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Genshin Impact Archon Quest Walkthrough "Karibert: Volume 3 Chapter 6" - how to start and complete all quests


Genshin Impact Archon Quest Walkthrough "Karibert: Volume 3 Chapter 6"

Another major update 3.5 has started in Genshin Impact, along with which the Karibert line of story quests has become available. Today we will describe how to start the Archons quest, how to complete all available quests in this chain, and what rewards you can get.

How to start Archon quests "Caribert" in Genshin Impact

To gain access to the tasks of the Archons "Caribert", you will first have to fulfill a number of prerequisites, which are described below:

  1. Reach Adventure Rank 35.
  2. Complete the tasks of the Archons "Pulse of Akash and Flame of Kalpa: Volume 3, Chapter 5".
  3. Complete the quest chain of the Intermediate Volume Inversion of Being.

If all conditions are met, just update the game and open the task log ( J key ) or go to the events menu. In two cases, the quest "Caribert" should be available to you. If you open the event menu, click here the button "To the task".

Please note: If the quest is not available, you can track the specific reason in the events menu. If the reason is not specified, try restarting the game.

How to pass the quest "Fateful meeting"

Go to Port Ormos and talk to Mr. Masrura, who received a letter with an incomprehensible address. To do this, use the teleport closest to the market square and get to the pier.

How to pass the quest "Fateful meeting"

After talking with the man, the main task will begin. To continue, go to the Paimon menu and rewind time to 16:00 the next day, but no later than 18:00.

Not far from the pier, there is a tavern where Keia will be waiting for you. Follow the marker and chat with an old friend. During the conversation, Dinsleif will appear. He will say that Keia is a descendant of the founder of the Order of the Abyss. The branch keeper will offer to meet in the Avidya forest later. To do this, you can use the statue of Dendro Archon.

When you reach the Gandha slope, watch the cut scene, after which you need to inspect the house. Go inside and interact with the box, stupa, and bed.

Dinsleif will hear a noise in the street - this is a small group of slimes that you will have to deal with. After that, run to the fire behind the house and use the abilities of any Pyro character to light it up.

During the video, the traveler will fall asleep, and Dainsleif will go into the forest to explore. The quest will be completed and you will receive the Night of the Rogue Stars achievement.


  • Adventure Experience (625);
  • Mora (25,450);
  • Hero experience (2);
  • Magic Ore of Enhancement (4).

How to pass the quest "Who is allowed to laugh at fate"

Note: From now on, you cannot go beyond the outlined boundaries of the map until you complete the chain of story quests. Attempts to open the game card will also be unsuccessful. First, you will have to complete all the quests in order to leave the special story mode and return to the game's open world.

Waking up, run to the house and chat with a formidable man. Follow him into the house and inspect the hilichurla. The man's name is Eide, and the monster on his bed is his son Karibert. The first has an immortality curse, so it cannot die.

Return to the field and interact with Eide again. He will offer you to prepare a healing potion that will help Caribert. For this, the man will give two unusual mushrooms. For the potion, you will also need a twilight rose and a lotus kalpalata. If you do not have extra plants, you can find them near the statue of Dendro Archon.

Prepare the Forbidden Nameless Medicine of the Royal Court and give it to Aida. This will unlock the achievement "Not a Deadly Disease Yet".

Now move to the statue of the Seven Archons in this area and watch the cut-scene, after which you should return to Eide's house.

The medicine will not help Caribert, so the man will offer to make another potion. To do this, you will have to collect water from the waterfall and grow unusual mushrooms. The waterfall is nearby. You can use four leaf symbols to move quickly.

Return to Eida and give him the bucket of water. At the same moment, several molders will attack you - kill them.

After a while, two unusual mushrooms will appear on the beds - collect them and prepare the nameless medicine of the royal court. Give the potion to the man and return to the Dendro Archon statue again. During a conversation with Eide, you will notice a hilichurl that looks very similar to Karibert. The man will follow him, you will also have to follow.


  • Adventure Experience (775);
  • Mora (31,175);
  • Hero experience (3);
  • Magic Ore of Enhancement (5).

How to pass the quest "Crying at the sunset of fate"

The monster will not be the son of your new friend, but the two heroes will be interested in where he goes. This will take you to an unknown sanctuary.

After the cut scene, you will find yourself in an unusual dungeon. There will be few monsters here, but you will have to face a small puzzle. It is worth noting that all Hilichurls you meet here are hostile.

Deal with two groups of Hilichurls and go forward to the gate. Examine the regular chest on the right and head into the passage on the opposite side.

Approach the crack in the wall with a purple glow - it's a portal. With the help of such portals, you have to solve the puzzle.

After getting out on the opposite side, watch the video, and then fight with several slimes. Examine the regular chest and re-enter the portal.

Once in the large hall, get rid of the slimes and hilichurls, then take the seal (1/3) on the pedestal in the center of the room.

Run through the portal and the room will flip over. Take another seal here (2/3) and interact with the device on the left side of the hall. One of the two bars on the opposite side will open.

Return to the portal and enter the teleport in the opened room. Here you can also see a rich chest. Take the last seal (3/3), after which the grate will open. Go to the center of the hall to set them to the image on the floor.

After a short cutscene, you will face the Herald of Doom. This is a fairly strong opponent, but it will not be difficult to kill him even at low levels of pumping heroes. To do this, be sure to take Pyro and Electro characters to the squad. When the enemy's life level is at a critical level, he activates a shield that is easiest to destroy with these two elements.

When the gate opens, follow forward and inspect another regular chest. After reaching the large hall, watch the cut scene.

Soon you will return to Eide's house, where the man again decides to give his son medicine. This time, the boy will regain consciousness and even recognize his father. The man decides to return to an unknown sanctuary. This will complete the quest, and you will receive the achievement "On the Other Side of Destiny".


  • Adventure Experience (625);
  • Mora (25,450);
  • Hero experience (2);
  • Magic Ore of Enhancement (4).

How to pass the quest "Destiny's Destiny"

Follow Eide to an unknown shrine. Along the way, you will meet only two groups of slimes of different elements. Defeat them and enter the hall where the mysterious statue was recently located.

Returning back to the house, you will notice that Karibert has disappeared. Eide will also notice the broken mirror. Follow the markers in search of the boy, and when you find him, watch a long cut-scene.

This will complete the task. You will also receive the "Caribert" achievement and other rewards.


  • Adventure Experience (775);
  • Mora (31,175);
  • Hero experience (3);
  • Magic Ore of Strengthening (5);
  • Instructions on "Instructions" (2);
  • Instructions on "Wit" (2);
  • Instructions on "Honesty" (2).