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Minecraft is a game that you can change beyond recognition and customize it in such a way that it looks exactly the way you want. Mods help the players with this. We will talk about several interesting ones in this article.


We'll start with a global mod called Pyrotech. Would you like to be a caveman? Or maybe the standard survival in Minecraft seems too simple and boring to you? Then this mod will definitely help.

Appearing in the world with this mod, survival will change dramatically. Breaking the ground, instead of blocks, pieces of the earth will fall out. Tree logs can no longer be easily converted into planks. And to create the most primitive tools, you need to try, collecting plant fiber from the grass that needs to be dried, they are stones that roll on the ground. Achievements will help in all this, earning which you can move around the story, as well as a guidebook that appears in your inventory when you create a world.

A huge plus is that the mod is completely translated into Russian, and it will be easy to figure it out. Thanks to fashion, you can go through an interesting path, from gathering and making fire using friction, ending with a strong brick house with a fireproof door, inside which there is a brazier, a sawmill, and even a mechanical compactor.


Fans of fights and RPG builds of Minecraft will really like this mod. First, it adds new walking, running, and shifting animations to make them more realistic. But the main change is, of course, the fights.

By pressing a special key, you can change the mode (there are only two of them - standard and battle mode). With the standard, everything will be as usual. But with the combat mode, everything will change. Each weapon will have its own very effective and cool attack animation. All weapons have an ultimate, but you will need to accumulate a charge to use it. In addition, the mod has added its own weapons, as well as somersaults.


Thanks to this mod, you can build a real rocket and fly, for example, to the moon. Do you want to go to the moon? Then you can go to explore other galaxies. But before that, you definitely need to send satellites to study them, because even this can be done in fashion.

New unknown planets, on the orbit of which you can create space stations, and study the rock, temperature, and atmosphere of these planets. Even asteroids have been added, which each time have a random shape and size. You can collect materials from them by sending a rocket there. To find a suitable asteroid, you need to build an observatory and track it. Very large global and interesting mod.