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FAQ (frequent questions) on Dark and Darker

 How to play with a friend, how to get out of the raid, where to find the golden key, and more

For some, Dark and Darker remind of Escape From Tarkov, but in a medieval setting, and for some, it is a screen embodiment of tabletop role-playing games. The project is characterized by high complexity, depth of gameplay, and many non-obvious features.

FAQ (frequent questions) on Dark and Darker

In this article, we have collected all the frequently asked questions about the game and answered them based on our own experience, as well as the experience of successful treasure hunters.

What kind of game is it? What is her genre?

Dark and Darker is a dungeon crawler with RPG elements where the player has to explore a dungeon, fight monsters, collect items, and complete various quests. The dungeon is divided into levels, each with its own theme and unique bosses. The game features a thick dark fantasy atmosphere and a gameplay loop in the vein of Escape From Tarkov.

When is the next Dark and Darker test?

Since mid-2022, tests have been conducted every couple of months. The last one, the 4th, was in February 2023. The next one will be from 14 to 19 April.

How to get to alpha (play in early access)?

When a new playtest starts, the developers upload a demo (Dark and Darker Demo) to Steam and open public servers. Anyone can download the demo.

When will Dark and Darker be released?

As of March 2023, there is no official information yet. Judging by the fact that only the alpha version of the game is being tested in early access, it is unlikely that a full-fledged release will happen soon. Perhaps in 2024 (or later), Dark and Darker will go into beta, and the full release will happen in another year or more.

What engine does the game have?

Initially, the game was developed on Unreal Engine 4 but then moved to the fifth version.

Which Dark and Darker server to choose?

If you live in the European part of the Russian Federation or the CIS, then - Europe (Europe). For residents of the Trans-Urals, an Asian server (Asian) may be better suited. And the US server (US) is for those in North America.

How to play with a friend?

Send him an invitation to the group while in the game. This can be done through the Steam overlay.

What should I do during a sortie in Dark and Darker (what is the purpose of the match)?

As in all games of this genre, the main goal of each session is to collect as many valuable things as possible, survive and successfully return to the shelter. It is worth avoiding unequal battles with monsters and meetings with other competing players. Around the middle of the match, blue portals will begin to appear in the labyrinth - they will allow you to teleport to a safe Tavern.

How to speak (communicate with allies by voice)?

The easiest way is to use a third-party voice chat from Steam, Skype, or Discord. In the game itself, the voice is heard only in the vicinity of the hero.

How to heal yourself or a member of your team in Dark and Darker?

All classes can heal themselves - if not with a special perk or spell, then with the help of food. And allies can only be healed by the Cleric, using the appropriate magic.

How to resurrect a character (revive an ally)?

This can be done by a Cleric if he has the appropriate ability unlocked. Other classes may try to take the soul of the deceased and take it to the "Altar of Resurrection", which is sometimes found in the labyrinth.

How to walk in invisibility (use invisibility) in Dark and Darker?

Rogue has such a perk, but you can find a one-time invisibility scroll in chests in the labyrinth or remove enemies from the body.

How to exit the map (from the dungeon)?

Toward the end of the match, blue portals will spawn at random locations in the labyrinth. They take you to the Tavern. If you find a red portal, then do not rush to use it - it will immediately send you to the next raid with all the contents of the backpack.

Where is the portal (how to find the portal) in Dark and Darker?

They appear in random places and are blue and red. The blue ones allow you to leave the raid, and the red ones send you to the next one.

What things are saved?

Only the basic equipment of the character class. For example, for a fighter (Fighter) - this is a sword, shield, and light armor.

How to sell items in Dark and Darker?

The game has a live auction. Just list your items for sale and set a price tag. Try not to go too far beyond the average market price.

How to separate things in inventory?

Hold the Alt button and move the item with the left mouse button pressed.

How to farm (quickly gain experience and gold) in Dark and Darker?

To quickly accumulate money, you need to try to avoid battles and look for especially valuable things. As soon as you find something gold or a few expensive items of equipment - immediately hide (put out the torches nearby) and wait for the blue portals to appear in order to escape.

