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Overwatch 2: Dating Sim: Secret Ending and All Rewards - Game Guide

 Overwatch 2 is known for some things, but a dating sim is definitely an innovation for the multiplayer shooter. And yet you can get close to Genji or Mercy for Valentine's Day. In this guide, we show you how to unlock the secret ending and what rewards you get for it.

Overwatch 2: Dating Sim: Secret Ending and All Rewards - Game Guide

Rewards in Loverwatch

After beating the simulation, you will get different rewards depending on your choices:

  • The "Genji's Peace" player icon, title, and highlight intro (after completing Genji's route)
  • The player icon, title and highlight intro "Mercy's Angels" (after completing Mercy's route)
  • One of 18 different Valentine's cards
  • One of 14 card faces

You can open the maps in the browser and then save the image files. It is not yet known whether the cards earned are directly related to your decisions or are randomly distributed. It is only certain that you will receive cards from the chosen hero.

In order to receive Overwatch 2 rewards, you must log in to your Blizzard account and agree to access your Battle Tag.

The Secret Ending of Loverwatch

For the Loverwatch secret ending, all you have to do is complete the game twice. At the start of the third run you will land directly in the secret ending and after a short dialogue with Cupid you will receive the player icon and the title "Cupid's Arrow".

You also get the highlight intro "Cupid's Arrow", although it's not mentioned in Loverwatch. However, it will be available in your Overwatch 2 hero panel.

How do you start the Overwatch 2 dating sim?

Loverwatch cannot be started in the game itself but is a browser game. You can find it on Blizzard's site or at

The game starts automatically if your browser is compatible with it. The following browsers are recommended as a minimum:

  • Google Chrome 106.0.5249
  • Mozilla Firefox 106.0.2
  • Microsoft Edge 106.0.1370.52
  • safari 15
Even if you don't sign in with your Blizzard Account, your progress will be saved even after you close the browser. Thank you cookies.