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Resident Evil 4 Beginner's Guide - Where to Find Save Files, How to Find a Silencer, Medallions, and More


Resident Evil 4 Beginner's Guide - Where to Find Save Files, How to Find a Silencer, Medallions, and More

The remake of Resident Evil 4 differs from the re-releases of the second and third parts of the series. It turned out to be much closer to a classic shooter than to a leisurely horror with slow zombies. At the same time, the need to save ammo and wisely use the resources that you have remained. Our guide will help you understand all the intricacies of the game.

General Game Tips

During the first playthrough, do not aim for difficult achievements

For example, there are achievements that are given if you do not use first-aid kits, do not talk to a merchant, or use only a pistol and a knife in battle. We recommend leaving them on New Game+. During the first passage, it is better to pay attention to the study of locations and the tactics of the behavior of local opponents.

Search for treasure

You can buy maps with their location from a merchant. Through the sale of valuables, you can get a lot of extra pesetas, which are worth spending on weapon upgrades. If you have reached the desired point on the map, and the treasure is nowhere to be found, look carefully up. It will most likely be there.

Combine Treasures

It is better not to sell green, yellow, and red stones separately, but to insert them into complex jewelry items, for example, into a crown. In this case, the price of the treasure will increase several times.

Combine Treasures

Follow the orders of the merchant

They are marked on blue sheets next to his tent.

Pass local shooting ranges

Thanks to them, you will receive special bonuses that will affect prices in your local store.

Green grass should be mixed with red and yellow

In the first case, the effectiveness of treatment will increase noticeably, and in the second case, you will increase the maximum level of health. Separately, green grass should be used only in extreme cases.

Upgrade only certain weapons

For example, it makes no sense to pump a basic pistol and a rifle. We recommend that you first get the best firearm, and only then start pumping it.

But if the weapon you upgraded was not as effective as you would like, you can sell it. In this way, you will be able to recover most of the money spent.

The best weapons in Resident Evil 4

  • The best knife is a combat knife;
  • Best Pistol - Red9;
  • Best Rifle - Stingray
  • The best shotgun - Riot Gun;
  • Best assault rifle - LE 5;
  • The best magnum revolver is the Killer7.

Combat Tips

Reflect enemy attacks

Enemies will often engage in close combat with you. If you press the button that is responsible for a knife attack a moment before an enemy attack, then you will parry. In this case, the enemy will be stunned. For a short time, he will become helpless, which you can use to finish him off completely.

Besides parrying, there are other ways to avoid melee damage - use dodges or blocks. However, they will not affect the opponents in any way, who will attack you again and again. Therefore, it is better to learn how to reflect their blows and hit back.

Save ammo

Do not enter into battle without an urgent need, and if you had to fight, shoot at the hands that hold throwing weapons. If the enemy is holding a torch in his hands, it will light up, and an explosion will occur from the Molotov cocktail.

Aim for the head to deal critical damage

When you stop, aim your weapon at the enemy's face and wait a couple of seconds, the crosshair will noticeably decrease. If you shoot at this moment, you will most likely deal critical damage.

The chainsaw should be killed first.

He doesn't look formidable, but he's actually one of the most dangerous opponents in the early game, despite being able to parry his attacks. Try to get rid of him first, and only then deal with ordinary opponents.

Use flashbang grenades only against mutants or groups of enemies

With it, you can blind a crowd of enemies and painlessly land several melee strikes. Peasants who have a huge growth instead of a head will die instantly from your "flash drive".

Interrupt the mutation process with a control knife strike

If the enemy fell and began to squirm, and no prey fell out of him, then soon he will rise again and will be much stronger than before. However, while the enemy is on the ground, you have the opportunity to run up to him and stab him in the neck with a knife. In this case, the mutation will be interrupted and the peasant will die completely.

Try to get rid of some stealth opponents

Stealth through the entire game will not work, but at some levels you will be given the opportunity to sneak up on the enemy from behind and stab. Don't neglect this opportunity.

Prevent opponents from grabbing Ashley

Avoid them or shoot them from a distance. If the girl is dragged outside the location, the game will be over.

Shoot the crows

Use the simplest pistol or a stun grenade if you have a lot of them. For every dead bird, you will be rewarded with money.

Where does Resident Evil 4 take place?

In an unnamed Spanish village that seems to be stuck in time and lives according to the laws of the Middle Ages. It was there that representatives of the Los Illuminados cult took the daughter of the President of the United States named Ashley Graham. In addition to this village, you will find a huge Gothic castle and modern laboratories where regular experiments with biotechnology are carried out.

Where are the save files (saves) Resident Evil 4 Remake

Path to saves:

  • C:/Program Files (x86)/Steam/userdata/[SteamID]/2050650/remote/win64_save
[SteamID] - your unique number, which is displayed in the menu of your account.

If you installed Steam to a different folder, navigate to it.

Where to find the shotgun (Riot gun) in Resident Evil 4

There are three types of shotguns in the game:

Shotgun W-870 you will find in the 1st chapter. There is a building north of the square, next to the tower. Rise to the second floor. The weapon hangs on the wall.

Where to find the shotgun (Riot gun) in Resident Evil 4

Where to find the shotgun (Riot gun) in Resident Evil 4

Where to find the shotgun (Riot gun) in Resident Evil 4

Where to find the shotgun (Riot gun) in Resident Evil 4

The Riot Gun will be available from the merchant in Chapter 6. Its price is 28,000 pesetas, but we highly recommend purchasing and upgrading it.

Action (Striker) is also purchased from the merchant. You need to get to the 10th chapter. The price is 36,000 pesetas.

Where to find weapons in Resident Evil 4

There are 29 weapons in total in the game. We will tell you where to find them in the thematic guide.

Where to find the silencer in Resident Evil 4

There is no such upgrade in Resident Evil 4 Remake. The silenced pistol was found in the original game by Albert Wesker in the "Mercenaries" mode. At the moment, it has not been added to the remake.

Where to find blue medallions in Resident Evil 4

These items are needed by the merchant. In exchange, you will receive Spinels, which can be exchanged for unique items, and yellow grass, which increases the maximum level of your hero's health.