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 The Huntress is already a popular class in the Diablo 4 beta. Our editor has been playing it since release and tells you his best build, which he's currently using to smash the hordes of hell.


In the current beta of Diablo 4, I chose the huntress as the first character. I've played dozens of demon hunters in Diablo 3, and I'm good with nimble classes in action RPGs.

The Huntress in Diablo 4 hits exactly the style. She attacks quickly, alternates between melee and ranged combat, and evades opponents with her agile movements. Exactly what I was hoping for from the class.

I'm almost through the beta now and I'm very happy with my build for the Slayer. I usually kill large hordes of enemies in one hit and take little damage myself. The focus is on melee combat, something that the Demon Slayer in Diablo 3 missed out on.

Hunter Build for Diablo 4 - Skilling and Legendaries


  • Strong against large enemy groups
  • High damage output
  • Extremely agile evades many attacks
  • Plays like a classic villain archetype
  • Perfect for solo play
  • Reaches even distant enemies with ease


  • Problems against individual opponents and bosses
  • Very “energy-hungry”
  • Requires some time to learn rotation

The most important skills (at level 25):

  • Sliding Blade: 5/5
    • Improved Sliding Blade
    • Fundamental glide blade

  • Screw blades: 5/5
    • Improved screw blades
    • Advanced screw blades

  • Shadow step: 1/5
  • Dashing: 5/5
  • Shadow Infusion: 2/5
    • Improved Shadow Infusion
    • Alternatively: poison infusion, for example for boss fights
  • Shadow Clone: ​​1/5

If you get additional skill points or find skills on items, you should try to skill up to "Superior Shadow Clone". Otherwise, it is best to put the points in shadow infusion or shadow clone.

The Huntress' unique class mechanic allows her to choose one of three specializations. For this build, you play with combo points.

You need these legendary aspects:

  • Blade Dancing Aspect: Screwblades will circle you after they return, adding a portion of the damage they dealt on the way back
  • Aspect of the Expectant: When you attack enemies with basic skills, the damage of the next basic skill increases by 5% (up to a maximum of 50%)
  • Shadowreaper's Aspect: When you cast dash, a shadow clone spawns that also casts dash with reduced damage
  • Blademaster's Aspect (optional): Increases damage based on the amount of primary resource
  • Energizing Aspect (optional): Dealing damage to elite enemies grants you energy

Most of the aspects are not guaranteed to be obtained in the beta as they drop in dungeons in Scosglen. With luck, you can find the relevant items while farming. You can also get some by playing the campaign.

Gameplay and Playstyle

How to play the build: Most of your damage comes from the Screwblades, which you smash into enemies and then put as many enemies as possible between you and the target. For maximum damage, use this rotation whenever possible:

  1. Attack the enemy with Glide Blades 3 to 10 times
  2. Activates shadow clone (at a higher level, otherwise optional)
  3. Activates Shadow Infusion
  4. Use Screwblades on any target
  5. Use Dash and move through as many enemies as possible

In the end, you should stand as far away from the enemy as possible and have as many enemies as possible in a straight line between you and the target of your Screwblades. Enemies are infused with Shadow Infusion and explode, wiping out entire hordes.

If you don't have Dash's charge available, or if enemies are too far away, you can use Shadowstep. Then repeat attacks with glide blades and consume built-up stacks of your buffs with screw blades.

In boss fights, you use Dash and Shadowstep as additional evasive maneuvers to dodge enemy attacks. Since you only have one goal here, the fights can become quite tough. The build aims to fight many opponents.