGPT will analyze and adapt the information, answering you in simple and understandable language.

What you should pay attention to

  • Your dialogue is saved on the server, allowing you to adjust to your views and future requests;
  • You can have a friendly dialogue with the neural network, but ChatGPT will avoid answering controversial or taboo topics (violence, sexual topics);
  • Often the bot will give different answers to the same question, which allows you to look at the situation from different angles;
  • The system works in many languages, but we recommend using English as the main language;
  • Information until 2021 has been loaded into the neural network. ChatGPT cannot predict the future, so it will be difficult for it to keep up a conversation about modern changes in the world. But you can use it like a huge encyclopedia of historical information.

Interface for working with the ChatGPT neural network

  • In the center will be our messages and the responses of the neural network;
  • At the bottom is a window for entering a request. You can write in any language, the neural network will respond in the same;
  • A Regenerate response button will appear above this window. This command allows you to get a different response without having to make an identical request;
  • When you have finished discussing one topic, click on the button on the left "New chat". This will help the neural network not get confused and break the dialogue into blocks;
  • Under this button is a block with our request history, which can be renamed. At any time, you can return to see the answer or ask for additional information in the desired thread;
  • Clear conversations - erases the entire history;
  • Light/Dark mode - switches between light and dark themes;
  • OpenAl Discord - Invite link to Discord neural network. Today it is just an informative channel, it will not work there to use the capabilities of ChatGPT;
  • Updates & FAQ - information about updates and answers to frequently asked questions;
  • Log out is a command to log out of the system. Can be used to log in with a different username.

For what queries can a neural network be used?

Note: The neural network does not always answer correctly or can be misleading. If you plan to use the information received somewhere, then it is better to check it a few more times for reliability.

As a friend, adviser, or even teacher

ChatGPT can be used as a chat with a friend. You can request a joke, just talk or discuss interesting topics. If you ask in another language, then from time to time the bot will start to answer in English. Just refresh the page and repeat your question. But keep in mind that in English you get a more detailed answer.

As a source of inspiration

If you are a creative person, then the neural network will help you find an interesting idea for your creation. It will help you gather your thoughts or just give an interesting option.

To test your code, in any known programming language

If there is a code with an error, then ChatGPT will help you with it. He will analyze the required piece or the entire code and show what could go wrong, as well as give several examples, which will make it easier to understand.

Helps create basic code

With this neural network, there is no need to search for information by sorting through many sites, it is enough to correctly compose a query. You won’t be able to create something serious the first time, but ChatGPT will help you write the main code very quickly.

To explain the meaning of the songs

Many tracks after listening to raise questions. The neural network will easily tell you what the song was about. At the same time, if you press the "Regenerate response" button, you can find out fan theories or other interesting information about the song.

Questions that may arise when using the ChatGPT neural network

We have collected for you the most interesting questions and answers to them. If there is no answer to your question here, feel free to write in the comments so that we promptly update this guide.

With a detailed answer, the bot stopped in mid-sentence. Why?

This is due to the restriction on data output. An answer in another language takes up more space than English and takes longer. It is enough to write the word "continue" so that the bot continues to display its answer from where it left off.

I don't feel comfortable opening the site all the time. Is there an alternative?

Yes, there are several:

  • Telegram bots. Today there are many of them, you can simply enter ChatGPT in the search. We have only tried Jarvis IT Assistant, which responds in a similar way and has recently become free. 
  • Extension for Google Chrome. If you are successfully registered, then you can use the browser extension. 

I have no friends abroad, how else can I register a phone number?

Unfortunately, there are no other free alternatives. ChatGPT captures free virtual numbers well and blocks them. You can use paid services, such as onlinesim, but be sure to read the instructions so that everything works correctly.

Who has access to my conversations?

As part of the training and free model, your conversations may be reviewed by moderators to improve artificial intelligence. Therefore, if possible, try not to share personal data.

Can ChatGPT responses be used for commercial purposes?

Subject to the policies and rules, you own the output you create with ChatGPT, including the right to rewrite and sell information, regardless of whether the responses were created using the free or paid plan.

Why do you need a ChatGPT neural network

I would like to note that this neural network does not replace people, but complements them. This is a complex tool that will get rid of a lot of monotonous work, allowing you to spend your free time on creativity or to immerse yourself in a particular issue. Having figured it out, the efficiency of the human resource will increase, which means that the income of the organization as a whole will increase.