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New Game + in Dead Space Remake: How does it work and what do you keep?

 We tell you how the New Game + mode works in Dead Space Remake. From what is preserved, what is not, and the advantages offered by this second round in the EA Motive game.

New Game + in Dead Space Remake: How does it work and what do you keep?

Dead Space Remake offers among its new expanded functions a New Game + mode, that is, a second game after finishing the first that includes various special features such as keeping certain items and more. If you want to know how the NG+ is activated, everything that is preserved and what is not, and ultimately all the related details, we will show you in this article of our complete guide.

How do you activate the New Game + mode?

Dead Space Remake's New Game + mode can be activated as follows:

  • Once you've finished the game's main story for the first time, you'll be able to activate it from the main menu in its own dedicated option.

What is preserved and what is not?

Here below we are going to explain what features of the game are preserved in a New Game + of Dead Space Remake and what aspects are lost in a second round.

things you keep

  • You keep any progress you've made on upgrading your weapons and outfit.
  • All inventory items, credits, and items are saved in the new game (although you will have to get to the first store to find them).
  • All security clearances are retained, including the master clearance if you unlocked it in the first match.
  • You keep all the collectibles you have already collected, that is, they are transferred to NG+ and do not need to be collected again.

Things you don't keep

  • Obviously, you don't keep progress in the story, which resets.
  • You also don't keep progress on side quests, which can be done again.
  • You do not have the kinetic module and the stabilization module from the beginning, which must be obtained again in their original positions.

Advantages and features of New Game +

There are some special perks or features that are unlocked in New Game + in Dead Space Remake:

  • New Game + includes a special new type of collectible to collect: Effigy Shards.
  • In the second round, you can also see a secret alternate ending, only if you collect all 12 Marker Shards.
  • When you start a New Game + you will be rewarded with 50,000 credits, 10 nodes, and the level 6 suit upgrade diagram for Isaac unlocked.
  • A new variant of Ghost Necromorphs appears for an added challenge.