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Pokémon FireRed & LeafGreen: Cheats for all Pokemon, items and attacks - Game Guide

 If you play Pokémon: FireRed or LeafGreen on an emulator of your choice, you can use tons of cheats. Thanks to the Freezer, Xploder, and Gameshark codes, you get all TM and VM attacks, the most important items in the game, and an infinite number of Poké Balls of all kinds.

Pokémon FireRed & LeafGreen: Cheats for all Pokemon, items and attacks - Game Guide

Gameshark Codes for Pokémon FireRed & LeafGreen

Important note for the following Gameshark codes: Before you can activate the number combination of your choice, you must enter one of the master codes - only then do the remaining codes work. There is hardly an attack or an item that you cannot unlock with the help of these cheats.

master codesDFC87987 BBA21C13
A269812A 7C8BB4D9
78DA95DF 44018CB4
EDD28D69 D9117E9F
1C7B3231 B494738C
Secret ticket in the PC9F0C50A8 DCCF880B
Unlock Island 8 and Island 907CF2578 E43B4EBF
Instant win (opponent has zero HP)ACF3DC86 82C30163
12623ACF 94389EB3 56DB5761
277C1C53 BC72C772
355D9B25 854A65E4
9A1A5588 8A1A72E7
Own all Pokeballs 99 timesA81E2FC0 3988F7B1
2DAFD739 5D796510

Cheats for useful objects and items

You can get the most important items in the Pokémon universe with the following codes. Here you can find the Master Ball, Top Recovery, or AP Plus. Many items that strengthen your Pokémon can also be found here:

