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How to open all shrines in Resident Evil 4 - where to find the key to the old chapel


How to open all shrines in Resident Evil 4 - where to find the key to the old chapel

Each wayshrine in Resident Evil 4 Remake is a chest that can only be opened with a special key. In this guide, we will tell you where to find the key to the old chapel, how to find all five shrines, and what is in them.

Each of these chests contains a relic that can be sold. Unlike locked chests, which you will also find during the passage of the game, opening the chests requires a unique item - "Old Wayshrine Key" (Old Wayshrine Key). Once you get it, you can open each shrine and take the treasure, insert more gems to increase its value, or just sell it to the merchant.

Where to find the "Key to the old chapel"

In the fourth chapter, you will explore the Mural Cave. You will need to find two stone heads in order to find the key and open the church. When you exit the cave to travel to the two quest-marked locations, you will find a small way temple with a chest inside.

It contains the "Old Chapel Key", which can be used to open any of the wooden chapels in the village area. Just go to the wayshrine and select the key to open it and take what's inside.

The shrines are in roughly the order you can find them in the game, although you will find some of them before you get the key, which will force you to go back to collect treasures. Make sure you unlock all wayshrines by the end of Chapter 6, as you won't be able to return to any areas of the village after Chapter 7 or later.

Wayshrine on the Farm

  • Reward: Antique Pipe;
  • Location: The first wayshrine is on the farm after the village square. Look around the north side of the barn to find it.

Lakeside village wayshrine

  • Reward: Pearl Bangle;
  • Location: Further along is an area filled with bear traps and dynamite-throwing villagers called the Lake Settlement. Find a small cave with a shrine inside.

Wayshrine in a quarry

  • Reward: Butterfly Lamp
  • Location: The quarry connects the church and the lake area where the merchant's shop is located. On the way between the quarry and the merchant, you will find this wayshrine.

West Lake Cave Wayshrine

  • Reward: Splendid Bangle
  • Location: This area doesn't have an official name, but if you take a boat to the farthest western point of the caves, you'll find a small patch of land with a shrine there.

Wayshrine at checkpoint

  • Reward: Elegant Headdress;
  • Location: Heading towards the castle, you will find a checkpoint where you will fight two Chainsaw Sisters. Enter the house and go upstairs. Go to the southwest exit to the last wayshrine.