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Sons of the Forest: The 10 best mods to download for free

 Fancy changing the rules of the game a bit in Sons of the Forest? Take a look at these 10 awesome free mods that you can install in your game for fun.

Sons of the Forest: The 10 best mods to download for free

Since Sons of the Forest is becoming a really popular game among the PC community, we haven't had to wait long for a bunch of diverse and interesting mods to start surfacing that players can easily download and install to change aspects. of the game.

Mainly, we recommend the following two websites to install mods in Sons of the Forest:

These two pages are great options for installing and finding the best Sons of the Forest mods today (you can also use the Wemod program to activate special cheats ). From having all the resources available in an instant or flying around the map, there are plenty of great mods that you might want to check out.

To save you time, in this entry of our guide, we have made a selection with the 10 best mods for Sons of the Forest that you can download for free to modify your game in incredible ways. Here they are!

maxed out inventory

  • What this mod does: Gives you all inventory items at their maximum capacity, including those that are essential to completing the story. So you can have all the weapons, ammunition, and other useful resources without ever running out.

Low-end PC optimization

  • What does this mod do?: It gives you an optimized configuration if your PC is low-end, that is, it makes sure that you can enjoy the game with an improved FPS stability (essential if your computer is very limited to meet the requirements of the mod). game ).

Airplane mode

  • What does this mod do?: It allows you to soar the skies of the map freely to fly through it and thus move much faster than if you were walking. In addition, it also gives you an aerial view of the island to plan the location of your base or locate enemy camps.

clone to kelvin

  • What does this mod do?: It allows you to clone Kelvin by pressing Alt + K. You can clone him as many times as you want to have an army of companions working for you, making your survival tasks much easier (clones can still die as the original Kelvin).

Environment Restoration

  • What does this mod do?: Causes all vegetation and trees to restore immediately after cutting them, so you don't have to wait for them to grow back to normal. An ideal mod when you want to get a lot of sticks or logs without moving too much, for example.

let the light be made

  • What does this mod do?: It changes the night lighting of the game so that the nights and the caves are not so dark. Even with the flashlight or lighter, it's hard to see much further than your character in dark areas, but with this mod that's no longer an issue (changing lighting affects daytime as well, but can be turned off and is actually recommended, although it does not become very annoying).


  • What does this mod do?: It performs an autosave of your current game at a configurable interval of time (every 5 minutes by default). This allows you not to lose big progress even if you haven't manually saved the game in a store. It can save you from more than one scare since the game does not have the autosave option.

clear and vibrant

  • What does this mod do?: It installs a special setting that makes the game look much more immersive, changing the shadows and brightness of objects and giving the whole world a clearer and more pleasant visual finish.

faster inventory

  • What does this mod do?: Allows you to adjust your camera pan speed, cursor speed, and FOV when using your full inventory. By default, inventory scrolling is a bit slow and can be frustrating, but this mod fixes the issue.

radio spawn

  • What does this mod do?: It allows you to spawn one or more functional radios using the Alt + O key combination. It not only serves to spawn a radio that you can play music on, but also if you break the radio you will get a badge base (one of the scarcest resources in the game and, therefore, useful).