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Diablo 4: Do you need a permanent online connection to play?

 We will explain if you always need to be connected to the Internet to be able to play Diablo 4 or if, on the contrary, you can play offline.

Diablo 4: Do you need a permanent online connection to play?

A question that will probably assail most players who want to delve into the gaming experience that Diablo 4 offers is whether or not the new sequel to the Blizzard saga requires a permanent Internet connection. That is, can you play Diablo 4 offline or not? If you ask yourself this question, keep reading because we tell you in this entry of our guide what is the answer from the developer company.

Does Diablo 4 need a permanent Internet connection?

  • Yes, Diablo 4 requires a permanent Internet connection to play. That is, you cannot play this installment offline.
This information was confirmed by Blizzard itself at BlizzCon 2019, therefore, unfortunately, you will not be able to play this sequel offline. An online connection is necessary to be able to play Diablo 4 on any of its platforms (PC and consoles).

Since Diablo 4 features a world shared with other players with MMO touches, it cannot be played offline. This decision is negative for many fans, since it means that you constantly have to have a stable Internet connection to be able to enjoy your game without problems.

It should be noted that while the game offers a persistent social experience and many activities are geared towards multiplayer, such as temporary events, world bosses, or PvP zones, players who wish to play Diablo 4 solo can still do so. The main campaign can be completed without collaborating with other users, for example, but despite everything, you will have to stay connected to the Internet every time you are running the game.