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How to survive the maze alone in Dark and Darker

 What class to play, what to look for during a raid, and how to fight

Playing Dark and Darker alone is quite scary, as you will not only face monsters with a lot of health but also teams of other players. However, with the right preparation and strategy, playing as a lone treasure hunter can still be interesting and fun. Especially for those who want to learn how to survive alone, we have compiled a guide with useful tips for this style of play.

The best class for solo players

The best class for solo players

The best class in Dark and Darker for solo players is considered by many to be the Fighter. Armed with a sword and shield, it's easy enough to kill monsters with a hit-hit-block combo that allows you to take no damage. And if you still get injured, you can use the ability Second Wind (second wind). It restores exactly half of the health bar.

Other interesting solo classes are Ranger and Rogue. They are especially powerful in PvP, as the Ranger can use traps and take out enemies from a distance, and the Rogue can turn invisible and unleash surprise attacks.

Which card to choose?

Which card to choose?

It may seem like the obvious choice for the Goblin Caves card. However, in reality, the Forgotten Castle map is actually much simpler, despite the fact that it has squads of three players. It has a lower enemy density (while the caves are full of goblins) and more room for retreat.

In goblin caves, portals are rare and often difficult to reach. And if they appear at a higher level of the dungeon, then after the Death Swarm approaches, it may not be possible to escape.

Tips for Surviving Alone

Move slowly

Solo players can easily be taken by surprise by enemies. It is always advised to proceed with caution, killing monsters one at a time and looking around each room and hallway before entering. And to learn about nearby players before they see you, use a slow step (while holding the Shift key) to make less noise.

Put out the torches and close the doors

To stay in the dark, turn off nearby lights. And so that you don't get caught off guard while fighting a zombie or a skeleton, close the doors behind you. The latter close quickly, but slowly and noisily open.

Take advantage of the predictability of mobs

Solo PvE fights are much more difficult. Fortunately, in Dark and Darker, the monsters are not very smart, so their attacks are always the same and easy to remember. In addition, they are easier to lure into traps alone, such as spikes on the floor or Ranger traps. Hit the monster, then go around the trap and wait until the mob is caught. If that doesn't kill him, then all that's left is to approach and finish him off.

Don't be afraid to leave the safe zone

The Death Swarm does not kill immediately. You can even run into it from danger, and then return and be treated in a secluded place. At the same time, most players are afraid of him, and this is worth using. And even if you die in the Death Swarm or outside of it, you will still get experience for the class you played.

Hide near points of interest

If you come across a healing altar or other points of interest, it's very likely that other players will show up there sooner or later. Find cover and wait for some unfortunate guy to come, then sneak up from behind and take his equipment for yourself.

Learn to take advantage of circumstances

If you see an enemy fighting monsters or another player, wait and then finish off the survivor. This is an easy win, but remember that others can do the same.

Keep your distance

In situations where stealth is not possible, try to keep your distance as long as possible. Ranged attacks (bow and magic) will help with this, as well as traps and closing doors on enemies in front of their noses.

Prepare an escape route

Whether you're fighting a monster or a human, it's often helpful to have enough room to fall back. A good strategy is to hit, back off, and hit again. And in order not to stumble on other enemies while moving backward, you need to prepare in advance. Clear the corridor you left behind, put out the torches in it, and remember its location before leaving.

Let's summarize all of the above. Don't be afraid to die often when playing alone. Even the Death Swarm can become your ally, as it helps to escape from enemies. You can also gain an advantage by hiding in the dark and waiting for other players near points of interest. Use the circumstances to your advantage and move slowly through the labyrinth, remembering to also keep your distance and prepare your escape routes.