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Multiplayer in Diablo 4: Does it have split screen in co-op and PvP?

 We tell you all the details about Diablo 4's multiplayer features. We clarify what its cooperative modes are, both online and local, PvP play,s and much more.

Multiplayer in Diablo 4: Does it have split screen in co-op and PvP?

For a long time, the Diablo saga has been characterized by its multiplayer facet, as the game invites the community to participate in the story and the missions in the company of friends, and of course, Diablo 4 is going to be a game that promises many hours of fun together to other players.

In this entry of our guide, we are going to answer some of the most frequent questions about Diablo 4 multiplayer, so you know if it has split screen, combat, or PvP modes and more details.

Does it have local split-screen co-op?

Yes, Diablo 4 has confirmed the split-screen feature, but beware, it's only available on console versions of the title. That is, the local cooperative split screen can be enjoyed on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X / S (therefore it is not available on the PC version).

You can play locally with a second player on the console and both of you will share the same interface simultaneously. Blizzard has said that they have greatly improved the split-screen local co-op experience for Diablo 4, optimizing the interfaces so that each player can have their own menus open without interfering with the other's. In addition, you can now fight together regardless of the level of your characters or the height you have reached within a quest chain.

Logically, each player has their own character and this will be associated with their linked account.

Do you have online cooperative?

Diablo 4 has online cooperative options. Online features allow players to team up to 4 characters by collaborating together. This can be done by inviting your friends to a party or local players sharing your server.

In addition, when playing in the company of other players in a team, each character will receive a bonus for defeating demons near any other player, up to 5% additional experience (or 10% if it is a member of your party).

Please note that the following features exist in online co-op:

  • There can only be a maximum of 4 members in a group.
  • There must be a group leader (he will be the one who can add or remove members).
  • The state of your world and quest progression depends on the party leader.
  • Once you join a party, your world status is set to that of the party leader (you may lose progression on an unfinished quest).
  • There is a group chat available for exclusive team communication.
  • The health and damage of enemies in the open world does not scale with the number of players in the party, but it does scale in dungeons.
  • If a team member dies they can revive at the last checkpoint or wait for a teammate to revive them at the place of their death.
  • The loot obtained in online cooperative is personal for each player (don't worry, they can't steal it from you).

Is there a PvP mode?

Diablo 4 is also going to have a PvP game mode so that players can face each other and measure their powers. Diablo 4's PvP mode can be enjoyed through the so-called fields of hatred found in the open world.

When accessing these areas, the following must be taken into account:

  • Players can freely attack each other (but be careful, there are AI enemies too).
  • Here you can collect seeds of hatred to convert them into a currency later with which to buy objects.
  • By killing other players you can steal their own hate seeds.
  • The strongest players with the most seeds will be marked on the map for everyone else.