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Valheim Cheat code, list of cheats and how to activate them?

 In Valheim you can use cheat codes. You are given the list of cheat codes, as well as the method to activate them.

Valheim Cheat code, list of cheats and how to activate them?

Valheim is a survival game that sends you to one of the Norse Gods' worlds. In this title, you will have to collect resources to survive, but also to carry out your mission for Odin.

However, to partly make your life easier, there is a console to enter cheat codes as is the case in other video games.

How do I open the command console in Valheim?

To open the command console, you should know that the method differs depending on the store where you purchased the title. Here are the steps to follow.

Game Pass PC game version

  • Navigate to the folder where Valheim is installed. By default, this should be: C:\XboxGames\Valheim\Content
  • Find the Valheim.exe  file in this folder
  • Right-click on Valheim.exe and choose  Create Shortcut
  • Place this shortcut to Desktop or somewhere according to your preference
  • Now right-click on this shortcut and select Properties
  • In the Shortcut tab, add -console at the end of the Target field
  • Click  Apply, then OK
  • Launch the game from your previously created shortcut

Steam Game Version

  • Right-click on Valheim in your Library on the Steam app
  • Select  Properties  and in the General tab look for Launch Options
  • Once you find it, add -console in the relevant field
  • Close the General  tab  and launch Valheim
To open the console, after having properly configured by following the steps mentioned above, you will have to click on F5 in game. Then type devcommands and press  Enter. There you go, you now have the option of entering the following cheat codes:

  • kick [name/ip/userID] - kick the user
  • ban [name/ip/userID] - ban the user
  • unban [ip/userID] - unban the user
  • banned - list of banned users
  • ping - server ping
  • lodbias - set lodbias distance
  • info - gives system info
  • pos - gives the player's current position
  • goto [x,z] - you teleport to the place you indicated
  • exploremap - unlock the whole map
  • resetmap - resets the map
  • killall - kills nearby enemies
  • tame - tames all nearby tamable creatures
  • beard
  • location - spawn location
  • raise skill [skill] [amount] - increase your skill by the amount you set
  • resetskill [skill] - resets your skill
  • freefly - free camera photo mode
  • ffsmooth
  • tod -1 OR [0-1]
  • env [env]
  • resetenv
  • wind [angle] [intensity]
  • resetwind
  • god  - makes you invincible
  • event [name] - throw an event
  • stopevent - stop the current event
  • randomevent
  • save - force save
  • resetcharacter - reset character data
  • removedrops - removes all dropped objects in the area
  • setkey [name]
  • resetkeys [name]
  • listkeys
  • players [nr]
  • dpsdebug