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Resident Evil 4 Remake: Cheats for Hardcore S+

 If you're stuck on Rank S+ on Hardcore difficulty in Resident Evil 4 Remake, here are some tips and tricks to make it relatively easier... but it's still a matter of skill.

Resident Evil 4 Remake: Cheats for Hardcore S+

Resident Evil 4 Remake offers us the chance to once again achieve the long-awaited Rank S+, with its corresponding rewards. Generally, the real challenge is considered to be Hardcore on S+ (since doing so unlocks an item that doesn't invalidate S+ and minimizes damage, so Professional S+ is technically easier). If you are choking, we leave you a series of basic guidelines to make it easier.

S+ rank in Hardcore: tips and tricks

  • First, finish the game in NG+ on Professional with rank A or higher and Hardcore at A or higher . This allows you to unlock the Chicago Sweeper early on and Ashley's armor , which makes her completely invincible.
  • Advance getting all the possible treasures of the Town in order to sell them in the future.
  • Don't spend money on upgrading weapons.
  • Make sure you complete ALL the requests except A Wild Hound, in order to finish the Town with at least 25 spinels.
  • During the whole part of the town you are completely dependent on your skill, there is no sure way to do things.
  • Remember that if you get killed, do not press Continue or Load Game . If you do, even with Load Game, the time will add up. Exit to the main menu and load the last autosave from there.
  • The maximum time at the end of chapter 6 should be at most 2 and a half hours and you would already be rushing a lot. Any time below that should do the trick.
  • Upon reaching Chapter 7 , once you have completed the castle gate medallions you will be able to purchase an exclusive upgrade ticket from the Peddler and buy the Chicago Sweper infinite ammo upgrade .
  • From this point you can sell ALL the weapons and ammo you get.
  • Reserve the grenades . You can throw a high-powered one at the TNT box in the mines to destroy the wall instantly, and at the endgame flak turret so you don't have to go around.
  • Be sure to collect the treasures on your way, but you don't need to take detours to get more.
  • The Executioner can be eliminated with the machine gun , just be patient.
  • You have to use the rocket launcher with Salazar and Saddler (160,000 pesetas each), since they are very time consuming combats.
  • li>In the endgame body bag area , where the Iron Maidens spawn, you can avoid them all . Just duck under some bags and avoid others, there's no mystery.
In essence, the key is the Chicago with infinite ammo. If you are below the couple of times that we indicate, the rest is a formality, really.