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Lost Ark: Find, activate and upgrade Engravings - Game Guide

 n Lost Ark, you should use additional items, artifacts, runes, or engravings if you want to push your hero to new high-power potential. That's why we tell you here how you get engravings and why they are so important.

Lost Ark: Find, activate and upgrade Engravings - Game Guide

Collect and find engravings

You can obtain the Engravings in Lost Ark using Ability Stones - the first ones can be obtained from a tutorial quest in Luterra. From level 50 you reach countless stones that are dropped by opponents you defeat in Guardian Raids, Abyssal Dungeons, Tower, Cube, and Chaos Dungeon. You also get stones by defeating bosses or various quest rewards.

Also in the auction house, it is possible that you can acquire the stones through a trade. When you get Engravings from these Skill Stones, you will randomly get two Engravings with good stats and one with a bad stat.

Improve and activate engravings

If you have already received two engravings, you can immediately combine them with your character. In addition, it is also possible that you get skill stones over different levels and only have to grind them. You can even get extra bonuses to your engravings with the help of some trinkets implemented in your gear.

What should you consider about the engravings in Lost Ark?

Before you embark on your engraving hunt, you should consider that you will need engraving instructions. These said guides come in four different levels of rarity, all of which you must have in order to fully learn how to engrave.

Note that each level up requires 20 recipes - learning an entire engraving requires exactly 80 recipes of the same engraving. By the way, engravings are mainly interesting for the final game to prepare your character for the toughest challenges.