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Wild Hearts: Change appearance after tutorial - Game Guide

 Before completing the Wild Hearts tutorial, you can create your own character in the versatile character editor. But what if you later aren't happy with your settings? In this guide, we will tell you how you can change your character even after character creation.

Can I change my character's appearance?

As part of the tutorial, you can take a look at Wild Hearts' extensive character editor for the first time and make countless adjustments to your character. The problem: you really don't feel like spending hours with the editor. Instead of adjusting the tip of the nose in detail, you finally want to immerse yourself in the game world and - as befits a hunter in Wild Hearts - fight Kemonos.

Of course, after a few hours of play, it's not uncommon for you to be dissatisfied with the appearance of your hero or heroine. Fortunately, the action-adventure offers you the opportunity to take a closer look at the character editor after the tutorial. However, you must have invested a relatively large amount of time in the game for this.

Customize character following the tutorial

Customize character following the tutorial
If you want to customize your character again, you need the mirror glass.

Aside from the basic karakuri, which are primarily used in battle, you can also build dragon karakuri. In addition to the tent, a campfire, a forge, and numerous other items, there is also the so-called mirror glass further down in the Karakuri tree. You can find it in the second place on the 18th level of the Karakuri menu.

Since progressing through the main quests will give you new Dragon Karakuri from time to time without spending any Kemono points, it is advisable to wait for the rolling wheel to unlock. Between the rolling wheel and the mirror glass, there is only a dragon karakuri that you have to "awaken".

The mirror glass itself will cost you 1,500 Kemono Points. You get these points automatically by killing Kemonos. You can earn additional Kemono points by damaging monsters' body parts. Once you have unlocked the mirror glass, you can place it anywhere in the game world. However, we recommend choosing a suitable location in the city of Minato, since you will always have to return there anyway. Using the mirror glass gives you all the character customization options you had at the beginning of the game. The adjustment itself takes place at no additional cost.