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 You can now play Diablo 4, currently still in beta. When you create a character, you have the option to make it a "Hardcore Character". We explain what that is - and why you should keep your hands off it as a newcomer.


What is hardcore? Hardcore gameplay has been part of Diablo forever and is possible in Diablo 4 as well. If you play this mode, your character is no longer playable when he dies - a so-called "permadeath". The opposite of that is softcore.

The system is designed to add some weight to player achievements. For example, in Diablo 2, when the first player reached level 99 in Hardcore, it was considered a big deal because any mistake could mean the end.

Gameplay is also different, with hardcore players typically going for more survivability skills whereas soft-core players tend to go for pure damage output. The builds differ accordingly.

In the current Diablo 4 beta, you already have the opportunity to turn any character into a hardcore character. To do this, simply tick the "Hardcore" box when you create your character and are asked to enter a name.

Hardcore or Softcore - what's the difference

Is hardcore worth it? That's a matter of taste and if you like thrills, you should definitely try hardcore. In beta only, we strongly advise against playing hardcore right now, even for veterans.

There are server issues at the start of the beta and the whole goal of the test is to test the server load. Accordingly, disconnects and lags can occur, which can quickly kill your character.

Even if you actually know what you are doing, it can happen that permanent death occurs through no fault of your own. This would be particularly annoying once you've reached level 19 and are about to receive your sweet reward.

How does soft core play? If you play softcore, you have no differences, except that you can be resurrected if you die. Either by yourself at the nearest waypoint or in co-op with friends.

However, you have access to the same loot and abilities as a hardcore character. Especially if you're new to the ARPG genre or new to Diablo, it's a good idea to familiarize yourself with the classes first.