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How to play as a team in Dark and Darker

 How to add friends to a party, the best class combinations and team play tips

In some ways, Dark and Darker is even more difficult than Escape From Tarkov, with which it is constantly compared. If in EFT it is quite easy to deal with computer extras, then in the game from Ironmace you have to deal with them in close combat, which is much more difficult to win; not to mention skirmishes with live players.

For the above reason, it is worth going to local raids not alone, but with friends (or at least with “randoms”). In this guide, we provide all the necessary information for those who want to start playing in a team and learn how to be a useful party member.

How to invite friends to the game

The game has not yet developed a convenient system for managing groups. Therefore, you have to find the characters of friends by their names (by the names of the characters). And if a friend has not yet created a character, then you will not be able to add him to the team.

How to invite friends to the game

How to add a friend to your team:

  1. Enter the lobby screen. To do this, press Enter the Lobby.
  2. Set the same region as your friends.
  3. Click on the plus button next to your character in the lobby.
  4. Enter your friend's character name in the Find ID field and click the magnifying glass button.
  5. Right-click on the found character and left-click on the Invite command.
How to add a friend to your team:

Your friend should have a scroll with an invitation in the upper right corner of the screen (if he is in the game). When he accepts the invitation, he will appear in the lobby next to your character (at the table).

If your team needs a third, then call another friend or one of the players you met earlier. To do this, use the instructions above again.

When all players are ready to raid, all three (or two) will need to press the Ready button at the bottom left of the lobby screen.

How to build a team of strangers in Dark and Darker

How to build a team of strangers in Dark and Darker

There are two ways to play with other people in Dark and Darker. First, you can use the method described above: press the plus sign, right-click, and invite any player from the list that appears. You can use the filter to find players of a specific class. And besides this method, there is also a Gathering Hall. It can be accessed by clicking the corresponding tab at the top of the screen but is only available after reaching level 5.

The Gathering Hall is where players gather and look for a group. In the chat window, you can talk and find out who wants to play. On the right side of the screen is a list of players looking for a team. Right-click the name and send an invite, or wait for someone to invite you.

Best class combinations for couples

Best class combinations for couples

Group play differs from solo play in that it requires cooperation. So every character is important. The classic combination is "tank", healer, and mage. But this is more true for teams of three players. For couples, you can limit yourself to a "tank" and a magician, or a "tank" and a healer.

Luckily, there is a class in the game called Cleric. This is a "tank" with healer skills. And if it is supplemented with a Wizard (Wizard) or a Ranger (Ranger), then it will be possible to simultaneously cover melee and ranged combat plus healing.

Other viable couples:

  • Barbarian and Wizard. The Barbarian has a lot of health and takes reduced damage from magic. At the same time, the Sorcerer covers his back with spells and also applies buffs.
  • Fighter and Cleric. In fact, two "tanks" that cover each other in close combat. In addition, both are able to heal themselves (although the fighter is less effective).
  • Cleric and Ranger. The Cleric distracts the monsters and heals the group, while the Ranger helps to finish off enemies from a distance and warns of dangers.

The best class combinations for three

The best class combinations for three

In a team of three people, there must be a Wizard (Wizard) and a melee fighter (not necessarily a "tank"). Almost anyone can be taken as a third, but according to the experience of Dark and Darker veterans, the following combinations are most effective:

  • Wizard, Cleric, and Fighter or Barbarian. A classic balanced set that can adapt to any situation in the game with proper interaction between team members.
  • Wizard, Cleric, and Ranger. Such a group is suitable for careful exploration of the labyrinth.
  • Wizard, Rogue, and Ranger. This combination can practice more aggressive tactics. But all players must be experienced.

Team play tips - how to be useful in Dark and Darker

Don't go far apart

In a labyrinth, danger can lurk behind every door, every turn, and even every chest. It is also very dark here and it is very easy to lose sight of allies. Either way, it often ends badly.

Don't jump on the rampage

Most monsters have a lot of health and move in groups. And even if there are loners, after the start of a fight with them, enemies often come running from neighboring rooms. You can safely deal with them only by luring them into traps or together with allies.

Also, do not forget that other players often meet in the labyrinth. In most cases, they will want to rob you.

Chat with teammates

Communication plays a key role in team play. Whenever you hear any suspicious sound, focus. Tell your teammates where you heard something, how many enemies you might have spotted, and so on. Track enemies by sound! The more information you have about the dangers, the higher the chance to return from the raid with loot.

Stay vigilant

Even if you just successfully dealt with the monsters or even the enemy team - do not rush to relax. The labyrinth is still full of dangers. You will celebrate when you successfully get out through the blue portals.

Be careful with magic and arrows

If you're playing in a squad, it's important to check your position relative to the other members of your party during combat. Mages and rangers in particular run the risk of a chain lightning or arrow hitting their allies instead of the target. Don't forget that your teammates cannot see behind them. In general, it is better for long-range fighters to cover "tanks" not from behind, but from the side.

Stock up on healing items

Once you've successfully returned from a raid with loot, be sure to spend some of your money on bandages and health potions. They are relatively inexpensive and will always come in handy - especially at the end of the raid when competition with other players intensifies.

Open Portals Early

If you spot a blue portal, open it right away, even if you don't intend to leave the raid just yet. After that, it will be possible to calmly examine the neighboring premises and quickly escape in case of danger.

Loot fast and undercover

The fastest way to put an item from a container (or corpse) into your inventory is to right-click on it. Don't forget that this is much faster than dragging or double-clicking.

And most importantly, while one is looting, the rest must stand guard. Call your party members all the items you find. Then you can distribute the loot among yourself in a safe place.

Take advantage of the darkness

The Rogue and Wizard both have invisibility skills that help them hide from enemies. And all other classes can take advantage of the darkness of the dungeon. Hide in a corner or on a ledge, put out nearby torches, and wait for unsuspecting enemy players to approach.

Throw a torch on the ground before fighting in a dark area

Sometimes darkness is not your ally. Luckily, you have torches from your base gear. From can be thrown on the floor to illuminate a specific area. To do this, right-click on the torch icon. This is incredibly useful in small loot areas where enemies spawn, or when luring enemies into a dark corner.

Decide in advance who gets out of the dungeon first

Don't forget that the escape portal is a single-person exit. And sometimes there is no time to look for the second one. Therefore, it is better to decide in advance who needs to choose first, so as not to waste time arguing later. Most often it should be the person with the best loot.

In the dungeons of Dark and Darker, you must act tactfully and cohesively with the team. By following the tips above, you will increase your chances of a successful raid with rich loot. Don't forget to communicate with teammates, and agree on tactics, and loot so that everyone can get a decent share. Be attentive and careful, and luck will definitely smile at you in the game!