How to buy a game and top up your Steam balance on GGsel in 2023 - how to write to the seller and get a refund


How to buy a game and top up your Steam balance on GGsel in 2023 - how to write to the seller and get a refund

In our difficult time, it is quite difficult to purchase a game, and even at an adequate price. The vast majority of large digital platforms do not allow gamers from the domestic region and some CIS countries to make purchases, so players have to turn to private sellers on various marketplaces. Today we will explain how to top up your Steam Wallet balance and purchase a game on GGsel, as well as how to contact the seller after purchase and get a refund for a non-working key.

How to choose a seller based on reviews and number of sales

Whether you're looking to purchase a game, top up your Steam wallet balance, or sign up for subscription services like Game Pass or PlayStation Plus on the GGsel marketplace, you'll find a huge amount of offers. But how to choose the best seller?

To do this, focus on the following indicators:

  1. The number of positive reviews.
  2. Number of sales.

Worth noting: If you find a good offer from a seller who has few positive reviews and few sales, it is not at all necessary that such a seller is unscrupulous. We have personally purchased several games from beginner sellers and have been satisfied. First of all, you should still focus on reviews - only a real buyer can leave them on GGsel after purchasing the product.

If there are much more negative reviews than positive ones, we do not recommend purchasing such a product. Usually, unscrupulous sellers do not stay on the GGsel marketplace for a long time - the site administration monitors this, including focusing on customer reviews.

How to top up your Steam Wallet on GGsel

To top up your Steam Wallet balance, go to the GGsel website and select the appropriate "Wallet Top Up" section. At the top of the window, you will see the most current offer, but you can choose another from the list below.

Always read the product description before buying. It contains all the detailed information about activation and available regions, as well as payment instructions and possible problems that may occur on some accounts.

Note: After clicking the "Buy" button, you will be redirected to one of the electronic goods marketplaces, where you will continue the purchase.

How to safely buy a game on the GGsel marketplace and activate the key

To purchase a game on PC, go to the appropriate section and select one of the appropriate offers. First of all, read the product description. Pay attention to:

  1. activation method.
  2. Platform.
  3. Region of activation.

If they all fit your requirements, click the "Buy" button.

Note: The cost of the goods may be changed depending on the payment method. In this particular case, the seller notes that there is no commission when paying with a bank card through the LAVA system. Therefore, if you choose another payment method, the price of the item will increase.

Here it is also worth specifying a valid e-mail address, to which an email with a key will be sent after payment. Do not enter in this line "friend's mail address", or mail to which you do not have access.

Confirm the payment, but do not close this window. It will be updated automatically and you will be redirected to the page with the key. Also, a letter from GGsel will be sent to your e-mail, from where you can go to the page with the purchased product at any convenient time.

How to activate the received key on Steam

As we have already noted, within a few minutes, an email will be sent to your email address from GGsel, in which the Steam key will be indicated.

To activate it, just follow a few simple steps:

  1. Open the Steam app (you can only activate the key in the app!).
  2. Sign in to your account.
  3. On the menu bar, click "Games" and select "Activate on Steam ...".
The "Product Activation" window will open, where you will only have to enter the received code and redeem it.

Also, don't forget to leave a review. Some sellers encourage positive reviews of their products with random game keys on Steam.

How to buy the game via Steam Gift on GGsel. What is the difference from activation key?

At the moment, one of the main ways to sell games in the domestic region is Steam GIFT. By clicking on the required offer from the list of available products, you will be redirected to the seller's page on the GGsel marketplace.

Before purchasing the game, we advise you to read the product description, the number of sales, and user reviews.

The product description is always at the bottom of the page. Here you can read the requirements for your Steam account. Basically, if you are purchasing a game for the Russia region, you will need your account to be linked to that particular country.

Please note: If the region of the Steam account is different, then the seller simply will not be able to send you a gift.

How to check your account region on Steam:

  1. Open Steam.
  2. Click on the nickname in the upper right corner, then click "About account".
  3. In the window that opens, track the current region.

If everything is correct, then you need to copy the link to your Steam profile. For this:

  1. Open Steam.
  2. Click on the nickname in the upper right corner and select "My profile".
  3. In the window that opens, click on the button "Edit profile".
  4. Copy the URL link under "Personal Link".

Paste the link into the appropriate box on the GGsel website and click "Buy".

You will be redirected to the purchase page. In our case, the product is out of stock, so we return to the list of offers and select another product.

We managed to find a valid offer. Choose a payment method, be sure to indicate your personal valid email and phone number (if necessary).

After payment, you will be redirected to the seller's website, where you may also need a link to your Steam profile.

At the same time, the seller's account will be added to your friends. It can be either a bot or a real person - it doesn't matter to you. Click "Accept" and get the purchased game as a gift.

To write a product review, go to your email and open an email from the seller or from GGsel. Usually, such letters are generated automatically. In them, you will find a link to the page with the paid product, where you can leave a review and start a correspondence with the seller.

Do not give the address of this page to anyone, including the seller!

How to activate Game Pass or PlayStation Plus subscriptions

GGsel also collected proposals for activating subscription services. For example, if you want to play the new hit Atomic Heart, all you need to do is purchase a Game Pass subscription. Here you can track offers for different regions and for any period.

As we have already noted, before purchasing, we read the product description, subscription activation region, and supported platforms (PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S).

In addition to direct activation of subscription services, you will also come across offers to purchase accounts with an active subscription.

The seller sent an inactive key, an error occurred during activation, an incorrect product activation key - what should I do?

In fact, such situations are quite rare, but what if the seller sent an inactive key or after paying for the goods (Steam Gift) is not added to friends?

First of all, there is no need to panic. If you have purchased an activation key, but it has not been sent to your email, please wait a few minutes. It should be understood that the issuance system is fully automated, and delays may occur. More than 15 minutes can pass between the email from the seller and the marketplace.

Go to the purchase page from the link in the GGsel email and write to the seller in the "Contact with the seller" tab. Provide detailed information and screenshots. If the key was really inactive before it was sent to you, the seller will send another key or refund your money.

If the seller does not respond to your requests within 72 hours, it is recommended to go to the "Correspondence with the seller" tab and inform the administrator of the trading platform about it. To do this, click on the appropriate link or contact with your details, account number, and a description of the situation.

Please note: If the seller, under any pretext, tries to transfer your conversation to another platform (VK, Telegram, WhatsApp or other messengers), you risk being deceived! Communicate with the seller only on the page, the link to which you received in the letter from

If a positive decision is made on your appeal and if there are sufficient funds on the seller’s personal account, the administration of the service will return the spent funds to the buyer within 5 working days from the moment a positive decision was made on the buyer’s appeal.

When the seller has the right not to return the money

The vast majority of sellers on various marketplaces are not going to deceive buyers. But there are cases when they have the right not to return the money. For a reason, we focused on various parameters before purchasing a game, namely platform and region.

If you inadvertently bought a game on an outdated platform, for example, for PlayStation 4, the seller has the right not to return money for your product. The same applies to the region.

Be sure to check the relevance of the region and platform before purchasing any product on marketplaces, whether it be an activation key or a Steam Gift.

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