master ball02ED8A35 994B4F87
hyperball7A21F5DE 330D86DB
superball1025BA54 2C8754EC
Pokeball537C1D21 0DD96010
safari ball1AC08B80 FC9352D0
netball2A4840D3 284531C5
dive ballC3BD130D EAE67EE9
nest ball98A631EF C20F30E4
timer ballA853D188 552AE98F
luxury ball3661C355 C048E9E7
premier ballC56EA7E7FB24380E
antidote6B56B0A8 74CC8139
fire healerDC05DE98 4793B14A
ice healer9A388AE6 21E6C47A
wake up callBEEB5AC7 3EAF7918
para healerCCDDC2DB 89006BC3
top recovery42968879 340CC67B
top potionA433C2C2 722C6DB9
hyper potionE6C22E7B EF0BC12D
super potionACD5A2BE 85FC0C62
hyper healerD7BB4ACB 57E02569
revitalizer12B1E46E 7F4DE6CD
Top revitalizer6E566DFD2A12C53B
table water4E69C3C0 13D044E5
sparkling waterCE77C76D 48D04894
lemonadeAEA0587A 1F7A35E6
cow-moo milk07B70C34 19C9A957
energy dust2C61CDCE 99B77F2B
power rootE4DC3C27 570CB814
healing powder82E61E47 C54AC6C5
vital herbBD61789C 421E6D97
etherC0092E33 2FF02B02
top ether60D641EC 16599C0E
elixirE16537B5 9277E0CD
top elixir82351DBB C19A93DA
Lava CookieC4A4598C B190FEFB
Blue FluteCCE9E179 AC2E9A1B
Yellow FluteF9DCC6AB E84DD99D
Red Flute5BE65586 EC9339E6
Black FluteAE7ADDC5 4D0AC57B
White FluteA1880AF8 B75B8296
berry juiceC40B99A1 C28A507A
magic ash85CC9664 1456D942
coastal salt0F56BD27FD5D9FB3
coastal shell864227CC 3F314994
crimson piece022C0C5D E219ABA4
indigo pieceF1DEA2EB F3D8B6D0
yellow pieceE4D54C56 15551054
piece of green4AB66769 0C5F0920
KP Plus8D60078F 7FD1051D
protein0CD9336B 10F8B2D3
ironE0794A51 A677E93C
carbonC03932CE DA8DE28D
calciumC8D2C3D4 0CDD3966
special candiesC12BBBE1 D1ED426C
AP plus0DEB0A40 13FAF116
zinc667863A1 6ECEB2EE
AP top0B1AF47A 15C851D3
megablockB8A4EE42 D16395CD
attack plus9E00E15F D2497DA8
X attackE976B3B8 D5FCCD62
X Defense0782C86F AAC3058C
X pace709C47D7 7003F31D
X hit40543E02 BFE46256
X specialAB0DCADD 8E1992BC
PokeDoll5B901F00 19BD603F
Eneco rodE055B671 6E7BBCBA
Protection0D0055F5 B2C9ECBE
super protection79C6AFD2 C0E312A9
top protectionB648E072 5C482805
escape rope1FAFF936 19AC6EF6
sunstone4C817C70 E4E63A54
moonstone0CB976E2 DBA16008
thunderstoneF9A1963C 7780DF7D
water stone48E3558C 1DB05BDF
leaf stone0143A1C6 9DA67BE1
mini mushroomD69A4422 86C1F25A
giant mushroomA542D8E9 CFFCD7CA
pearl6EF63991 C55E7584
giant pearl3EA0258F AF4E3498
Stardust5312425A 8FD127AF
star pieceB61A80FD 4485DF2A
nuggetEBFAB560 4F7936B1
heart scaleB986C926 72340C24
zigzag letter696CF5DF4EAE37FC
port letter98AB9097 83ADDA6A
glitter letter9680081C CBE412A1
Express Mail5E333BE4 10D24EAC
forest letter56BF2DB0 192E6E15
wave letter690CEA4A 980E43FE
pearl letter7F749840 8707237B
dark letter640D868E BD2136E3
tropical letter3A9898A1 65FABF70
dream letterDBE59E98 0D999D6D
noble letter6A889326 57D19B92
retro letterC06FF936 DF2BE6BD
blinding powder9D42F952 FF5602B1
clovenbone74C693ED A83875A0
macho bandC97D9DA7 36CABCD0
EP divider97769EC7 5402004A
swiftclaw38FF53F5 1B8DF2C0
softbellA3613909 0E46B4E9
mental herb4062EB75 2C7E06B3
election tape7A547F17 025D72EE
King stoneD62CBEE4 5AF9676E
silver dust701A8219 54700525
coin amuletE425BD14 2E3B9E1F
protective tapeEAB14D8B 21360045
soul dewF57E30C7 B4733EEC
abyss slabEAB78DF2 988F802C
smoke ball061B8BA1 E094B40D
everstoneBF931663 FD1710DC
focus bandDE27B474 2BCB709C
lucky eggC4123844 7ADF7681
scope lens091BEC23 9F02FF22
metal jacket6F9E6932 17E242E4
remains628C95C3 63A38822
dragon skin0AC017CD B0CF520C
ball lightningE3343147 259F672C
powder sandAA849737 8158AEE1
granite stoneABCFD11B 4C950B21
miracle seedC9D45E0A FC27D86C
shadow glassC1EFF5EA 5FF73E56
black beltAA7EB912 8A6CDB64
magnetE51A7B28 C1D6BA33
magic water849F5E74 0E44BC76
hack attackC5081EF2 911EC754
poison stingC031F5A5 21391DC5
Eternal iceCD509F57 3F389D61
ban stickerF841AD56 D59FA59B
crooked spoon6861F5499EE0C6EC
charcoal72287F84 91160472
dragon tooth72FDA7A3 28914450
silk scarfBBF27895 498D7AD7
upgradeB0D7A3FF 266B244A
sea ​​song703C4A45 82C875F9
sea ​​smoke5A133E5F 948F29BF
lax smokeD8B590A6 7637E283
lucky punch2F0B4631AA9D6AEF
metal dustB411F771 1FA09086
Battle Bone6CF3034A 47A00DF7
leek stick3127338F 24CA926A
red scarfA4E6916D 33DF1BFD
blue scarf5F51914E A94007AC
pink scarfABD037CC 46F65393
Green scarfD1AC6E7B C62B5458
yellow scarfAD49043C 97A1656D

