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Farming in Sons of the Forest: How to Grow Seeds and Berries

 We explain step by step everything you need to be able to plant seeds and berries in Sons of the Forest. Learn how farming works to generate resources at your base.

Sons of the Forest is a game that features many different survival systems and one of them is crop farming. Yes, you may not have realized it, but in this title, it is possible to plant seeds and berries to make them grow over the days, which is a fantastic way to such a source of natural resources in our base.

In this entry of our guide, we want to show you all the steps and requirements that you must meet in your game to start planting seeds and berries. Do it soon and you won't have to go looking for more on the island.

Grow Seeds and Berries in Containers

In order to farm in Sons of the Forest you will need to create planters in which you can place the seeds and berries that you want to grow in them. The game has two planter builds available which you can refer to from the survival manual.

To make the pots follow these steps:

  • Open your inventory with I and select the manual.
  • Once the manual is open, hold the X key to change the build mode.
  • In the prefabricated buildings, go to the "Gardening" section (the yellow one with the symbol of a plant).
  • Here you will see the "Foot Planter" and the "Wall Planter".

You can select any of the two types of pots to start growing. The standing one requires 18 sticks and can be built on any terrain, while the wall one requires 16 (but you'll obviously need a wall to place it on). Both are equally valid, so it's up to you.

Grow Seeds and Berries in Containers

Keep in mind that in each pot you can grow only one type of seed or berry at a time, so if you want to have a large amount of these resources you will need to create quite a few pots.

For the example in this guide, we have created a standing planter. Once placed and built with the sticks, all you have to do is approach the planter and interact with it with the E key. By doing this your character will display the inventory section dedicated to seeds.

Choose any type of seed you want to plant in the pot and left-click on it. The seed will be planted in the soil of the pot and from now on its growth stage will begin. Actually, you no longer have to do anything else, because it is not necessary to water the seeds with water or anything similar. You just have to wait.

Depending on the type of seed you plant, you will have to wait more or less. There are certain plants that take longer to grow compared to others. Some need several cycles of day and night to reach their full maturity stage. Check your crops often and collect them when the corresponding icon appears on them.

Grow Seeds and Berries in Containers

Growing your own seeds should allow you to be self-sufficient in these types of resources over time, but be careful with cannibal attacks as they can destroy your crops and after all the work it takes to create them, you certainly don't want that. We recommend creating defensive walls at your base to further protect them.

How to get seeds and berries?

Naturally, as you have already seen, if you want to farm in Sons of the Forest you will need to have seeds and berries that you have collected all over the island in your inventory. Most berries and seeds can be collected at any time in the game, as they are present in all seasons, although keep in mind that in winter with all the snow-covered you are less likely to find them (you will probably only see Symphoricarpos, the so-called snowberries ).

Not surprisingly, berries grow on berry bushes. They are small trees or plants that you will often find in the forests. You just have to explore a bit to find a good variety of them. For its part, the seeds are usually obtained when you cut the berry bushes. By breaking the bush you immediately get the type of seed of the same berry that grew on it.

How to get seeds and berries?

The game features various types of berries and each one has different purposes, which can be to feed your character or serve to create healing or energy mixtures. Do not hesitate to accumulate them in your inventory to later cultivate them as we have explained. You can get a lot of use out of them.