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Useful tips for newbies Warzone Mobile

 In this guide, I will tell you the "bad habits" of players in Warzone Mobile. They will help you better concentrate on the terrain and understand the logic and tactics for victory.

Warzone Mobile players should not land directly in places like Downtown and Hospital, but next to them. The fact is that all the players fly there, climb onto the roofs and enter the buildings with one goal - to quickly get cool weapons and start a shootout. It turns out that if you miss and find yourself on the street without equipment, there is a high probability of death.

It is also worth looking for loot boxes with weapons, which often already have a body kit. If so, then you "won the lottery" and most likely the match. Also, try to get early kills, do not play partisan or scout - this will allow you to save money and buy gadgets like UAV. This, coupled with contracts to destroy certain targets, allows you to constantly see your next target.

Useful tips for newbies Warzone Mobile

Another important tip is to choose the area where you will move to the next Zone. The fact is that Warzone Mobile has an open area with fields, roads, and small hills. If you run headlong along them to the settlement, there are several dangers:

  • The team is waiting for you in the buildings;
  • You are seen by passing enemies in armored vehicles.

Therefore, if the player is in a city with many buildings, he has nothing to worry about - just run between them. But lovers of running in open areas should always stay close to mountains and at least hills.

The best situation is you are playing with friends and spotting anti-tank vehicles. He has a turret on the roof, which allows him to control part of the map and destroy enemies that run from point to point. This strategy works great in the mid game.

Target on the roof? Launch a rocket

This tip is perfect for the later stages of the game, when pumped fighters, afraid for their loot and loss, do not leave the heated place; it could be the roof of a building that cannot be fired upon from below or an airport control room.

For such a goal in Warzone Mobile, you need to use a rocket - it will destroy the enemy or at least make him lie down for a while, which will allow your squad to change position.

Enemy behind the wall? It's time to throw a grenade

Enemy behind the wall? It's time to throw a grenade

Newcomers to Warzone Mobile rely solely on firearms to try and put together the "perfect build" for them. But if you often engage in firefights with other players and they like to hide behind walls and indoors, then instead of the “swoop” tactics, it is better to throw a grenade: fragmentation, noise, or a Molotov cocktail. All this will give an advantage in battle.

We stock up on armor before a hot battle

Even if you know how many enemies are waiting in the next building or hangar, this alone is not enough. It is also necessary to prepare for the battle and always have 3 units of armor. Also, players should use the scope, and not shoot from the hip, especially if the target is far away - the enemy just needs to be knocked down, then he will not be able to fight back, he will not even be able to shoot back.

Set a "kill route"

Set a "kill route"

You haven't started the battle yet, but you can see the enemies through the UAV. Yes, they are marked on the map with red dots, but they just don’t stand there, maybe they see you at that moment. What to do? That's right, create a route of action in your head - who will you kill first, where do you need to stand for this, where to look, and most importantly - where to run after that?

In general, routes are a useful thing not only in skirmishes but also in picking up loot. So, you need to clear the building in a certain order: from top to bottom, from left to right, and stuff like that. This will avoid chaotic runs from one place to another.

Warzone Mobile is a co-op game

Warzone Mobile is best played with friends as you tag each other's targets and use voice chat for quick communication. Do not think that you alone will be able to overwhelm the enemy squad or your teammate will read your mind and will not run to a place with a large concentration of enemies. Talk, prompt and you will be rewarded with victory.

More useful tips for those who read

  1. Play from the edge of the zone. So you can be sure that there is no one behind you;
  2. Keep an eye on the number of survivors and killed. Sometimes it is better to wait out the situation than to run into battle, especially when you do not see the enemy, but only a pistol in your hands;
  3. Don't be the first to start a fight, especially if you don't know there are no other teams nearby. In royal battles, the detachment who came to the battle last wins;
  4. Do not try to shoot down the enemy who noticed and started shooting at you earlier. It is better to sit in cover and strike at the right moment;
  5. Play with good headphones.