Unique items

You will only receive these items once in the game. Save yourself the search for the fossils, grab the Äon ticket and choose a suitable fishing rod for your next trip:

1x speed wheelF53BE055 3BF44E48
1x coin basket46782D71 499870ED
1x detector75D516F5 66003481
1x rod92F85AD2 194658CD
1x professional rodEBDD569B 6F350F56
1x super rodE0114CC0 1528AB9E
1x boat ticketD859E1FE 32D24F68
1x competition cardDE9EE411 0CA6E751
1x wailer pot7654E01C 42CF6CD4
1x Devon goodsD3652F5E 6C1F297A
1x ash bagF7C9F70F 5FDE0070
1x cellar openerAF94C103 7FF1AA61
1x art wheel93FFDE09 92F202A2
1x Pokebar box9BF39965 A06313DA
1x letter192CA5F3 09968924
1x Aeon Ticket05E40F5B C374A649
1x Red Ball23611CF3 A06B1023
1x Blue Orb1BF09959 8880E309
1x scanner417F7FDE 48BDADC7
1x desert glassA1FB4A15 4B244B1D
1x meteoriteB1D6A0B3 289656E5
1x K1 key30F4D17F C13E2D01
1x K2 key11568875 9C45F556
1x K4 key09D0699D D16AA66B
1x K6 key54F9D878 D402659A
1x L keyEEDB6C67 1D5A7ACA
1x root fossil989C1280 670461FE
1x claw fossilFA161D8A D497EC4A
1x Devon6FF0C851 A9A08EFE
1x EICH's packageBD7A263C 0AF871BB
1x Poké Flute933166FA 81C977D8
1x ?-opener06321A75 04F9B3B1
1x bike couponD027E81D 17AB15B9
1x gold teeth18E96AFD 78AEECA6
1x old amberC13D8595AA6AFDA8
1x door opener6359C8B5 CCD045D8
1x lift opener03E4BD87 6354D8BB
1x Helix Fossil1774596F 16C08803
1x cathedral fossilC5DBFE9B F58F66A5
1x Silph ScopeF5C090CB 6722DD1F
1x bike65707423 2D25D4A1
1x card35422F43 126DAEEE
1x combat investigator997FA3B5 B59595FB
1x Glory File488DB128F031C611
1x VM/TM box5B9A494A 339881C8
1x bag of berries8D174BFD 517831A7
1x teaching channelF52263C8 4CF3EE72
1x Tri Pass1607F471 989E091C
1x Bunt Pass32F043FD 46906C14
1x teaF8F6EA7F 34C66FBE
1x secret ticket9F0C50A8 DCCF880B
1x Aurora ticketC07596A3 FD8C4AEC
1x powder compactB62DEEE5 F29848BB
1x Ruby920EA367 A7CD0E77
1x sapphire6B12668D 347D0632

TM list

Want to teach your Pokémon all the moves in the game? Then look at the list of the following codes with all TMs. Here we can also recommend our table for the strengths and weaknesses of all types. So you know exactly which TM is worthwhile for which Pokémon or in which fight the attack can be particularly effective:

TM 01295AD5BA C27C91AF
TM 023C49AC03 9E95B797
TM 03BCDC2F79 BA4A90A8
TM 04EB49F024 F4DF30FE
TM 0516FDDA33 DA758ED7
TM 0696F9FA9C0FC9E901
TM 0770FB9D5B 71C72D39
TM 08A85451E1 01B576D5
TM 095250D8A2 389DA4BE
TM 1020BC61D1BD7C8870
TM 1224E08CC8 106B1893
TM 13BE21D39D 5330A09D
TM 14E1D0241D FBBCC23E
TM 152B5D448F 02805C03
TM 160CE110A1 3013239A
TM 170E68EC46 DB9E3CBD
TM 18B886C7D5 1F368185
TM 1970958831 73F74A35
TM 205D340777FD878C77
TM 2140534F7C AABF8E63
TM 22E6CACF45 362D7259
TM 231AC25317 28B03A33
TM 2475BFDA9C 8E949853
TM 25BF29D94B 665A1236
TM 2628C77008 6D9F4C4F
TM 275A4D3E38 0A8F4BFC
TM 28358B8380 C2847309
TM 290652BEE5 06CF3422
TM 3047C06F05 9BFCD2AE
TM 3178A72D70 210F638A
TM 3226424373 6929BB5D
TM 331492A5A7 B8014D7F
TM 34F8A069B6 F2A5BC29
TM 35F5EE5890 E37F815F
TM 3635586A20F0D6342F
TM 37E21F9294 5CE706EF
TM 38E7E2235D 306A2DE5
TM 397571E922 C39F6507
TM 40790AB026 29A81D1C
TM 414554EEF0 337F4E16
TM 4262FEB053 B873C19F
TM 43BB090725 078A5E9A
TM 445BB7F1FF 5319BE17
TM 45DC172471 6700B5AF
TM 46771F472C 276C9A86
TM 4783954329 F3B0E5BD
TM 48C7816968 9BC3555F
TM 499E0FAD22 8BF4A9DA
TM 50BD24B496 A90EDB74

VM List

You can get hold of all eight VMs here. You can then assign them to as many Pokémon as you like. Are you looking for surfer, starch, or cascade? Just use the following cheats:

VM 01 – Slicer7F4EEAEE 5430486C
VM 02 - FlyingAA1DCE0B 1BE71934
VM 03 – Surfers5589649C 632570C1
VM 04 - StrengthAB8F669B A24FF061
VM 05 – Lightning016596B8 AFD50FBA
VM 06 - Smasher63AA4F56 0289A10C
VM 07 – cascade6F3D0002 E9F56740
VM 08 - Diver3B64D8E0 1D645857


The different types of berries usually only grow on trees and bushes. With these codes, they will magically find their way into your backpack:

Amrena Berry9BAA5D01 0127264E
chestnut berry1EA4EE98F6A1799B
peach berry79E66BE9 B4A36840
Fragiaberry9F3F283B BA1A8186
wildberry98529851 9951FCA6
Jonagoberry7B0AE6FF 4D40A169
sinelberry882888F4 7E4013CE
persimm berryD97BDEBD 806835CE
prunus berryC7AC49E1 D805ABD3
tsitruberry472F9ADE 2D1D8576
gooseberryC474F5A6 EFCE3622
wikiberryFD5CFB2A 71096651
magoberry7A9D7EFC D9FE50D0
Gauveberry5F5E29FC ED3FD557
Yapaberry44D3CEFC 00185D47
raspberryB8C24B31 33BEBACF
MorbberryC565DAB3 23938A12
nanabberry454C5500 15830605
blackberry02FC1088 6B3AC37A
pineapple berryDDAC8AE5 C097772E
pomegranate4B69ACC1 E8A91809
Seaweed BerryC343DBC1 2B603040
Qualo Berry37B583A6 9BAEDE2C
HonberryA124FD75 75BC6716
Labrusberry81D97B41 71E8481C
tamot berryC9BCBE03 0CCBDFC6
saimberryFD4BF38B 0E710759
Magostberry29180E4E 80B24902
rabuta berry71F85427 0F0135F8
Tronciberry22F96443 A3788948
kiwanberryC9F354D5 5939BEEE
Palmberry94DA0BA2 D30CEAE7
watermelonBD1EC91B 00EF7DA6
Durinberry00763551 2EA01213
myrtle berry78026C7A EA77448C
Lydciberry6FFCB1EE EEF497C7
Linganberry5E4A4C95 C43A1A57
Salkaberry7482C75F 4F5D78C2
Tahayberry1E75D416 1698B9C2
Apicoberry756B6075 7A08E930
Lansat BerryAB7F8874 0B53091C
cramboberry15D764FC 06807F4D
EnigmaberryF73539F3 D41874A0c

On the following page, we list all Freezer Codes (Action Replay Codes). In addition to the Master Code, you will find other cheats for more money, all Pokéballs, all TMs, and VMs, or a full Pokédex.