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Where are the sins and how to use remote control in Graveyard Keeper - Better Save Soul


Where are the sins and how to use remote control in Graveyard Keeper - Better Save Soul

A major Better Save Soul update to Graveyard Keeper has added several new mechanics and another room to our dungeon. In this guide, we have collected answers to the most interesting questions that may arise during the passage of this add-on.

What's new?

  • 5-13 hours of extra playing time;
  • New remote control mechanics;
  • Additional area for new workbenches;
  • Expansion of the house with new shelves;
  • New friend Eirich, who needs to be cleansed of sins.

Where can I find Eirich?

Just keep playing. Additional content will become available after the opening of the Church and the repair of the hatch for dumping the bodies. On one of the random days, an additional "corpse" will be brought to you.

I ran out of quests, but I just started exploring the new room. What to do?

Keep collecting souls. This add-on has a reference to time. If you do everything too quickly, then the quests will disappear for a while. Also, check the Technology section for new research.

How to skip time if the energy is fully restored?

Slightly to the left and above your main house is a place for meditation. There you can skip the time. At the same time, all notifications are saved, so you do not miss anything important.

Where to find 6 sins of the village?

It is better to look for sins in order, so as not to get confused with additional quests. As always, the developers have moved away from the “do 3 actions and repeat 3 times” theme, so each sin needs its own approach. Each story character appears in the village once a week. To understand when the icon above his head will help.

Bishop (Pride). Visits the cemetery every week for inspection. But first, we need to prepare a royal order from Wagner. This is done on a workbench near the Church. There is no need to seek a personal meeting with Wagner. But, if you need to discuss other issues with him, then he is in the Dead Horse tavern.

Inquisitor (Wrath). He comes for a day from the city to the fire with witches, it is to the right of the cemetery, but to the left of the village. Before meeting with him, you need to visit Klotho (to the left of the cemetery, in the swamp). Don't forget to grab 2 jars of honey for her. Klotho is available any day.

Merchant (Gluttony). Opens its counter once a week at the building next to the Dead Horse tavern. Before meeting with him, you need to visit Klotho (yes, you can do it at the same time as the sin of the Inquisitor).

Astrologer (Despondency). It turns out to look at the stars through a telescope at the lighthouse, to the right of the village. Appears there once every seven days.

Charmel (Lust). Works part-time at the Dead Horse tavern one day a week.

Serpent (Envy). He settled at the entrance to the dungeon, under the Church, but he is impatient, so he appears there once every seven days.

Tress is a village carpenter. Lives and works north of the Dead Horse tavern.

What new prayers are emerging?

After completing the expansion and upgrading the new room, you will have 3 new prayers.

  • Prayer for the repose of souls. The more purified souls, the more faith. Effects: money from preaching +25%, faith from preaching +50%, 1 silver coin for faith (x1);
  • Prayer for the Contentment of Souls. +10% to the number of purified souls. Effects: money from preaching + 25%, faith from preaching + 25%, Faith (x2);
  • Prayer for thorough cleansing of souls. Increases the number of sin shards received from successfully curing souls (x2). Effects: money from preaching +25%, faith from preaching +25%, Faith (x2).

How to use remote control?

First, you need to build a new building "Soul Receiver". It can be located in a sweet home, yard, vegetable garden, vineyard, mortuary, basement, church, and shower room. Then open the map (button "M" ) and select the desired location. A menu will open showing all your buildings. If you have the necessary tools and raw materials, you can remotely set up almost any production. True, the price is not small (an average of 5 souls per action).