A lot of experience can be earned while opening chests and exploring the lower floors of the dungeon.

How to quickly level up in Dark and Darker?

See the answer to the previous question.

What to do with the Ancient Scrolls?

During the alpha testing phase, ancient scrolls can only be sold to a collector. In the future, they may have some other purpose.

What do stats give in Dark and Darker?

  • Strength increases base health and physical damage bonus. Useful for melee classes (Fighter, Barbarian, etc.).
  • Agility (agility) increases the base speed of movement, as well as the speed of attack, interaction, and equipment of weapons. Useful for all classes, as it helps to move faster, dodge attacks, collect loot, and run away.
  • Willpower (willpower) increases the power of spells, the duration of buffs and curses placed on your hero, as well as base magic resistance. It is most useful for magic classes such as Wizard and Cleric.
  • Resourcefulness (equipment) affects the speed of installing items in quick slots, as well as the number of slots for equipment and in a backpack. Useful for all classes.
  • Knowledge (knowledge) affects the speed of casting spells and recognizing objects. It is most useful for magic classes such as Wizard and Cleric.

What characteristics to download?

Depends on the class you're playing. See the explanation of the stats in the answer to the previous question.

Which class is better to choose?

For beginners, Fighter and Ranger are well suited. The first is well protected for close combat, and the second may not even enter into it and runs fast.

Cleric and Wizard are well suited for team play. The first combines melee with defensive spells, and the second is a generalist mage, but it is better for him to avoid taking damage.

What classes will be added to Dark and Darker in the future?

Bard has already been announced, but nothing is known about the rest for March 2023.

How to parry?

It is necessary to correctly substitute the shield or weapon in the direction of the received blow. If you do not have time or do not guess, then you will not be able to repel the attack.

How to block with a shield in Dark and Darker?

The shield makes it easier to block damage but does not cover the entire body. Archers and mages often aim at the head or legs, so it's best to hide from them around the corner or at least crouch.

How to run?

You can't run in the game. The hero usually walks with relatively fast steps, and when pressing Shift - slow. Upgrading your agility or choosing a more mobile class (Ranger or Rogue) can increase your base movement speed.

How to survive a match in Dark and Darker?

Many monsters have a large amount of health, and they are difficult to deal with alone, so it is better to play in a team. And besides the monsters in the labyrinths of the dungeons, there are other players who are even more dangerous because of their unpredictability.

In the game, you need to be very careful and attentive, listen to the environment, and think over backup plans as you move through the maze. Such backup plans can be traps set, torches extinguished next to them, or at least doors closed behind them. The latter close quickly, but slowly and noisily open. This will sometimes help to hear which side other players are coming from.

How to fight (fight) and learn how to win?

In close combat, you need to be dexterous. Try to avoid getting hit, block attacks from the right side, and only hit for sure when the enemy is revealed.

If you decide to shoot the enemy with arrows or magic from afar, then make sure that you have somewhere to retreat. Also, do not forget that arrows can be fired through the door bars.

How to use magic in Dark and Darker?

Spells are used with either RMB or Q/E keys (perks). It all depends on your class.

How to use skills (perks, abilities)?

Assign the desired perk to the Q or E key, and then use it in battle.

How to mine ore in Dark and Darker?

First, you need to buy a pickaxe from a blacksmith-gunsmith (Weaponsmith). It will cost 25 gold. Then the pickaxe must be assigned to the slot with the F key. Ore for mining can be found in the Goblin Caves, as well as on the lower floors of the labyrinth.

Where to get arrows?

A ranger can use no more than six arrows in a row. They then reappear in the quiver. You do not need to buy or look for arrows - they are endless.

Where to find the resurrection altar in Dark and Darker?

At the beginning of the raid, they appear in random places in the maze.

Where can I get the golden key?

It can be bought in the Warehouse, as well as knocked out from the champion skeleton - the mini-boss on the lower floors of the labyrinth.

How to understand where you are (how to navigate the dungeon) in Dark and Darker?

There is no map in the game, so the only way to navigate is to remember your surroundings.

If you have any other questions about the game - write them in the comments.