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Like a Dragon: Ishin: Earn and redeem virtue quickly - Game Guide

 In addition to the monetary currency Ryo, there is a special currency that is just as important for advancing in Like a Dragon: Ishin, namely Virtue Points. Ryoma can accumulate Virtue through various activities and redeem them for rewards. Here we show you how you can quickly earn virtue points and what rewards await you.

Like a Dragon: Ishin: Earn and redeem virtue quickly - Game Guide

earn virtue

The virtue points have a karma-like function. Every time you do a (good) deed, you gain Virtue in return. You basically earn Virtue from almost everything you do in the game. You just have to pay attention to what exactly you have to do more often.

To do this, use the performance register in the main menu. This shows you an overview of the activities in the game and tracks each of your interactions. The register is divided into five main categories with many small sub-categories. If you complete a subcategory, you will receive virtue points:

  • Adventure: Here you can earn points by interacting with people and animals, by eating, walking, praying, and playing.
  • Country life: In Ryoma's house you can take care of cooking, planting, and harvesting.
  • Friends (shop): In the shops, you can build bonds with the owners. The more you buy, the higher the bond.
  • Friends: Through the side stories you get new friends. Help them out and increase your bond.
  • Combat: The more enemies you defeat, the more Virtue you get.

Also, you can get your Virtue by using certain items. Collect all tickets from the floor and redeem them at the score. There you can get the items Spirit Sake and Blessed Water as a prize, which are worth up to 500 virtue points.

Redeem Virtue Points

In chapter two you will also get to know the priest directly, with whom you can exchange the virtue points for rewards. He is later in Rakunai at a larger shrine, which you can visit again and again. This is in the top left corner of the map.

You can buy a lot of different rewards with Virtue Points, but for the most part we recommend you to wait and invest in only one thing: buy Virtue Propagation first! This has different levels and you get 50% more virtue when you buy all levels. And every time you get virtue points.

This is particularly useful for performance register tasks (e.g. “Talk to a person or animal 300 times”), which bring a lot of points. Normally you get 4,000 points, but by increasing virtue you get a whopping 6,000 points. Purchasing the "Reduced Virtue Brake" reward is only worthwhile if you eat out often, otherwise save the virtue points here.

The virtue points are also very valuable for country life, because only here you can buy improvements for your house, new recipes and new types of seeds. You don't really need to invest in Ryoma's reputation, because completing the side stories will give you enough reputation and you'll be able to level up without any problems.