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Destiny 2 The Eclipse: How to get to Power level caps fast


Destiny 2 The Eclipse: How to get to Power level caps fast

Destiny 2 The Eclipse is finally here, and after finishing the campaign and picking up the Jaw from the ground, you'll want to max out your character as soon as possible.

The grind hasn't changed much since Queen of Whispers, but the different 'caps' have been moved up quite a bit, and if you want to make sure you're gaining ground as quickly as possible, there are several things to keep in mind I count. Let's start.


At the start of The Eclipse, your gear, including your stored gear, will be raised to a power level of 1600. As you start acquiring new gear through random drops and quest rewards, you can level up this level by getting new ones. pieces of equipment or by infusing existing equipment into them (Infusion requires an Augment Module and the sacrifice of the item you targeted for the process).

Power level in Destiny 2 is based on the average of the total power level of all equipped weapons and armor pieces. So, if all eight equipped items are level 1600, you're level 1600, but if you pick up a level 1640 weapon, you'll drop to overall level 1605, since the extra levels will only give a modest boost to your average.


You'll also gain additional Power Levels by leveling up your Seasonal Artifact, which in theory you can do as many times as you like until the end of the season, albeit with ever lower earnings from a certain point on.


For The Eclipse, Bungie has increased the level cap as follows:

  • Soft level cap: 1750
  • Powerful level cap: 1800
  • Pinnacle level cap: 1810
Equipment from any source will take you to the soft cap. Campaign missions, playlist activities, raids, public event chests, you name it. Some will be blue (rare), some purple (legendary), and since this is a new expansion, there's a good chance it will all be new to you. You'll be tempted to use it all as cannon fodder for infusion for your already inventory items, and as long as you have some armor pieces with decent stats, it's probably a good plan for armor pieces, but it might be worth it. even worth trying with weapons. For example, there are some noteworthy grenade launchers out there, as well as the new Darkweave weapons.


The best way to get to the Destiny 2 The Eclipse soft cap is to simply play the campaign. You won't have to at Legendary, although doing so will earn you exotic armor and a pack of gear that will take you right up to 1770 power level. But you can always do it later, and in our experience, you'll easily get to 1750 by the end of it. of the campaign, as long as you grind some bounties and perhaps do the introductory mission for the new seasonal content (currently, we are in the Season of Resistance). Once you hit the soft cap, blue items will stop dropping altogether – a welcome quality of life change in The Eclipse – and you will no longer be able to progress towards the Powerful and Pinnacle level caps without obtaining gear from specific sources.

Where to find the equipment for the Powerful and Pinnacle level caps

Bungie has plans to change how leveling works in Destiny 2 later this year but, for now, we're stuck with the old system and that means spending a good chunk of the week turning to reward sources that can level up Powerful and that pinnacles.

Whenever you unlock a Powerful item, it will drop at a level slightly higher than your maximum possible power (+1 or +2 depending on the source), although there is no guarantee it will drop for the slot where you need it most. You can only grind a certain number of Powerful rewards per week, so it pays to focus on them if your primary goal is to level up.

Where to find the equipment for the Powerful and Pinnacle level caps

Once you hit the Powerful cap, the only way to progress is to grind the Pinnacle rewards, which will take you from 1800 to the new Pinnacle cap of 1810. As with the Powerful rewards, there are only a certain number of them per week. Nothing prevents you from completing Pinnacle rewards while you're grinding the soft cap or Powerful cap, but it's not very efficient because it means you'll have less to collect once you reach the start of the Pinnacle stage. In the first weeks of the new expansion, however, unless you are in a hurry, it may not interest you too much.

Sources for Powerful gear in Eclipse include:

  • 8 sizes of Banshee-44
  • 8 Crucible bounties 8x
  • 3 challenges of Eternity
  • 8 sizes of Gambit
  • Nightfall Raid
  • Prime Engrams
  • Trials of Osiris
  • 8 Vanguard bounties
  • Weekly campaign missions
  • 3 runs Source
Sources for Pinnacle gear include:

  • 3 Crucible matches
  • 250k score at Eternity Challenges
  • Seasonal Activity Battlefields Endurance
  • Weekly rotating dungeon
  • 3 Gambit games
  • Clan Hawthorne Vendor Rewards
  • Iron Banner (when active)
  • New raid (from March 10)
  • Score 100k on Cala la Notte
  • Weekly rotating raids
  • Dungeon Pinnacle of the Watcher
  • Trials of Osiris
  • 3 Vanguard strikes with subclass matching elemental type
  • 8 Seasonal Vendor Bounties at the War Table

You can also expect to get Pinnacle drops from Nightfall in Grandmaster mode when they're available, but if you're playing it, there's a good chance you've already passed the Pinnacle cap and probably need to buy the new Touch Grass emote.


In addition to the general advice scattered throughout this guide, here are a few things we'd like to warn you about if you're a new Destiny 2 The Eclipse player.

  • Play seasonal content alongside the campaign. Go to Mara Sov at the Farm and do the first steps of the seasonal questline to unlock the seasonal vendor (the Wartable at the HELM) to upgrade the power level of your artifact
  • Don't use Enhancement Modules lightly: use them to imbue your favorite items, but if the difference is 5-10 power points, you won't notice a big difference
  • Always disassemble the items you don't need: at the beginning of the expansion everything is nice and new but, unless you like specific weapons and equipment pieces, don't worry too much about disassembling them and take home legendary shards or Lumens. Also because most of the weapons are still craftable, so you can customize your content later, and the armor will not have decent specifications compared to the items you already have; conversely, Glimmers and shards can be spent to buy more Augment Modules or unlock new subclass shards from Ikora
By following these tricks, there's a very good chance you'll be raid-ready by launch day on March 10th. Good luck, Guardians!