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The Diablo 4 beta lets you level up to 25. If you want to reach the max level quickly, you can find the right tips for quickly leveling up here.

Interested players can take a first look at the new action RPG Diablo 4 over two weekends. Here you will find suitable tips for fast leveling and information about the beta and the permanent rewards that you can take into the full game:

  • Activities for most XP
  • Information about the level system
  • Permanent Rewards
  • times of the beta

Diablo 4: Level up fast in the beta

Which activities give the most XP? First experiences have shown that Diablo 4 is very open about group XP. You get zone-wide XP, so you can separate and level up with a maximum of 4 players in a zone. Everyone gets the XP for killed monsters.

The following activities give you the most XP, in order:

  • Co-op groups should split up in a zone and kill monsters one at a time
  • Open-world events bring a lot of XP - you can recognize them by the orange circle on the map
  • Uses Quest - Complete the campaign or side quests (skip quest texts)

Dungeons are currently in the back row and bring you the least XP. It is currently important to quickly kill many monsters in the open world.

Use Elixirs: At level 10 you can complete the quest "Upgrading Healing Potions" in the city of Kyovashad and unlock the Alchemist. Here you can make elixirs that give you different bonuses. All seven elixirs come with a 5% XP bonus that lasts 30 minutes.

What else should I know? Here's some more info on the XP mechanics in Diablo 4:

  • Use group damage in your builds
  • 5% more XP around unknown players
  • 10% more XP around party members
  • The higher you set the difficulty, the more XP the monsters provide
  • If a monster is below your level, there are XP deductions
  • Monsters above your own level give more XP
  • Elite enemies give more XP than normal monsters
  • Events in the open world have a chance for items from other classes
  • You keep your progress for the second beta week

If you want to level several classes on the two beta weekends, then the open-world events are doubly worthwhile. Here you have the chance to get items for other classes that give you a small advantage when you start a new class.

What are the rewards? You only need level 20 for the rewards. There are 3 bonuses in total, which will also be available to you for the full release on June 6th:

  • Cosmetic: Wolf Bundle - Reach level 20
  • Title: First Sacrifice - Upon reaching Kyovashad
  • Title: Early Explorer - Reach level 20
The cute wolf bundle cosmetic.
The cute wolf bundle cosmetic.

When is the beta running? You can test over two weekends, with the first week mostly for pre-orders:

  • Friday, March 17 – Sunday, March 19: Pre-order Beta
  • Friday, March 24 – Sunday, March 26: Open Beta for all
In the second week, every interested player can test on all available platforms. The preload should start on Wednesday - pull the game in time, the download can be quite large.